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Topographic Map Summit Features in Kane County, Utah

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Andy Nelson Peak Summit Kane Navajo Lake 10027 feet 37.517ºN 112.818ºW
Bald Knoll Summit Kane Bald Knoll 6993 feet 37.327ºN 112.409ºW
Billie Flat Top Summit Kane Gregory Butte 4933 feet 37.116ºN 111.129ºW
Black Knoll Summit Kane Glendale 6734 feet 37.304ºN 112.512ºW
Black Knoll Summit Kane Podunk Creek 8026 feet 37.383ºN 112.317ºW
Black Mountain Summit Kane Long Valley Junction 7751 feet 37.377ºN 112.537ºW
Block Mesas Summit Kane Elephant Butte 6416 feet 37.117ºN 112.751ºW
Blondie Knoll Summit Kane Sooner Bench 7531 feet 37.267ºN 111.079ºW
Buck Knoll Summit Kane Glendale 6858 feet 37.342ºN 112.502ºW
Buckskin Mountain Summit Kane Petrified Hollow 5917 feet 37.020ºN 112.152ºW
Bull Points Summit Kane Lone Rock 4087 feet 37.064ºN 111.518ºW
Burning Hills Summit Kane East of the Navajo 5560 feet 37.265ºN 111.369ºW
Calico Peak Summit Kane Calico Peak 5812 feet 37.252ºN 111.975ºW
Carly Knoll Summit Kane Skutumpah Creek 6786 feet 37.315ºN 112.310ºW
Cedar Mountain Summit Kane Big Water 5861 feet 37.007ºN 111.696ºW
Checkerboard Mesa Summit Kane Springdale East 6550 feet 37.217ºN 112.879ºW
Clear Creek Mountain Summit Kane Clear Creek Mountain 7859 feet 37.330ºN 112.797ºW
Cocks Comb Summit Kane Pine Hollow Canyon 5487 feet 37.033ºN 112.011ºW
Collet Top Summit Kane Collet Top 6448 feet 37.456ºN 111.470ºW
Cookie Jar Butte Summit Kane Gunsight Butte 4287 feet 37.090ºN 111.304ºW
Cottonwood Point Summit Kane Kanab 5222 feet 37.025ºN 112.620ºW
Cougar Knoll Summit Kane Blackburn Canyon 7603 feet 37.312ºN 111.140ºW
Crescent Butte Summit Kane Johnson Lakes 5550 feet 37.044ºN 112.346ºW
Dakota Hill Summit Kane Temple of Sinawava 6593 feet 37.353ºN 112.885ºW
Deer Mountain Summit Kane Bryce Point 7813 feet 37.508ºN 112.220ºW
Dianas Throne Summit Kane Mount Carmel 7013 feet 37.192ºN 112.629ºW
Dishopan Hill Summit Kane Johnson Lakes 5619 feet 37.045ºN 112.342ºW
Dixie Knoll Summit Kane Elephant Butte 5753 feet 37.021ºN 112.782ºW
Don Spring Mountain Summit Kane George Mountain 9089 feet 37.504ºN 112.402ºW
Elephant Butte Summit Kane Elephant Butte 6776 feet 37.070ºN 112.832ºW
Fivemile Mountain Summit Kane West Clark Bench 5747 feet 37.121ºN 111.994ºW
Flat Top Summit Kane Bridger Point 5412 feet 37.033ºN 111.775ºW
George Mountain Summit Kane George Mountain 9020 feet 37.538ºN 112.390ºW
Gunsight Butte Summit Kane Gunsight Butte 4628 feet 37.062ºN 111.337ºW
Harris Mountain Summit Kane Elephant Butte 6504 feet 37.112ºN 112.783ºW
Harris Point Summit Kane Elephant Butte 6645 feet 37.116ºN 112.805ºW
Horse Knoll Summit Kane Straight Canyon 8075 feet 37.463ºN 112.860ºW
Horse Mountain Summit Kane Horse Mountain 6363 feet 37.452ºN 111.666ºW
Horse Mountain Summit Kane Rainbow Point 7574 feet 37.490ºN 112.170ºW
Indian Dance Hall Summit Kane Kanab 5524 feet 37.049ºN 112.515ºW
Indian Knoll Summit Kane The Barracks 6098 feet 37.235ºN 112.808ºW
Iron Top Mesa Summit Kane Halls Crossing 4251 feet 37.426ºN 110.737ºW
Jodys Knoll Summit Kane Skutumpah Creek 6845 feet 37.252ºN 112.267ºW
Johnson Store Butte Summit Kane West Clark Bench 4592 feet 37.109ºN 111.921ºW
King Mesa Summit Kane King Mesa 5166 feet 37.456ºN 111.066ºW
Little No Mans Mesa Summit Kane Deer Spring Point 7144 feet 37.269ºN 112.216ºW
Lower Slickrock Summit Kane Slickrock Bench 6242 feet 37.478ºN 111.914ºW
Mollies Nipple Summit Kane Deer Range Point 7262 feet 37.271ºN 112.055ºW
Monument Knoll Summit Kane Mount Carmel 5979 feet 37.131ºN 112.681ºW
Navajo Peak Summit Kane Navajo Lake 9965 feet 37.512ºN 112.809ºW
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