Topo Map of Lakes in Lake and Peninsula County, Alaska

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Lakes in Lake and Peninsula County Alaska

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexcy Lake Iliamna D-5
Battle Lake Iliamna A-6
Beaver Lake Iliamna B-5
Becharof Lake Ugashik D-2
Black Lake Chignik B-3
Boot Lake Iliamna C-3
Chekok Lake Iliamna D-4
Chignik Lake Chignik B-3
Dumbbell Lake Iliamna D-3
Elizabeth Lake Ugashik B-3
Emerald Lake Iliamna B-5
Fishtrap Lake Lake Clark B-4
Fog Lake Iliamna C-4
Gibraltar Lake Iliamna B-5
Goldfish Lake Chignik D-3
Grants Lagoon Iliamna B-8
Half Cabin Lake Lake Clark D-5
Hammersly Lake Mount Katmai D-4
Hendrickson Lake Chignik D-2
Hook Lagoon Bristol Bay A-2
Idavain Lake Mount Katmai D-6
Iliamna Lake Iliamna C-6
Iliuk Arm Naknek Lake Mount Katmai C-5
Iron Springs Lake Iliamna A-5
Joe Nort Lake Lake Clark A-6
Kanatak Lake Ugashik C-1
Kijik Lake Lake Clark B-4
Kokhanok Lake Iliamna B-4
Kontrashibuna Lake Lake Clark A-3
Kukaklek Lake Iliamna A-7
Kulik Lake Mount Katmai D-3
Lachbuna Lake Lake Clark B-3
Lake Brooks Mount Katmai C-6
Lake Clark Lake Clark A-4
Lake Coville Mount Katmai D-5
Lake Grosvenor Mount Katmai C-5
Lake September Lake Clark C-8
Lenora Lake Ugashik B-3
Little Lake Clark Lake Clark B-2
Long Lake Iliamna D-3
Long Lake Lake Clark A-6
Lower Copper Lake Iliamna C-4
Lower Tazimina Lake Iliamna D-4
Lower Ugashik Lake Ugashik C-3
Meadow Lake Iliamna C-3
Meshik Lake Sutwik Island D-6
Mirror Lake Iliamna A-5
Moose Lake Iliamna C-3
Mother Goose Lake Ugashik A-4
Murray Lake Mount Katmai D-4
Naknek Lake Mount Katmai C-6
Needle Lake Ugashik A-4
Negro Lake Iliamna D-5
Nikabuna Lake Clark A-7
Nikabuna Lakes Lake Clark A-7
Nonvianuk Lake Mount Katmai D-5
North Arm Naknek Lake Mount Katmai C-6
Old Roadhouse Lake Iliamna D-5
Otter Lake Lake Clark B-3
Pickerel Lakes Iliamna D-5
Pike Lake Ugashik C-5
Pike Lake Iliamna D-6
Pike Lakes Iliamna C-5
Pirate Lake Iliamna A-5
Portage Lake Lake Clark C-3
Purple Lake Chignik C-3
Reindeer Lake Iliamna A-8
Ruth Lake Ugashik C-1
Schoolhouse Lake Iliamna C-5
Silver Salmon Lake Ugashik C-5
Sixmile Lake Iliamna D-5
Snipe Lake Lake Clark C-4
Spectacle Lake Iliamna A-5
Stonehouse Lake Iliamna D-5
Surprise Lake Chignik D-1
Sven Lake Chignik D-2
Tazimina Lakes Lake Clark A-4
Turquoise Lake Lake Clark D-3
Tutna Lake Lake Clark B-7
Twin Lakes Lake Clark C-3
Upper Copper Lake Iliamna C-3
Upper Tazimina Lake Lake Clark A-4
Upper Ugashik Lake Ugashik C-3
Wildman Lake Chignik B-6

This is a list of all the lakes in Lake and Peninsula County, Alaska. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.