Topographic Map Civil Features in Lewis County, New York

Browse by County - Lewis, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Lewis County Civil Lewis Lowville 856 feet 43.800ºN 75.483ºW
Town of Croghan Civil Lewis Belfort 994 feet 43.970ºN 75.357ºW
Town of Denmark Civil Lewis Carthage 1191 feet 43.896ºN 75.615ºW
Town of Diana Civil Lewis Remington Corners 872 feet 44.112ºN 75.373ºW
Town of Greig Civil Lewis Brantingham 1237 feet 43.695ºN 75.265ºW
Town of Harrisburg Civil Lewis New Boston 1578 feet 43.825ºN 75.663ºW
Town of Lewis Civil Lewis Point Rock 1538 feet 43.486ºN 75.565ºW
Town of Leyden Civil Lewis Constableville 1138 feet 43.537ºN 75.377ºW
Town of Lowville Civil Lewis West Lowville 1253 feet 43.821ºN 75.526ºW
Town of Lyonsdale Civil Lewis Woodgate 1220 feet 43.608ºN 75.246ºW
Town of Martinsburg Civil Lewis Page 1856 feet 43.717ºN 75.526ºW
Town of Montague Civil Lewis Sears Pond 1804 feet 43.712ºN 75.716ºW
Town of New Bremen Civil Lewis Crystal Dale 918 feet 43.853ºN 75.372ºW
Town of Osceola Civil Lewis North Osceola 1686 feet 43.567ºN 75.690ºW
Town of Pinckney Civil Lewis Barnes Corners 1479 feet 43.840ºN 75.782ºW
Town of Turin Civil Lewis Glenfield 1332 feet 43.668ºN 75.432ºW
Town of Watson Civil Lewis Crystal Dale 1279 feet 43.820ºN 75.252ºW
Town of West Turin Civil Lewis High Market 1856 feet 43.597ºN 75.505ºW
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