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Topo Map of Streams in Denali County, Alaska

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Streams in Denali County Alaska

Place USGS Topo Map
Alaska Creek Healy D-4
Alder Creek Denali D-1
All Gold Creek Healy D-3
Antler Creek Healy D-4
Bain Creek Healy B-4
Barren Creek Denali A-4
Basin Creek Talkeetna D-5
Bear Creek Denali D-2
Bear Creek Fairbanks A-5
Bearpaw Creek Denali D-1
Bearpaw River Kantishna River A-2
Beauty Creek Denali C-2
Big Creek Healy C-6
Big Grizzly Creek Healy D-2
Birch Creek Denali D-4
Birch Creek Fairbanks A-5
Bonanza Creek Fairbanks A-4
Bonnifield Creek Fairbanks B-3
Boulder Creek Fairbanks A-3
Boundary Creek Denali C-1
Bruskasna Creek Healy B-4
Buzzard Creek Fairbanks A-4
Cabin Creek Denali C-1
Cache Creek Denali B-2
Calico Creek Healy C-6
California Creek Fairbanks A-4
Camp Creek Talkeetna D-5
Camp Creek Denali B-1
Cantwell Creek Healy B-4
Canyon Creek Denali C-3
Canyon Creek Denali C-1
Canyon Creek Talkeetna D-5
Canyon Creek Healy D-2
Caribou Creek Denali C-2
Carlo Creek Healy C-4
Carlson Creek Denali B-2
Cathedral Creek Talkeetna D-5
Chicken Creek Fairbanks A-2
Chicken Creek Fairbanks A-5
Chitsia Creek Kantishna River A-2
Chute Creek Healy D-2
Clarke Creek Fairbanks A-4
Clear Creek Healy C-4
Clearwater Creek Denali B-2
Clearwater Fork Denali D-1
Coal Creek Healy D-4
Coal Creek Healy D-2
Coal Creek Fairbanks A-4
Coal Creek Denali B-2
Cody Creek Fairbanks A-5
Cody Creek Healy D-3
Contact Creek Denali B-1
Copeland Creek Healy D-4
Copper Creek Healy D-2
Coyote Creek Healy D-4
Crevice Creek Denali C-2
Cripple Creek Healy D-4
Crooked Creek Denali D-1
Crystal Creek Denali B-1
Daniels Creek Fairbanks A-4
Davis Creek Healy D-3
Dean Creek Healy C-3
Dexter Creek Healy D-3
Dick Creek Healy C-3
Dora Creek Healy D-4
Dragonfly Creek Healy D-4
Dry Creek Healy D-4
Dry Creek Denali C-2
Eagle Creek Healy D-4
Eagle Creek Fairbanks A-4
East Fork Clearwater Creek Denali B-2
East Fork Glen Creek Denali C-2
East Fork Little Tonzona River Talkeetna C-6
East Fork Toklat River Denali D-1
Edgar Creek Healy C-3
Edmonds Creek Healy B-4
Eldorado Creek Denali C-2
Elsie Creek Fairbanks A-4
Emma Creek Fairbanks A-4
Eureka Creek Denali C-2
Eva Creek Fairbanks A-4
Ewe Creek Healy D-5
Fault Creek Denali B-1
Fish Creek Healy D-5
Flat Creek Denali C-2
Flume Creek Kantishna River A-2
Folger Slough Kantishna River A-2
Fossil Creek Fairbanks B-6
Fourth of July Creek Fairbanks A-4
Fox Creek Healy D-4
Fox Creek Healy D-4
Frances Creek Healy D-4
Friday Creek Denali C-2
Gagnon Creek Healy D-4
Glacier Creek Denali C-2
Glacier Creek Fairbanks A-2
Glacier Creek Denali B-1
Glen Creek Denali C-2
Gold King Creek Fairbanks B-3
Gold Run Healy D-4
Gorge Creek Denali B-1
Granite Creek Denali B-1
Grant Creek Denali B-1
Grizzly Creek Healy D-4
Grizzly Creek Healy D-2
Grubstake Creek Fairbanks A-3
Hauke Creek Denali B-4
Healy Creek Healy D-4
Hearst Creek Fairbanks A-3
Herron River Denali C-5
Hines Creek Healy C-4
Homestake Creek Fairbanks A-4
Hornet Creek Healy D-4
Hot Slough Denali D-4
Hult Creek Denali B-4
Igloo Creek Healy C-6
Intermittent Creek Denali B-1
Iron Creek Fairbanks A-4
Iron Creek Denali B-3
Jack River Healy B-4
Jenny Creek Healy C-5
John Hansen Creek Kantishna River A-3
Jumbo Creek Denali C-2
Junco Creek Healy D-4
June Creek Fairbanks A-5
Kansas Creek Healy D-2
Kingfisher Creek Healy C-4
Klunistana Creek Healy B-3
Lake Creek Denali C-2
Last Chance Creek Denali C-2
Last Chance Creek Healy D-3
Lignite Creek Healy D-4
Lily Creek Healy B-3
Little Bear Creek Denali D-1
Little Caribou Creek Denali D-1
Little Creek Healy C-4
Little Moose Creek Denali D-1
Little Moose Creek Fairbanks A-4
Little Panguingue Creek Healy D-5
Little Stony Creek Denali B-1
Little Windy Creek Healy B-4
Lonestar Creek Denali B-6
Louis Creek Healy C-3
Louise Creek Healy D-4
Lynx Creek Kantishna River B-2
Lynx Creek Healy C-4
Lynx Creek Fairbanks A-4
Marguerite Creek Fairbanks A-4
Marten Creek Denali D-1
McAdam Creek Fairbanks A-4
McKinley River Denali D-4
McLeod Creek Denali B-3
Montana Creek Healy C-4
Moody Creek Healy D-4
Moonlight Creek Denali C-1
Moose Creek Denali D-2
Moose Creek Fairbanks A-5
Moose Creek Healy C-4
Moose Creek Fairbanks A-3
Muddy River Denali D-4
Muddy River Denali B-3
Myers Creek Denali D-1
Myrtle Creek Denali C-2
Mystic Creek Healy D-2
Needle Creek Healy D-3
No Name Creek Denali C-2
North Fork Canyon Creek Denali C-1
North Fork Emma Creek Fairbanks A-4
North Fork Moose Creek Denali C-2
Otter Creek Denali D-2
Panguingue Creek Healy D-5
Pinto Creek Healy D-5
Pirate Creek Denali B-2
Platt Creek Healy D-4
Poker Creek Healy D-4
Popovitch Creek Healy D-4
Ptarmigan Creek Healy D-4
Rainy Creek Denali C-2
Red Paint Creek Talkeetna D-6
Reinhart Creek Denali C-3
Revine Creek Healy C-4
Rex Creek Fairbanks A-4
Riley Creek Healy C-4
Ripsnorter Creek Talkeetna D-5
Rock Creek Fairbanks A-5
Rock Creek Denali C-2
Rock Creek Healy D-2
Rogers Creek Healy D-2
Roosevelt Creek Fairbanks A-3
Ruby Creek Healy B-6
Ruby Creek Denali C-2
Saint Charles Creek Fairbanks A-4
Sanctuary River Healy D-6
Sanderson Creek Healy D-4
Savage River Healy D-5
Schist Creek Healy B-4
Seattle Creek Healy B-3
Sheep Creek Healy D-4
Sheep Creek Healy D-2
Sheep Creek Fairbanks A-3
Sheldon Creek Denali C-1
Shovel Creek Healy D-3
Slate Creek Healy D-5
Slate Creek Denali B-3
Slime Creek Healy C-4
Slippery Creek Denali C-4
Snowshoe Creek Denali C-2
Somber Creek Denali A-4
Spruce Creek Fairbanks A-4
Spruce Creek Denali C-2
Stampede Creek Denali D-1
Steep Creek Fairbanks A-4
Stony Creek Denali C-1
Sunday Creek Healy D-5
Sunday Creek Healy D-5
Sunrise Creek Denali B-1
Suntrana Creek Healy D-4
Surprise Creek Healy D-3
Sushana River Fairbanks A-6
Tattler Creek Healy C-6
Thief Creek Healy B-3
Thistle Creek Healy D-4
Thorofare River Denali B-2
Threemile Creek Fairbanks A-2
Tributary Creek Healy C-6
Virginia Creek Healy D-2
Walker Creek Fairbanks A-5
Wells Creek Healy B-3
West Fork Glen Creek Denali C-2
West Fork Windy Creek Healy B-5
Whistler Creek Denali B-1
White Creek Denali B-4
Wigand Creek Denali D-1
Willow Creek Denali C-2
Willow Creek Denali C-2
Wilson Creek Fairbanks A-4
Windy Creek Fairbanks B-5
Windy Creek Healy B-4
Winter Creek Fairbanks A-4
Wolf Creek Denali B-5
Wolverine Creek Denali B-1
Yanert Fork Healy C-4
Yellow Creek Denali C-2
Young Creek Healy D-2
Young Creek Healy D-2

This is a list of all the streams in Denali County, Alaska. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.