Topographic Map Civil Features in Ransom County, North Dakota

Browse by County - Ransom, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Elliott Civil Ransom Elliott 1332 feet 46.402ºN 97.814ºW
City of Enderlin Civil Ransom Enderlin South 1082 feet 46.622ºN 97.599ºW
City of Fort Ransom Civil Ransom Fort Ransom 1135 feet 46.525ºN 97.931ºW
City of Lisbon Civil Ransom Lisbon 1096 feet 46.438ºN 97.683ºW
City of Sheldon Civil Ransom Sheldon 1092 feet 46.587ºN 97.493ºW
Ransom County Civil Ransom Lisbon 1178 feet 46.475ºN 97.636ºW
Township of Aliceton Civil Ransom Lisbon SE 1164 feet 46.319ºN 97.585ºW
Township of Alleghany Civil Ransom Elliott SE 1364 feet 46.319ºN 97.836ºW
Township of Bale Civil Ransom Lisbon SW 1260 feet 46.319ºN 97.711ºW
Township of Bear Creek (historical) Civil Ransom Fort Ransom 1171 feet 46.580ºN 97.899ºW
Township of Big Bend Civil Ransom Lisbon NE 1135 feet 46.406ºN 97.585ºW
Township of Big Bend (historical) Civil Ransom Lisbon SE 1135 feet 46.362ºN 97.521ºW
Township of Casey Civil Ransom Lisbon NE 1141 feet 46.493ºN 97.584ºW
Township of Coburn Civil Ransom Coburn 1069 feet 46.579ºN 97.332ºW
Township of Elliott Civil Ransom Elliott 1381 feet 46.406ºN 97.836ºW
Township of Fairview (historical) Civil Ransom Englevale 1338 feet 46.406ºN 97.899ºW
Township of Fort Ransom Civil Ransom Englevale 1394 feet 46.493ºN 97.962ºW
Township of Fort Ransom (historical) Civil Ransom Englevale 1269 feet 46.493ºN 97.899ºW
Township of Greene Civil Ransom Sheldon 1082 feet 46.579ºN 97.459ºW
Township of Hanson Civil Ransom Englevale 1338 feet 46.406ºN 97.962ºW
Township of Island Park Civil Ransom Lisbon 1210 feet 46.405ºN 97.711ºW
Township of Isley Civil Ransom Elliott SW 1355 feet 46.319ºN 97.962ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Ransom Enderlin South 1138 feet 46.580ºN 97.584ºW
Township of Moore Civil Ransom Buttzville 1220 feet 46.580ºN 97.711ºW
Township of Northland Civil Ransom Fort Ransom 1391 feet 46.580ºN 97.961ºW
Township of Owego Civil Ransom McLeod 1063 feet 46.492ºN 97.332ºW
Township of Preston Civil Ransom Nome SE 1342 feet 46.580ºN 97.836ºW
Township of Rosemeade Civil Ransom De Lamere 1069 feet 46.319ºN 97.350ºW
Township of Sandoun Civil Ransom McLeod 1086 feet 46.406ºN 97.333ºW
Township of Scoville Civil Ransom Venlo 1079 feet 46.406ºN 97.459ºW
Township of Shenford Civil Ransom Venlo 1059 feet 46.494ºN 97.458ºW
Township of Springer Civil Ransom Elliott 1312 feet 46.492ºN 97.836ºW
Township of Sydna Civil Ransom Milnor 1102 feet 46.319ºN 97.459ºW
Township of Tuller Civil Ransom Lisbon 1240 feet 46.492ºN 97.711ºW
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