Topographic Map Airport Features in Lubbock County, Texas

Browse by County - Lubbock, Feature Type - Airport

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Bartos Farm Airport Airport Lubbock Woodrow 3149 feet 33.473ºN 101.786ºW
Biggin Hill Airport Airport Lubbock Wolfforth NE 3332 feet 33.748ºN 102.067ºW
Department of Public Safety Heliport Airport Lubbock Lubbock East 3195 feet 33.592ºN 101.848ºW
Everitt Airport Airport Lubbock Idalou 3195 feet 33.682ºN 101.669ºW
Lubbock International Airport Airport Lubbock New Deal 3250 feet 33.664ºN 101.823ºW
Lubbock Methodist Hospital Heliport Airport Lubbock Lubbock West 3228 feet 33.578ºN 101.892ºW
Saint Mary of the Plains Hospital Heliport Airport Lubbock Lubbock West 3224 feet 33.574ºN 101.901ºW
Slaton Municipal Airport Airport Lubbock Slaton 3123 feet 33.485ºN 101.661ºW
Town and Country Airpark Airport Lubbock Woodrow 3162 feet 33.486ºN 101.813ºW
University Medical Center Heliport Airport Lubbock Shallowater 3211 feet 33.640ºN 101.890ºW
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