Topographic Map Civil Features in Greer County, Oklahoma

Browse by County - Greer, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Greer County Civil Greer Mangum North 1601 feet 34.933ºN 99.550ºW
Township of Bloomington Civil Greer Reed 1624 feet 34.940ºN 99.628ºW
Township of Granite Civil Greer Granite 1637 feet 34.964ºN 99.417ºW
Township of Jester Civil Greer Vinson 1768 feet 34.978ºN 99.814ºW
Township of Mangum Civil Greer Mangum North 1558 feet 34.939ºN 99.531ºW
Township of Quartz Civil Greer Blair 1512 feet 34.845ºN 99.370ºW
Township of Raney Civil Greer Plainview 1948 feet 35.069ºN 99.731ºW
Township of Tilley Civil Greer Mangum South 1591 feet 34.795ºN 99.603ºW
Township of Willow Civil Greer Willow 1643 feet 35.075ºN 99.564ºW
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