Topographic Map Civil Features in Story County, Iowa

Browse by County - Story, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
State of Iowa Civil Story Ames East 958 feet 42.000ºN 93.500ºW
Story County Civil Story Nevada 997 feet 42.033ºN 93.467ºW
Township of Collins Civil Story Collins 1030 feet 41.906ºN 93.285ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Story Ames West 961 feet 42.081ºN 93.645ºW
Township of Grant Civil Story Huxley 971 feet 41.987ºN 93.526ºW
Township of Howard Civil Story Story City 1027 feet 42.165ºN 93.517ºW
Township of Indian Creek Civil Story Maxwell 866 feet 41.906ºN 93.404ºW
Township of Lafayette Civil Story Ames NW 1010 feet 42.167ºN 93.641ºW
Township of Lincoln Civil Story Zearing 1066 feet 42.165ºN 93.292ºW
Township of Milford Civil Story Ames East 991 feet 42.077ºN 93.522ºW
Township of Nevada Civil Story Maxwell 977 feet 41.992ºN 93.410ºW
Township of New Albany Civil Story Collins 1017 feet 41.992ºN 93.292ºW
Township of Palestine Civil Story Slater 1023 feet 41.908ºN 93.635ºW
Township of Richland Civil Story Nevada 1027 feet 42.082ºN 93.401ºW
Township of Sherman Civil Story Colo 1115 feet 42.078ºN 93.290ºW
Township of Union Civil Story Huxley 846 feet 41.907ºN 93.522ºW
Township of Warren Civil Story McCallsburg 1086 feet 42.165ºN 93.398ºW
Township of Washington Civil Story Slater 971 feet 41.991ºN 93.641ºW
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