Topographic Map Gap Features in Lincoln County, Wyoming

Browse by County - Lincoln, Feature Type - Gap

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Blazon Gap Gap Lincoln Elkol 6763 feet 41.688ºN 110.545ºW
Box Canyon Pass Gap Lincoln Mount Schidler 9624 feet 42.675ºN 110.617ºW
Cheese Pass Gap Lincoln Wyoming Peak 10450 feet 42.544ºN 110.617ºW
Cliff Creek Pass Gap Lincoln Hoback Peak 8997 feet 43.097ºN 110.598ºW
Cumberland Gap Gap Lincoln Cumberland Gap 6583 feet 41.583ºN 110.569ºW
Fontenelle Gap Gap Lincoln Fontenelle Gap 6996 feet 42.092ºN 110.443ºW
Gunsight Pass Gap Lincoln Lookout Mountain 10024 feet 42.894ºN 110.606ºW
McDougal Pass Gap Lincoln Rock Lake Peak 9171 feet 42.852ºN 110.807ºW
North Indian Creek Pass Gap Lincoln Observation Peak 9273 feet 43.314ºN 110.968ºW
Pickle Pass Gap Lincoln Pickle Pass 8843 feet 43.087ºN 110.644ºW
Red Pass Gap Lincoln Observation Peak 8705 feet 43.274ºN 110.880ºW
Rocky Gap Gap Lincoln South Fork Mountain 7639 feet 42.002ºN 110.501ºW
Salt River Pass Gap Lincoln Smoot 7626 feet 42.506ºN 110.909ºW
Sheep Pass Gap Lincoln Mount Wagner 10011 feet 42.603ºN 110.756ºW
Telephone Pass Gap Lincoln Pickle Pass 7970 feet 43.018ºN 110.706ºW
The Narrows Gap Lincoln Marse 6147 feet 42.132ºN 110.970ºW
The Narrows Gap Lincoln Grover 6068 feet 42.848ºN 110.985ºW
Wagner Pass Gap Lincoln Poison Meadows 9040 feet 42.524ºN 110.714ºW
White Saddle Gap Lincoln Graham Peak 8722 feet 42.399ºN 110.710ºW
Windy Gap Gap Lincoln Sublet 7537 feet 41.984ºN 110.517ºW
Wright Divide Gap Lincoln South Fork Mountain 7564 feet 42.008ºN 110.522ºW
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