Topographic Map Civil Features in Hughes County, Oklahoma

Browse by County - Hughes, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Hughes County Civil Hughes Lake Holdenville 823 feet 35.067ºN 96.267ºW
Township of Barnard Civil Hughes Lamar 968 feet 35.078ºN 96.181ºW
Township of Bilby Civil Hughes Allen 787 feet 34.995ºN 96.381ºW
Township of Calvin Civil Hughes Calvin East 781 feet 34.881ºN 96.248ºW
Township of Dustin Civil Hughes Carson 751 feet 35.208ºN 96.059ºW
Township of Jacobs Civil Hughes Lake Holdenville 886 feet 35.071ºN 96.314ºW
Township of Newburg Civil Hughes Gerty 712 feet 34.820ºN 96.353ºW
Township of Stuart Civil Hughes Calvin East 869 feet 34.881ºN 96.142ºW
Township of Wetumka Civil Hughes Wetumka 722 feet 35.186ºN 96.223ºW
Township of Yeager Civil Hughes Yeager 748 feet 35.188ºN 96.356ºW
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