Topographic Map Locale Features in Pike County, Pennsylvania

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Beaver Run Club Locale Pike Twelvemile Pond 1220 feet 41.220ºN 75.101ºW
Camp Brooklyn Locale Pike Hawley 1538 feet 41.397ºN 75.194ºW
Camp Colang Locale Pike Narrowsburg 646 feet 41.518ºN 75.004ºW
Camp Fire Girls Camp Locale Pike Lake Maskenozha 984 feet 41.178ºN 74.934ºW
Camp Girard Locale Pike Skytop 1086 feet 41.151ºN 75.150ºW
Camp Log-N-Twig Locale Pike Lake Maskenozha 899 feet 41.203ºN 74.922ºW
Camp Massad Locale Pike Lake Maskenozha 1230 feet 41.249ºN 74.954ºW
Camp Speers Locale Pike Edgemere 1335 feet 41.269ºN 74.947ºW
Cliff Park Inn Golf Course Locale Pike Milford 810 feet 41.308ºN 74.826ºW
Conashaugh Lakes Locale Pike Edgemere 1430 feet 41.306ºN 74.990ºW
Glen Ridge Club Locale Pike Bushkill 699 feet 41.119ºN 75.052ºW
Hunters Range Locale Pike Twelvemile Pond 1164 feet 41.181ºN 75.082ºW
Ledgedale Recreation Area and Boat Launch Locale Pike Newfoundland 1210 feet 41.365ºN 75.318ºW
Marcel Lake Estate Locale Pike Edgemere 1292 feet 41.258ºN 74.955ºW
Masthope Ski Area Locale Pike Narrowsburg 1148 feet 41.514ºN 75.031ºW
Mishawaka Club Locale Pike Twelvemile Pond 964 feet 41.159ºN 75.069ºW
Mongaup Station (historical) Locale Pike Pond Eddy 567 feet 41.425ºN 74.775ºW
New Jersey Camp Locale Pike Edgemere 1263 feet 41.347ºN 74.889ºW
Pocono Mountain Lake Resort Locale Pike Lake Maskenozha 1171 feet 41.245ºN 74.943ºW
Pocono Mountain Water Forest Locale Pike Edgemere 1204 feet 41.297ºN 74.917ºW
Porters Lake Club Locale Pike Twelvemile Pond 1368 feet 41.245ºN 75.067ºW
Rock Hill Camp Locale Pike Pecks Pond 1545 feet 41.309ºN 75.008ºW
Saw Creek Ski Area Locale Pike Bushkill 938 feet 41.121ºN 75.045ºW
Shohola Falls Trails End Locale Pike Shohola 1499 feet 41.382ºN 74.939ºW
Tamiment Resort Golf Course Locale Pike Twelvemile Pond 1200 feet 41.140ºN 75.037ºW
Tamiment Ski Area Locale Pike Twelvemile Pond 1079 feet 41.134ºN 75.015ºW
Tanglewood Golf Course Locale Pike Promised Land 1433 feet 41.367ºN 75.240ºW
Tanglewood Ski Area Locale Pike Hawley 1715 feet 41.413ºN 75.164ºW
Wilsonville Recreation Area and Boat Launch Locale Pike Hawley 1197 feet 41.449ºN 75.182ºW
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