Topographic Map Civil Features in Franklin County, Vermont

Browse by County - Franklin, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Saint Albans Civil Franklin Saint Albans 397 feet 44.811ºN 73.085ºW
Franklin County Civil Franklin Bakersfield 853 feet 44.850ºN 72.866ºW
Town of Bakersfield Civil Franklin Bakersfield 725 feet 44.799ºN 72.792ºW
Town of Berkshire Civil Franklin Enosburg Falls 669 feet 44.968ºN 72.768ºW
Town of Enosburg Civil Franklin Cold Hollow Mountains 833 feet 44.870ºN 72.746ºW
Town of Fairfax Civil Franklin Milton 659 feet 44.694ºN 73.010ºW
Town of Fairfield Civil Franklin Bakersfield 485 feet 44.792ºN 72.858ºW
Town of Fletcher Civil Franklin Gilson Mountain 895 feet 44.705ºN 72.902ºW
Town of Franklin Civil Franklin Sheldon Springs 610 feet 44.979ºN 72.901ºW
Town of Georgia Civil Franklin Georgia Plains 364 feet 44.728ºN 73.129ºW
Town of Highgate Civil Franklin Highgate Center 321 feet 44.959ºN 73.045ºW
Town of Montgomery Civil Franklin Hazens Notch 649 feet 44.860ºN 72.610ºW
Town of Richford Civil Franklin Richford 938 feet 44.967ºN 72.638ºW
Town of Saint Albans Civil Franklin Saint Albans Bay 95 feet 44.810ºN 73.152ºW
Town of Sheldon Civil Franklin Sheldon Springs 518 feet 44.896ºN 72.923ºW
Town of Swanton Civil Franklin Highgate Center 157 feet 44.910ºN 73.120ºW
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