Topographic Map Civil Features in Waushara County, Wisconsin

Browse by County - Waushara, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Wautoma Civil Waushara Wautoma 859 feet 44.070ºN 89.293ºW
Town of Aurora Civil Waushara Auroraville 771 feet 44.021ºN 88.941ºW
Town of Bloomfield Civil Waushara Poy Sippi 794 feet 44.205ºN 88.950ºW
Town of Coloma Civil Waushara Coloma 1096 feet 44.029ºN 89.545ºW
Town of Dakota Civil Waushara Wautoma 846 feet 44.018ºN 89.303ºW
Town of Deerfield Civil Waushara Richford 1112 feet 44.108ºN 89.425ºW
Town of Hancock Civil Waushara Coloma 1092 feet 44.111ºN 89.542ºW
Town of Leon Civil Waushara Redgranite 866 feet 44.109ºN 89.067ºW
Town of Marion Civil Waushara Spring Lake 823 feet 44.016ºN 89.190ºW
Town of Mount Morris Civil Waushara Spring Lake 850 feet 44.112ºN 89.187ºW
Town of Oasis Civil Waushara Plainfield 1135 feet 44.197ºN 89.421ºW
Town of Plainfield Civil Waushara Hancock 1092 feet 44.199ºN 89.538ºW
Town of Poysippi Civil Waushara Auroraville 751 feet 44.108ºN 88.949ºW
Town of Richford Civil Waushara Richford 902 feet 44.024ºN 89.430ºW
Town of Rose Civil Waushara Wautoma NE 1191 feet 44.199ºN 89.320ºW
Town of Saxeville Civil Waushara Saxeville 833 feet 44.211ºN 89.073ºW
Town of Springwater Civil Waushara Wild Rose 889 feet 44.199ºN 89.180ºW
Town of Warren Civil Waushara Redgranite 781 feet 44.028ºN 89.070ºW
Town of Wautoma Civil Waushara Wautoma 1040 feet 44.106ºN 89.310ºW
Village of Coloma Civil Waushara Coloma 1033 feet 44.033ºN 89.521ºW
Village of Hancock Civil Waushara Hancock 1109 feet 44.134ºN 89.520ºW
Village of Lohrville Civil Waushara Redgranite 807 feet 44.038ºN 89.121ºW
Village of Plainfield Civil Waushara Plainfield 1109 feet 44.214ºN 89.494ºW
Village of Redgranite Civil Waushara Redgranite 787 feet 44.050ºN 89.103ºW
Village of Wild Rose Civil Waushara Wild Rose 951 feet 44.176ºN 89.248ºW
Waushara County Civil Waushara Wautoma 1000 feet 44.117ºN 89.251ºW
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