Topographic Map Civil Features in Wayne County, Ohio

Browse by County - Wayne, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Wooster Civil Wayne Wooster 1089 feet 40.811ºN 81.935ºW
Township of Baughman Civil Wayne Dalton 1079 feet 40.861ºN 81.731ºW
Township of Canaan Civil Wayne Creston 1017 feet 40.961ºN 81.915ºW
Township of Chester Civil Wayne New Pittsburg 1141 feet 40.872ºN 82.039ºW
Township of Chippewa Civil Wayne Doylestown 1200 feet 40.957ºN 81.688ºW
Township of Clinton Civil Wayne Shreve 886 feet 40.700ºN 82.018ºW
Township of Congress Civil Wayne West Salem 1132 feet 40.950ºN 82.089ºW
Township of East Union Civil Wayne Orrville 1158 feet 40.771ºN 81.821ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Wayne Holmesville 1138 feet 40.726ºN 81.914ºW
Township of Green Civil Wayne Orrville 1145 feet 40.851ºN 81.792ºW
Township of Milton Civil Wayne Rittman 1079 feet 40.915ºN 81.803ºW
Township of Paint Civil Wayne Wilmot 1102 feet 40.701ºN 81.703ºW
Township of Plain Civil Wayne New Pittsburg 1059 feet 40.759ºN 82.074ºW
Township of Salt Creek Civil Wayne Fredericksburg 1178 feet 40.694ºN 81.809ºW
Township of Sugar Creek Civil Wayne Dalton 1118 feet 40.779ºN 81.705ºW
Township of Wayne Civil Wayne Wooster 1099 feet 40.852ºN 81.930ºW
Township of Wooster Civil Wayne Wooster 850 feet 40.780ºN 81.950ºW
Wayne County Civil Wayne Wooster 1132 feet 40.833ºN 81.883ºW
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