Topographic Map Church Features in Runnels County, Texas

Browse by County - Runnels, Feature Type - Church

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Brady Coleman Runnels Baptist Area Church Church Runnels Ballinger 1624 feet 31.737ºN 99.948ºW
Brookshier Church Church Runnels Maverick 1801 feet 31.754ºN 100.210ºW
Catholic Church Hall Church Runnels Winters 1860 feet 31.966ºN 99.963ºW
Church of Christ Church Runnels Ballinger 1663 feet 31.745ºN 99.960ºW
Church of Christ Church Runnels Winters 1860 feet 31.965ºN 99.963ºW
Church of the Nazarene Church Runnels Ballinger 1653 feet 31.742ºN 99.955ºW
First Baptist Church Church Runnels Ballinger 1620 feet 31.735ºN 99.946ºW
First Church of God Church Runnels Ballinger 1663 feet 31.743ºN 99.965ºW
Harmony Church Church Runnels Crews 1866 feet 31.974ºN 99.838ºW
Hopewell Church Church Runnels Crews 1938 feet 31.922ºN 99.753ºW
Lutheran Church Church Runnels Winters 1847 feet 31.959ºN 99.974ºW
Old Norton Church Church Runnels Wilmeth 1893 feet 31.905ºN 100.107ºW
Saint Boniface Church Church Runnels Paint Rock 1709 feet 31.610ºN 99.960ºW
Valley View Church Church Runnels Herring Ranch 1742 feet 31.794ºN 100.027ºW
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