Topo Map of Streams in Fairbanks North Star County, Alaska

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Streams in Fairbanks North Star County Alaska

Place USGS Topo Map
Ace Creek Fairbanks D-2
Aggie Creek Livengood A-3
Alder Creek Fairbanks D-3
Alder Creek Livengood A-1
Alder Creek Livengood A-1
All Gold Creek Livengood A-1
Allen Creek Fairbanks D-3
Anaconda Creek Fairbanks D-1
Anderson Creek Big Delta D-4
Angel Creek Circle A-5
Any Creek Livengood A-2
Babe Creek Livengood A-2
Backman Creek Livengood A-2
Baldry Creek Fairbanks D-3
Banner Creek Big Delta B-5
Barnes Creek Livengood A-1
Bear Creek Fairbanks C-2
Bear Creek Livengood A-1
Bear Creek Big Delta C-3
Bear Creek Circle B-5
Beaver Creek Big Delta D-5
Bedrock Creek Livengood A-1
Belle Creek Livengood A-1
Bellows Creek Livengood A-1
Berry Creek Circle A-6
Big Eldorado Creek Fairbanks D-2
Big Granite Creek Big Delta C-3
Birch Creek Circle B-6
Black Bear Creek Big Delta D-3
Blackshell Creek Big Delta D-4
Bluestone Creek Big Delta D-4
Bonanza Creek Fairbanks C-4
Bonanza Creek Circle A-6
Bonanza Creek Big Delta D-3
Boston Creek Livengood A-1
Boulder Creek Circle A-4
Boulder Creek Circle A-6
Boulder Creek Big Delta D-2
Buckeye Creek Big Delta B-5
Bullfrog Creek Big Delta C-4
Buster Creek Circle A-6
Butte Creek Big Delta C-4
Cache Creek Fairbanks D-3
Calder Creek Fairbanks D-2
Camp Creek Livengood A-1
Camp Creek Big Delta C-3
Canyon Creek Big Delta B-5
Captain Creek Livengood A-1
Caribou Creek Fairbanks D-1
Caribou Creek Livengood A-1
Caribou Creek Big Delta C-4
Caribou Creek Circle B-6
Caribou Creek Circle A-3
Cassiar Creek Circle B-6
Charity Creek Circle B-5
Chatham Creek Livengood A-1
Chena River Fairbanks D-2
Chena Slough Fairbanks D-1
Clark Creek Livengood A-1
Clear Creek Fairbanks C-2
Clear Creek Fairbanks D-2
Cleary Creek Livengood A-2
Colorado Creek Big Delta D-6
Columbia Creek Fairbanks D-2
Conner Creek Livengood A-1
Cora Creek Livengood A-1
Cottonwood Creek Big Delta D-2
Cottonwood Creek Big Delta D-1
Crane Creek Livengood A-1
Crawford Creek Big Delta D-5
Cripple Creek Fairbanks D-2
Cripple Creek Livengood A-1
Cripple Creek Circle B-6
Crooked Creek Fairbanks C-3
Crooked Creek Livengood A-1
Cushman Creek Livengood A-2
Dan Creek Big Delta D-2
Dawson Creek Fairbanks D-3
Deadman Slough Fairbanks D-2
Deadwood Creek Livengood A-1
Deep Creek Big Delta C-4
Deep Creek Livengood A-1
Deep Creek Circle B-5
Demar Creek Big Delta D-4
Democrat Creek Big Delta B-5
Dexter Creek Circle A-6
Discontented Pup Livengood A-2
Dome Creek Livengood A-2
Dora Creek Livengood A-1
Dry Creek Fairbanks C-2
Eagle Creek Livengood A-2
Eldorado Creek Big Delta D-4
Elliott Creek Circle A-6
Emma Creek Fairbanks D-3
Emory Creek Big Delta D-5
Engineer Creek Fairbanks D-2
Ester Creek Fairbanks D-2
Eureka Creek Fairbanks D-2
Eva Creek Fairbanks D-2
Evening Star Creek Fairbanks D-1
Fairbanks Creek Livengood A-1
Faith Creek Circle B-5
First Chance Creek Fairbanks D-2
First Pup Circle A-6
Fish Creek Circle A-6
Flat Creek Big Delta D-6
Flat Creek Big Delta C-5
Flat Creek Circle A-6
Flume Creek Fairbanks D-2
Flume Creek Big Delta D-4
Fortune Creek Fairbanks D-3
Fourmile Creek Big Delta D-6
Fox Creek Fairbanks D-2
French Creek Fairbanks C-1
Frenchman Creek Fairbanks D-2
Frozenfoot Creek Circle A-5
Garrison Slough Fairbanks C-1
Georgie Creek Livengood A-2
Gilmore Creek Fairbanks D-2
Ginger Creek Livengood A-1
Glacier Creek Fairbanks D-4
Glacier Creek Livengood A-2
Glacier Creek Livengood A-2
Glacier Creek Big Delta C-5
Glacier Pup Circle B-5
Glenn Creek Fairbanks D-2
Globe Creek Big Delta C-5
Gold Creek Big Delta D-3
Gold Run Fairbanks D-2
Gold Run Big Delta B-5
Goose Creek Big Delta C-3
Goose Creek Livengood A-1
Granite Creek Livengood A-1
Graystone Creek Big Delta D-4
Grouse Creek Circle A-6
Gulch Creek Circle A-1
Gunnison Creek Livengood A-2
Gunnysack Creek Big Delta B-6
Happy Creek Fairbanks D-2
Hard Luck Creek Fairbanks D-4
Hastings Creek Livengood A-2
Hattie Creek Fairbanks D-2
Hayes Creek Livengood A-3
Heim Creek Livengood A-1
Hill Creek Fairbanks D-1
Homestake Creek Circle B-5
Hope Creek Circle B-5
Hope Creek Circle B-5
Hopper Creek Fairbanks D-1
Horner Creek Big Delta D-6
Horse Creek Circle B-5
Horse Creek Big Delta C-1
Hot Slough Fairbanks C-3
Hunts Creek Big Delta D-6
Idaho Creek Circle B-5
Independence Creek Livengood A-2
Iowa Creek Fairbanks D-1
Isabella Creek Fairbanks D-2
Jenny M Creek Fairbanks D-1
Jessila Creek Fairbanks D-2
Johnson Creek Fairbanks D-1
Junction Creek Big Delta B-6
Juniper Creek Livengood A-1
Jussila Creek Fairbanks D-2
Keystone Creek Fairbanks D-3
King Creek Circle A-5
Koepke Slough Big Delta C-5
Kokomo Creek Livengood A-1
Last Chance Creek Livengood A-2
Last Chance Creek Livengood A-1
Left Fork Cache Creek Fairbanks D-3
Lenant Creek Big Delta B-5
Lincoln Creek Fairbanks D-3
Little Blanche Creek Fairbanks D-2
Little Caribou Creek Circle B-6
Little Chena River Fairbanks D-1
Little Delta River Big Delta B-6
Little Dome Creek Fairbanks D-2
Little Eldorado Creek Livengood A-2
Little Gold Creek Big Delta D-4
Little Granite Creek Big Delta C-3
Little Munson Creek Big Delta D-5
Little Nugget Creek Fairbanks D-2
Little Poker Creek Livengood A-1
Little Queenie Creek Fairbanks D-2
Little Salcha River Big Delta C-6
Little Willow Creek Livengood A-2
Lohi Creek Big Delta D-4
Long Creek Livengood A-1
Lost Creek Circle B-6
Lost Creek Big Delta D-2
Lost Horse Creek Livengood A-2
Louis Creek Livengood A-2
Lower Boulder Creek Big Delta C-3
Lulu Creek Livengood A-1
Lyrad Creek Big Delta D-6
Maiden Creek Big Delta C-2
Marconi Slough Fairbanks D-2
Marten Creek Big Delta D-5
Mascot Creek Big Delta C-3
Mascot Creek Circle A-3
Mastadon Creek Big Delta D-5
McCloud Creek Livengood A-3
McCoy Creek Big Delta C-5
McDonald Creek Fairbanks C-2
McKay Creek Livengood A-1
McManus Creek Circle B-5
Medicine Creek Circle B-6
Melba Creek Fairbanks D-1
Middle Fork Chena River Big Delta D-5
Middle Fork Willow Creek Livengood A-2
Miller Creek Circle A-6
Minton Creek Big Delta B-5
Modoc Creek Circle B-6
Monopoly Creek Livengood A-1
Montana Creek Circle A-3
Montana Creek Circle B-5
Monte Cristo Creek Big Delta B-5
Monte Cristo Creek Fairbanks D-2
Monte Cristo Creek Fairbanks D-1
Monument Creek Circle A-5
Moose Creek Fairbanks D-3
Moose Creek Fairbanks C-1
Moose Creek Fairbanks D-1
Moose Creek Circle A-6
Moose Creek Livengood A-1
Moose Creek Number 1 Livengood A-2
Moose Creek Number 2 Livengood A-2
Mosquito Creek Big Delta B-6
Mullen Slough Fairbanks D-1
Munson Creek Big Delta D-5
Murphy Creek Livengood A-3
Murray Creek Livengood A-2
Ninetyeight Creek Big Delta C-5
No Grub Creek Big Delta C-4
No Name Creek Circle B-6
North Fork Chena River Circle A-5
North Fork Salcha River Big Delta C-3
Noyes Slough Fairbanks D-2
Nugget Creek Fairbanks D-3
Nugget Creek Fairbanks D-1
Nugget Creek Big Delta D-6
O’Connor Creek Fairbanks D-2
Ohio Creek Fairbanks D-3
Ohio Creek Circle A-3
Olympia Creek Circle A-5
Ottertail Creek Big Delta D-4
Our Creek Livengood A-2
Paldo Creek Big Delta D-2
Palmer Creek Circle A-3
Pasco Creek Big Delta C-4
Pat Creek Fairbanks D-1
Pearl Creek Fairbanks D-2
Pearl Creek Livengood A-1
Pedro Creek Fairbanks D-2
Perhaps Creek Circle B-6
Piledriver Slough Fairbanks C-1
Pilot Creek Livengood A-1
Pine Creek Big Delta D-5
Poker Creek Livengood A-1
Polar Creek Circle B-5
Pool Creek Circle B-5
Porcupine Creek Big Delta C-2
Porcupine Creek Big Delta C-1
Portage Creek Big Delta D-6
Potlatch Creek Fairbanks D-1
Ptarmigan Creek Circle A-6
Quartz Creek Big Delta D-4
Ready Bullion Creek Fairbanks D-3
Redmond Creek Big Delta B-6
Rex Creek Fairbanks D-1
Ricks Creek Big Delta D-3
Rock Creek Big Delta D-5
Rose Creek Fairbanks D-2
Rosie Creek Fairbanks C-3
Rost Creek Fairbanks D-2
Ruby Creek Livengood A-2
Ruby Creek Fairbanks D-1
Ruby Creek Circle B-5
Rusty Gold Creek Livengood A-1
Saint Patrick Creek Fairbanks D-2
Salcha River Big Delta B-6
Salcha Slough Fairbanks C-1
Salchaket Slough Fairbanks C-3
Salmonfoot Creek Circle A-3
Sargent Creek Livengood A-2
Seattle Creek Livengood A-2
Second Pup Circle A-6
Serpentine Creek Big Delta D-1
Sevenmile Slough Fairbanks C-3
Shamrock Creek Big Delta B-6
Shamrock Creek Circle A-3
Sheep Creek Fairbanks D-2
Shovel Creek Livengood A-3
Silver Creek Fairbanks D-2
Silver Creek Circle B-5
Sixteen-to-one Creek Livengood A-1
Skoogy Creek Livengood A-1
Slippery Creek Livengood A-1
Smallwood Creek Fairbanks D-1
Smith Creek Circle B-5
Snowshoe Creek Livengood A-2
Solo Creek Livengood A-1
Sorrels Creek Circle A-6
Sourdough Creek Circle B-5
South Fork Chena River Big Delta D-6
South Fork Salcha River Big Delta C-3
South Fork Salcha River Big Delta C-4
Spier Creek Fairbanks D-3
Spinach Creek Fairbanks D-3
Spruce Creek Livengood A-2
Standard Creek Fairbanks D-4
Steamboat Creek Livengood A-2
Steele Creek Fairbanks D-1
Stiles Creek Big Delta D-5
Stone Boy Creek Big Delta D-2
Stone Boys Tent Creek Big Delta C-3
Straight Creek Fairbanks D-3
Stuart Creek Big Delta D-5
Sullivan Creek Circle A-4
Tamarack Creek Livengood A-1
Tecumseh Creek Livengood A-1
Teuchet Creek Big Delta D-4
Third Pup Circle A-6
Thirtymile Slough Fairbanks D-1
Tom Creek Fairbanks D-1
Too Much Gold Creek Livengood A-1
Too Much Gold Creek Livengood A-1
Tough Luck Creek Circle B-5
Treasure Creek Livengood A-2
Twentyfive Mile Creek Big Delta C-5
Twentythree Mile Slough Fairbanks C-1
Twin Creek Livengood A-1
Uncle Sam Creek Big Delta B-5
Upper Boulder Creek Big Delta C-2
US Creek Circle B-6
Vadine Creek Livengood A-1
Vault Creek Livengood A-2
Victoria Creek Fairbanks D-1
Walnut Creek Livengood A-1
West Fork Chena River Circle A-5
West Fork Moose Creek Fairbanks D-2
Wheeler Creek Big Delta D-4
Wickersham Creek Big Delta D-4
Wigwam Creek Fairbanks D-2
Wildcat Creek Livengood A-2
Williams Creek Circle A-1
Willow Creek Fairbanks C-3
Willow Creek Livengood A-2
Willow Creek Fairbanks D-3
Willow Creek Livengood A-1
Willow Creek Circle A-1
Windy Creek Fairbanks D-2
Wolf Creek Livengood A-1
Wolf Creek Circle A-3
Wolverine Creek Big Delta D-4
Yellow Pup Creek Fairbanks D-1
Zephyr Creek Circle B-5

This is a list of all the streams in Fairbanks North Star County, Alaska. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.