Topographic Map Civil Features in Madison County, Arkansas

Browse by County - Madison, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Madison County Civil Madison Huntsville 1492 feet 36.000ºN 93.700ºW
Township of Alabam Civil Madison Forum 1522 feet 36.204ºN 93.672ºW
Township of Bahannan Civil Madison Hartwell 1755 feet 36.081ºN 93.832ºW
Township of Baldwin (historical) Civil Madison Pettigrew 1797 feet 35.800ºN 93.747ºW
Township of Ball Creek (historical) Civil Madison Japton 1860 feet 35.917ºN 93.790ºW
Township of Boston Civil Madison Boston 2322 feet 35.825ºN 93.579ºW
Township of Bowen Civil Madison Witter 1660 feet 35.975ºN 93.725ºW
Township of California Civil Madison Hindsville 1489 feet 36.239ºN 93.790ºW
Township of Goodwill (historical) Civil Madison Weathers 2047 feet 35.942ºN 93.517ºW
Township of Hilburn Civil Madison Pettigrew 1788 feet 35.825ºN 93.742ºW
Township of Independence (historical) Civil Madison Delaney 2296 feet 35.800ºN 93.935ºW
Township of Japton Civil Madison Japton 1699 feet 35.953ºN 93.793ºW
Township of Kentucky Civil Madison Pettigrew 1938 feet 35.817ºN 93.642ºW
Township of Kings River Civil Madison Osage SW 1499 feet 36.058ºN 93.500ºW
Township of Lamar Civil Madison Goshen 1286 feet 36.038ºN 93.917ºW
Township of Lincoln Civil Madison Witter 1896 feet 35.906ºN 93.679ºW
Township of Marble Civil Madison Marble 1325 feet 36.138ºN 93.585ºW
Township of Mill Creek Civil Madison Saint Paul 1856 feet 35.846ºN 93.835ºW
Township of Mulberry (historical) Civil Madison Boston 1401 feet 35.792ºN 93.567ºW
Township of Piney (historical) Civil Madison Forum 1233 feet 36.242ºN 93.639ºW
Township of Prairie Civil Madison Hindsville 1358 feet 36.146ºN 93.867ºW
Township of Purdy Civil Madison Kingston 1551 feet 36.085ºN 93.615ºW
Township of Richland Civil Madison Hartwell 1545 feet 36.004ºN 93.825ºW
Township of Union (historical) Civil Madison Japton 1647 feet 35.933ºN 93.838ºW
Township of Valley Civil Madison Delaney 2207 feet 35.835ºN 93.925ºW
Township of Venus Civil Madison Weathers 2017 feet 35.933ºN 93.604ºW
Township of War Eagle Civil Madison Huntsville 1424 feet 36.088ºN 93.734ºW
Township of War Eagle I Civil Madison Unknown -32800 feet 0.000ºN 0.000ºW
Township of War Eagle II Civil Madison Unknown -32800 feet 0.000ºN 0.000ºW
Township of Wharton Civil Madison Unknown -32800 feet 0.000ºN 0.000ºW
Township of Wharton Creek Civil Madison Kingston 1555 feet 36.017ºN 93.624ºW
Township of White River Civil Madison Durham 2171 feet 35.925ºN 93.889ºW
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