Topographic Map Civil Features in Saratoga County, New York

Browse by County - Saratoga, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Mechanicville Civil Saratoga Mechanicville 102 feet 42.904ºN 73.690ºW
City of Saratoga Springs Civil Saratoga Saratoga Springs 308 feet 43.068ºN 73.778ºW
Saratoga County Civil Saratoga Saratoga Springs 581 feet 43.100ºN 73.850ºW
Town of Ballston Civil Saratoga Burnt Hills 403 feet 42.955ºN 73.879ºW
Town of Charlton Civil Saratoga Burnt Hills 663 feet 42.963ºN 73.993ºW
Town of Clifton Park Civil Saratoga Niskayuna 318 feet 42.859ºN 73.822ºW
Town of Corinth Civil Saratoga Porter Corners 1460 feet 43.237ºN 73.893ºW
Town of Day Civil Saratoga Ohmer Mountain 872 feet 43.322ºN 74.015ºW
Town of Edinburg Civil Saratoga Edinburg 1155 feet 43.214ºN 74.066ºW
Town of Galway Civil Saratoga Galway 823 feet 43.032ºN 74.032ºW
Town of Greenfield Civil Saratoga Corinth 590 feet 43.138ºN 73.874ºW
Town of Hadley Civil Saratoga Conklingville 1578 feet 43.338ºN 73.905ºW
Town of Halfmoon Civil Saratoga Troy North 282 feet 42.867ºN 73.727ºW
Town of Malta Civil Saratoga Round Lake 325 feet 42.988ºN 73.786ºW
Town of Milton Civil Saratoga Middle Grove 387 feet 43.039ºN 73.897ºW
Town of Moreau Civil Saratoga Gansevoort 348 feet 43.247ºN 73.666ºW
Town of Northumberland Civil Saratoga Gansevoort 282 feet 43.161ºN 73.633ºW
Town of Providence Civil Saratoga Galway 1456 feet 43.118ºN 74.047ºW
Town of Saratoga Civil Saratoga Quaker Springs 440 feet 43.065ºN 73.650ºW
Town of Stillwater Civil Saratoga Mechanicville 308 feet 42.968ºN 73.687ºW
Town of Waterford Civil Saratoga Troy North 161 feet 42.807ºN 73.690ºW
Town of Wilton Civil Saratoga Gansevoort 325 feet 43.156ºN 73.724ºW
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