Topographic Map Basin Features in Sevier County, Tennessee

Browse by County - Sevier, Feature Type - Basin

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Devils Den Basin Sevier Douglas Dam 1118 feet 35.969ºN 83.588ºW
Greenbrier Cove Basin Sevier Mount Le Conte 1689 feet 35.707ºN 83.383ºW
Huggins Hell Basin Sevier Mount Le Conte 4500 feet 35.641ºN 83.436ºW
The Sink Basin Sevier Shady Grove 1670 feet 35.879ºN 83.392ºW
The Sinks Basin Sevier Wear Cove 1558 feet 35.669ºN 83.662ºW
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