Topographic Map Civil Features in Iron County, Wisconsin

Browse by County - Iron, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Hurley Civil Iron Ironwood 1535 feet 46.444ºN 90.197ºW
City of Montreal Civil Iron Ironwood 1512 feet 46.431ºN 90.239ºW
Iron County Civil Iron Pine Lake 1719 feet 46.251ºN 90.234ºW
Town of Anderson Civil Iron Upson 1725 feet 46.344ºN 90.466ºW
Town of Carey Civil Iron Pine Lake 1617 feet 46.316ºN 90.231ºW
Town of Gurney Civil Iron Gurney 997 feet 46.478ºN 90.506ºW
Town of Kimball Civil Iron Iron Belt 1538 feet 46.475ºN 90.282ºW
Town of Knight Civil Iron Turntable Creek 1761 feet 46.264ºN 90.361ºW
Town of Mercer Civil Iron Lake of the Falls 1610 feet 46.164ºN 90.125ºW
Town of Oma Civil Iron Lake Evelyn 1761 feet 46.284ºN 90.088ºW
Town of Pence Civil Iron Turntable Creek 1617 feet 46.360ºN 90.274ºW
Town of Saxon Civil Iron Oronto Bay 1135 feet 46.501ºN 90.423ºW
Town of Sherman Civil Iron Wilson Lake 1571 feet 46.048ºN 90.084ºW
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