Topographic Map Civil Features in Guernsey County, Ohio

Browse by County - Guernsey, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Guernsey County Civil Guernsey Cambridge 1004 feet 40.050ºN 81.517ºW
Township of Adams Civil Guernsey Bloomfield 994 feet 40.039ºN 81.675ºW
Township of Cambridge Civil Guernsey Cambridge 863 feet 40.034ºN 81.583ºW
Township of Center Civil Guernsey Old Washington 961 feet 40.032ºN 81.486ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Guernsey Byesville 915 feet 39.967ºN 81.552ºW
Township of Jefferson Civil Guernsey Old Washington 994 feet 40.112ºN 81.481ºW
Township of Knox Civil Guernsey Bloomfield 1040 feet 40.106ºN 81.673ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Guernsey Kimbolton 787 feet 40.133ºN 81.575ºW
Township of Londonderry Civil Guernsey Freeport 876 feet 40.132ºN 81.285ºW
Township of Madison Civil Guernsey Old Washington 820 feet 40.106ºN 81.391ºW
Township of Millwood Civil Guernsey Quaker City 1184 feet 39.978ºN 81.298ºW
Township of Monroe Civil Guernsey Birmingham 1017 feet 40.180ºN 81.479ºW
Township of Oxford Civil Guernsey Antrim 1050 feet 40.051ºN 81.279ºW
Township of Richland Civil Guernsey Senecaville 899 feet 39.948ºN 81.450ºW
Township of Spencer Civil Guernsey Cumberland 902 feet 39.871ºN 81.648ºW
Township of Valley Civil Guernsey Byesville 797 feet 39.914ºN 81.541ºW
Township of Washington Civil Guernsey Birmingham 895 feet 40.168ºN 81.384ºW
Township of Westland Civil Guernsey New Concord 915 feet 39.972ºN 81.677ºW
Township of Wheeling Civil Guernsey Kimbolton 843 feet 40.187ºN 81.607ºW
Township of Wills Civil Guernsey Old Washington 964 feet 40.025ºN 81.413ºW
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