Topographic Map Basin Features in Sevier County, Utah

Browse by County - Sevier, Feature Type - Basin

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Beanies Hole Basin Sevier Steves Mountain 6786 feet 38.884ºN 111.697ºW
Corral Hole Basin Sevier Yogo Creek 9109 feet 38.771ºN 111.543ºW
Doe Hole Basin Sevier Koosharem 9450 feet 38.615ºN 111.925ºW
Garden Basin Basin Sevier Geyser Peak 7918 feet 38.515ºN 111.421ºW
Milos Kitchen Basin Sevier Koosharem 8731 feet 38.534ºN 111.953ºW
Paradise Valley Basin Sevier Johns Peak 7918 feet 38.629ºN 111.436ºW
Prince Valley Basin Sevier Marysvale Canyon 7439 feet 38.532ºN 112.337ºW
Red Creek Hole Basin Sevier Hilgard Mountain 8938 feet 38.711ºN 111.531ºW
Sage Hole Basin Sevier Johns Peak 7478 feet 38.680ºN 111.399ºW
Sevenmile Cirques Basin Sevier Mount Terrill 10483 feet 38.651ºN 111.695ºW
Solomon Basin Basin Sevier Geyser Peak 8108 feet 38.552ºN 111.455ºW
Steves Basin Basin Sevier Steves Mountain 7095 feet 38.977ºN 111.710ºW
The Cove Basin Sevier Acord Lakes 7059 feet 38.878ºN 111.380ºW
The Sinks Basin Sevier Monroe Peak 8695 feet 38.570ºN 112.028ºW
Willow Basin Basin Sevier Geyser Peak 8489 feet 38.587ºN 111.468ºW
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