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Topographic Map Slope Features in Kane County, Utah

Browse by County - Kane, Feature Type - Slope

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Clints Coves Slope Kane Nipple Butte 5163 feet 37.235ºN 111.653ºW
Fortymile Slide Slope Kane Sooner Bench 5012 feet 37.334ºN 111.118ºW
Kelly Grade Slope Kane Smoky Hollow 5104 feet 37.174ºN 111.444ºW
Miners Stairs Slope Kane The Rincon NE 4192 feet 37.403ºN 110.758ºW
Soda Slide Slope Kane Sooner Bench 4576 feet 37.269ºN 111.015ºW
Sooner Slide Slope Kane Sooner Bench 4769 feet 37.294ºN 111.054ºW
The Slope Slope Kane The Rincon 4513 feet 37.341ºN 110.781ºW
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