Topographic Map Area Features in Malheur County, Oregon

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Agate Field Area Malheur Graveyard Point 2608 feet 43.543ºN 117.076ºW
Beaver Charlie Breaks Area Malheur Beaver Charlie Breaks 5104 feet 42.358ºN 117.037ºW
Black Rocks Area Malheur Diamond Butte 3431 feet 43.279ºN 117.409ºW
Fish Creek Breaks Area Malheur Dry Creek Bench 6032 feet 42.261ºN 118.105ºW
Honeycombs Area Malheur Pelican Point 3651 feet 43.454ºN 117.318ºW
Oregon Slope Area Malheur Weiser South 2293 feet 44.147ºN 116.972ºW
Snake River Slides Safety Rest Area (historical) Area Malheur Porters Flat 2096 feet 44.264ºN 117.125ºW
Squaw Creek Vee Area Malheur Brewster Reservoir 4871 feet 42.561ºN 117.026ºW
The Difficulty Area Malheur Deacon Crossing 4907 feet 42.457ºN 117.101ºW
The Hole in the Ground Area Malheur The Hole in the Ground 3060 feet 43.213ºN 117.577ºW
The Yellow Jacket Area Malheur Rooster Comb 4228 feet 43.306ºN 117.278ºW
Toppin Creek V Area Malheur Drummond Basin 4930 feet 42.398ºN 117.213ºW
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