Topographic Map Civil Features in Orleans County, Vermont

Browse by County - Orleans, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Newport Civil Orleans Newport 692 feet 44.937ºN 72.208ºW
Orleans County Civil Orleans Orleans 1191 feet 44.817ºN 72.233ºW
Town of Albany Civil Orleans Craftsbury 1217 feet 44.731ºN 72.340ºW
Town of Barton Civil Orleans Orleans 1158 feet 44.752ºN 72.170ºW
Town of Brownington Civil Orleans Westmore 1122 feet 44.831ºN 72.122ºW
Town of Charleston Civil Orleans Westmore 1174 feet 44.842ºN 72.013ºW
Town of Coventry Civil Orleans Newport 905 feet 44.876ºN 72.234ºW
Town of Craftsbury Civil Orleans Albany 892 feet 44.650ºN 72.402ºW
Town of Derby Civil Orleans Newport 1007 feet 44.951ºN 72.134ºW
Town of Glover Civil Orleans Crystal Lake 1663 feet 44.694ºN 72.221ºW
Town of Greensboro Civil Orleans Caspian Lake 1925 feet 44.605ºN 72.290ºW
Town of Holland Civil Orleans Morgan Center 1745 feet 44.975ºN 71.958ºW
Town of Irasburg Civil Orleans Irasburg 1027 feet 44.817ºN 72.283ºW
Town of Jay Civil Orleans North Troy 1538 feet 44.978ºN 72.479ºW
Town of Lowell Civil Orleans Lowell 941 feet 44.797ºN 72.451ºW
Town of Morgan Civil Orleans Morgan Center 1660 feet 44.900ºN 71.958ºW
Town of Newport Civil Orleans Newport Center 932 feet 44.934ºN 72.302ºW
Town of Troy Civil Orleans North Troy 1020 feet 44.924ºN 72.386ºW
Town of Westfield Civil Orleans North Troy 1778 feet 44.880ºN 72.483ºW
Town of Westmore Civil Orleans Westmore 1817 feet 44.757ºN 72.026ºW
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