Topo Map of Islands in Lake and Peninsula County, Alaska

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Islands in Lake and Peninsula County Alaska

Place USGS Topo Map
Anguvik Island Chignik B-1
Ashiiak Island Ugashik A-2
Atkulik Island Sutwik Island B-6
Bear Island Iliamna A-7
Big Island Iliamna B-7
Brother Islands Stepovak Bay D-3
Central Island Sutwik Island D-3
Chankliut Island Chignik A-1
Chiachi Island Stepovak Bay D-4
Chiachi Islands Stepovak Bay D-4
Chignik Island Chignik B-2
Chistiakof Island Chignik D-3
Cupcake Island Sutwik Island D-3
David Island Ugashik A-2
Derickson Island Sutwik Island D-3
Devils Finger Sutwik Island D-2
Dog Island Iliamna C-5
Eagle Bay Island Iliamna C-5
Eagle Island Sutwik Island D-5
Eagle Rock Chignik B-2
Egg Island Naknek A-4
Egg Island Stepovak Bay D-5
Flat Island Ugashik A-2
Flat Island Iliamna C-4
Flat Island Lake Clark A-5
Flat Top Rock Sutwik Island B-6
Garden Island Sutwik Island C-5
Grassy Island Iliamna D-4
Gull Island Sutwik Island B-6
Hat Island Iliamna D-4
Hydra Island Sutwik Island C-4
Jackrabbit Island Iliamna D-5
Jacob Island Stepovak Bay D-5
James Island Stepovak Bay D-5
Kak Island Sutwik Island B-6
King Salmon Island Naknek A-5
Kumlik Island Sutwik Island C-5
Leader Island Stepovak Bay C-5
Lighthouse Rocks Unknown
Lone Rock Ugashik A-2
Mitrofania Island Stepovak Bay D-3
Nakchamik Island Sutwik Island B-6
Navy Island Sutwik Island D-2
Paul Island Stepovak Bay D-4
Petrel Island Stepovak Bay D-4
Pinnacle Rock Stepovak Bay D-4
Pinusuk Island Stepovak Bay D-4
Poltava Island Ugashik A-2
Porcupine Island Iliamna C-4
Rabbit Islands Iliamna C-5
Radial Island Sutwik Island D-3
Reindeer Island Iliamna B-5
Road Island Stepovak Bay D-5
Scottys Island Chignik C-2
Seal Islands Iliamna C-4
Shapka Island Stepovak Bay D-4
Shoulderblade Island Iliamna B-7
Spitz Island Stepovak Bay D-3
Sutwik Island Sutwik Island C-4
Tenmile Island Iliamna C-6
Three Sisters Rock Chignik B-2
Tommy Island Lake Clark A-4
Triangle Island Iliamna C-4
Twomile Island Iliamna C-5
Ugaiushak Island Sutwik Island D-3
Unavikshak Island Sutwik Island B-6

This is a list of all the islands in Lake and Peninsula County, Alaska. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.