Topographic Map Civil Features in Pope County, Minnesota

Browse by County - Pope, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Pope County Civil Pope Lake Minnewaska 1279 feet 45.567ºN 95.450ºW
Township of Bangor Civil Pope Sedan 1322 feet 45.542ºN 95.183ºW
Township of Barsness Civil Pope Lake Minnewaska 1227 feet 45.538ºN 95.448ºW
Township of Ben Wade Civil Pope Lowry 1312 feet 45.717ºN 95.579ºW
Township of Blue Mounds Civil Pope Starbuck 1115 feet 45.542ºN 95.561ºW
Township of Chippewa Falls Civil Pope Terrace 1296 feet 45.540ºN 95.316ºW
Township of Gilchrist Civil Pope Lake Simon 1204 feet 45.456ºN 95.318ºW
Township of Glenwood Civil Pope Terrace 1371 feet 45.617ºN 95.333ºW
Township of Grove Lake Civil Pope Sedan 1351 feet 45.624ºN 95.201ºW
Township of Hoff Civil Pope Clontarf North 1069 feet 45.457ºN 95.679ºW
Township of Lake Johanna Civil Pope Lake Johanna 1371 feet 45.456ºN 95.194ºW
Township of Langhei Civil Pope Lake Hassel 1204 feet 45.458ºN 95.569ºW
Township of Leven Civil Pope Villard 1381 feet 45.724ºN 95.320ºW
Township of Minnewaska Civil Pope Glenwood 1178 feet 45.632ºN 95.462ºW
Township of New Prairie Civil Pope Starbuck NW 1200 feet 45.627ºN 95.693ºW
Township of Nora Civil Pope Starbuck NW 1269 feet 45.716ºN 95.697ºW
Township of Reno Civil Pope Glenwood 1397 feet 45.709ºN 95.439ºW
Township of Rolling Forks Civil Pope Swift Falls 1184 feet 45.458ºN 95.445ºW
Township of Walden Civil Pope Cyrus 1099 feet 45.546ºN 95.686ºW
Township of Westport Civil Pope Westport 1342 feet 45.718ºN 95.204ºW
Township of White Bear Lake Civil Pope Lowry 1279 feet 45.631ºN 95.571ºW
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