Topo Map of Capes in Kenai Peninsula County, Alaska

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Capes in Kenai Peninsula County Alaska

Place USGS Topo Map
AC Point Iliamna C-2
Aialik Cape Blying Sound C-7
Aialik Peninsula Blying Sound D-7
Anchor Point Seldovia D-5
Anisom Point Seldovia C-4
Barabara Point Seldovia B-5
Bear Glacier Point Blying Sound D-7
Bear Point Seldovia C-1
Black Point Seward B-7
Boulder Point Kenai D-4
Burr Point Iliamna B-2
Caines Head Blying Sound D-7
Callisto Head Blying Sound D-7
Camp Point Iliamna D-1
Cape Elizabeth Seldovia A-6
Cape Fairfield Blying Sound D-5
Cape Horn Seldovia B-2
Cape Kasilof Kenai B-4
Cape Mansfield Blying Sound D-6
Cape Ninilchik Kenai A-5
Cape Resurrection Blying Sound D-7
Cape Starichkof Seldovia D-5
Chenik Head Iliamna A-3
Chinitna Point Iliamna C-1
Claim Point Seldovia A-5
Cloudy Cape Seldovia C-1
Coal Point Seldovia C-4
Contact Point Iliamna B-3
Crown Point Seward B-7
Dangerous Cape Seldovia B-6
Diamond Point Iliamna C-2
East Foreland Kenai C-4
Fault Point Blying Sound D-6
Fossil Point Kenai A-8
Front Point Seldovia B-3
Gomez Point Seldovia A-4
Gore Point Seldovia A-3
Granite Cape Blying Sound C-8
Granite Point Tyonek A-4
Gull Rock Seward D-8
Hardover Point Seldovia B-2
Harriet Point Kenai B-6
Harrington Point Seldovia B-2
Harris Peninsula Blying Sound D-8
Harris Point Blying Sound C-8
Holgate Head Blying Sound D-8
Hoof Point Seldovia B-1
Iliamna Point Kenai A-7
Iniskin Peninsula Iliamna C-1
Kelp Point Seldovia A-5
Kenai Peninsula Kenai A-1
Knoll Head Iliamna C-2
Light Point Kenai B-6 OE E
Lowell Point Seward A-7
McNeil Head Iliamna A-4
Moose Point Kenai D-2
Moss Point Seldovia C-2
North Foreland Tyonek A-4
North Head Iliamna C-2
Northwest Point Kenai C-6
Nubble Point Seldovia B-5
Nuka Point Seldovia B-2
Oil Point Iliamna C-1
Peterson Point Seldovia C-4
Petrof Point Seldovia B-3
Point Adam Seldovia B-6
Point Bede Seldovia B-6
Point Naskowhak Seldovia B-5
Point Pogibshi Seldovia B-6
Point Possession Tyonek A-1
Race Point Seward A-7
Redoubt Astro Kenai B-7
Redoubt Point Kenai B-7
Resurrection Peninsula Blying Sound D-7
Russian Point Seldovia B-6
Sandspit Point Blying Sound D-7
Sea Otter Point Iliamna D-1
Seal Spit Iliamna D-1
Seldovia Point Seldovia B-5
Snipers Point Seward D-7
South Head Iliamna C-2
Spring Point Seldovia D-8
Steep Point Seldovia B-1
Surok Point Seldovia C-1
The Iron Door Blying Sound D-7
Three Hole Point Blying Sound D-8
Tignagvik Point Iliamna B-2
Toe Point Blying Sound C-8
Tonsina Point Seward A-7
Ursus Head Iliamna C-2
Watch Point Seldovia B-5
West Foreland Kenai D-5
Windy Point Seward D-7
Yalik Point Seldovia B-2

This is a list of all the capes in Kenai Peninsula County, Alaska. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.