Topographic Map Basin Features in Harney County, Oregon

Browse by County - Harney, Feature Type - Basin

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Antelope Swale Basin Harney Knox Mountain 5264 feet 44.011ºN 118.420ºW
Big Basin Basin Harney Burns NW 5058 feet 43.708ºN 119.229ºW
Big Basin Basin Harney Miranda Flat 4448 feet 42.705ºN 118.393ºW
Brushy Valley Basin Harney Rock Camp Draw 5245 feet 42.962ºN 119.526ºW
Burnt Basin Basin Harney Landing Creek 4900 feet 43.758ºN 119.243ºW
Catlow Valley Basin Harney Blitzen 4553 feet 42.563ºN 119.058ºW
Clover Swale Basin Harney Clover Swale 4802 feet 42.913ºN 119.290ºW
Connolly Basin Basin Harney Bartlett Mountain 4300 feet 43.635ºN 118.488ºW
Cow Creek Sink Basin Harney Carson Point 4136 feet 43.617ºN 118.697ºW
Diamond Valley Basin Harney Diamond 4172 feet 43.018ºN 118.699ºW
Dust Bowl Basin Harney Krumbo Reservoir 4228 feet 42.940ºN 118.822ºW
Dutch Oven Basin Harney Krumbo Reservoir 4428 feet 42.909ºN 118.802ºW
East Basin Basin Harney The V 6019 feet 42.001ºN 118.322ºW
Fields Basin Basin Harney Fields Basin 5609 feet 42.300ºN 118.804ºW
Grassy Basin Basin Harney Windy Point 5173 feet 42.024ºN 118.445ºW
Griffin Basin Basin Harney Coleman Mountain 4871 feet 43.586ºN 118.430ºW
Harney Basin Basin Harney Burns 4130 feet 43.500ºN 119.001ºW
Harney Valley Basin Harney Ninemile Slough 4126 feet 43.533ºN 118.868ºW
Hawks Valley Basin Harney Hawks Mountain 5474 feet 42.123ºN 119.062ºW
Henry Basin Basin Harney Skull Creek Butte 6419 feet 42.489ºN 118.806ºW
Hole in the Ground Basin Harney Red Bank Lakes 5402 feet 42.953ºN 119.679ºW
Hole in the Ground Basin Harney Irish Lake 5114 feet 42.956ºN 118.946ºW
Hole in the Ground Basin Harney Coleman Mountain 4526 feet 43.592ºN 118.480ºW
Keg Springs Valley Basin Harney Keg Springs Valley East 4884 feet 42.929ºN 119.122ºW
Little Stinkingwater Basin Basin Harney Warm Springs Creek 5100 feet 43.565ºN 118.360ºW
Long Hollow Basin Harney New Princeton 4385 feet 43.308ºN 118.528ºW
McDade Cache Basin Harney Square Mountain 5045 feet 42.325ºN 118.894ºW
Mickey Basin Basin Harney Mickey Springs 3923 feet 42.736ºN 118.308ºW
Monument Basin Basin Harney Van Horn Basin 5461 feet 42.036ºN 118.734ºW
Mule Creek Basin Basin Harney Otis Mountain 4585 feet 43.889ºN 118.418ºW
Mule Springs Valley Basin Harney Rock Camp Draw 4641 feet 42.917ºN 119.570ºW
Mustang Basin Basin Harney Beatys Butte 6271 feet 42.388ºN 119.314ºW
Pine Knoll Basin Basin Harney Hughet Valley 4848 feet 43.865ºN 119.283ºW
Pine Spring Basin Basin Harney Holmes Canyon 5012 feet 43.638ºN 119.326ºW
Reeds Basin Basin Harney South Fork Reservoir 4681 feet 43.137ºN 118.358ºW
Robbers Roost Basin Harney Robbers Roost 5179 feet 42.183ºN 118.879ºW
Rock Creek Sinks Basin Harney Butler Hill 4549 feet 42.653ºN 119.120ºW
Rocky Basin Basin Harney Cottonwood Reservoir 4559 feet 43.914ºN 118.261ºW
Ryegrass Valley Basin Harney Mahogany Butte 5487 feet 42.270ºN 119.302ºW
Sage Hen Valley Basin Harney Weaver Lake 4152 feet 43.495ºN 119.158ºW
Sand Hollow Basin Harney Duhaime Flat East 4664 feet 42.817ºN 119.133ºW
Sherman Field Basin Harney Chicken Spring 7846 feet 42.017ºN 118.237ºW
Stinkingwater Basin Basin Harney Coleman Mountain 5228 feet 43.530ºN 118.449ºW
Sunset Valley Basin Harney The Narrows 4116 feet 43.357ºN 118.974ºW
Texaco Basin Basin Harney Warm Springs Creek 4651 feet 43.588ºN 118.330ºW
The Basin Basin Harney Balls Lake 5104 feet 42.925ºN 119.450ºW
The Potholes Basin Harney Sage Hen Flats 5802 feet 42.117ºN 119.352ºW
Van Horn Basin Basin Harney Van Horn Basin 5999 feet 42.069ºN 118.672ºW
Whitehorse Valley Basin Harney Red Mountain 4300 feet 42.367ºN 118.254ºW
Willow Basin Basin Harney Crane 4976 feet 43.468ºN 118.522ºW
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