Topographic Map Civil Features in Wyoming County, New York

Browse by County - Wyoming, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Town of Arcade Civil Wyoming Arcade 1519 feet 42.557ºN 78.389ºW
Town of Attica Civil Wyoming Dale 1312 feet 42.832ºN 78.249ºW
Town of Bennington Civil Wyoming Cowlesville 1220 feet 42.831ºN 78.399ºW
Town of Castile Civil Wyoming Castile 1538 feet 42.662ºN 78.023ºW
Town of Covington Civil Wyoming Wyoming 991 feet 42.840ºN 78.011ºW
Town of Eagle Civil Wyoming Bliss 1912 feet 42.571ºN 78.250ºW
Town of Gainesville Civil Wyoming Warsaw 1663 feet 42.653ºN 78.135ºW
Town of Genesee Falls Civil Wyoming Portageville 1433 feet 42.567ºN 78.060ºW
Town of Java Civil Wyoming Strykersville 1522 feet 42.650ºN 78.387ºW
Town of Middlebury Civil Wyoming Dale 1571 feet 42.825ºN 78.134ºW
Town of Orangeville Civil Wyoming Warsaw 1804 feet 42.742ºN 78.243ºW
Town of Perry Civil Wyoming Wyoming 1430 feet 42.759ºN 78.015ºW
Town of Pike Civil Wyoming Pike 1748 feet 42.566ºN 78.137ºW
Town of Sheldon Civil Wyoming Strykersville 1489 feet 42.744ºN 78.376ºW
Town of Warsaw Civil Wyoming Warsaw 1014 feet 42.740ºN 78.131ºW
Town of Wethersfield Civil Wyoming Warsaw 1870 feet 42.654ºN 78.248ºW
Wyoming County Civil Wyoming Warsaw 1771 feet 42.700ºN 78.200ºW
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