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Topo Map of Locales in El Dorado County, California

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Locales in El Dorado County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Abels Apple Acres Camino
African Bar Georgetown
Alder Creek Camp Ground Riverton
Allen Camp Bear River Reservoir
Alpine Campground Echo Lake
American Flat Garden Valley
American River Powerhouse Garden Valley
Andersens Hidden Valley Farm Slate Mountain
Andreason Mill Omo Ranch
Angora Lookout Emerald Bay
Armstrong Hill Lookout Caldor
Bacchi Ranch Tunnel Hill
Baldwin Beach Campground Emerald Bay
Baldwin Beach Picnic Area Emerald Bay
Barsotti Ranch Slate Mountain
Bay View Guard Station Emerald Bay
Bayview Campground Emerald Bay
Bayview Picnic Area Emerald Bay
Beachcomer Marina South Lake Tahoe
Bear Creek Picnic Area Garden Valley
Bell Ranch Fiddletown
Berkeley Municipal Camp Echo Lake
Big Hill Camp Riverton
Bijou Golf Course South Lake Tahoe
Bijou Shopping Center South Lake Tahoe
Bills Apple Orchard Slate Mountain
Black Oak Campground Devil Peak
Blackbird Camp Ground Riverton
Blair Mill Riverton
Boca Vista Orchards Camino
Bolsters Hilltop Ranch Slate Mountain
Bridal Veil Campground Riverton
Brownsville Omo Ranch
Bucks Bar Campground Camino
Burke Junction Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Butcher Corral Devil Peak
Butcherknife Joe Pollock Pines
Cabin Edson Tunnel Hill
Cal Aggie Camp Kyburz
Caldor Ranger Station Caldor
Cambridge Plaza Shops Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Cameron Oaks Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Cameron Park Country Club Shingle Springs
Camino PowerHouse Pollock Pines
Camp Chiquita Tunnel Hill
Camp Cody Pyramid Peak
Camp Forward Tunnel Hill
Camp Harvey West Echo Lake
Camp Richardson Campground Emerald Bay
Camp Richardson Cross Country Ski Area Emerald Bay
Camp Sacramento Echo Lake
Camp Seven Pollock Pines
Camp Shelly Emerald Bay
Camp Ten Devil Peak
Camp Two Sentinels Caples Lake
Camp Wasiu Homewood
Capps Crossing Campground Old Iron Mountain
Carson Creek School Folsom SE
Carson Ridge Evergreens Camino
Caswell Ranch Placerville
Cedarville Aukum
Celio Ranch Echo Lake
Charles B Mitchell Vineyards Aukum
Chili Bar Garden Valley
China Flat Campground Kyburz
Cleveland Corral Information Center Riverton
Cold Springs Golf and Country Club Shingle Springs
Coles Station Omo Ranch
Coloma Winery Coloma
Connor Cabin Tunnel Hill
Cool Auburn
County Fair Shopping Center Placerville
Cross Family Vineyards Camino
Crystal Basin Station Kyburz
D’Agostini Ranch Aukum
Devils Garden Vista Tragedy Spring
Digger Indian Spring Campground Kyburz
Discovery Plaza Shopping Center Placerville
Ditch Camp Robbs Peak
Ditch Camp Four Riverton
Ditch Camp One Kyburz
Ditch Camp Three Riverton
Ditch Camp Two Riverton
Duncan Corral Old Iron Mountain
Durock Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Eagle Falls Campground Emerald Bay
Eagle Rock Campground Kyburz
Echo Portal Echo Lake
Eight Mile House Camino
El Dorado County Campground South Lake Tahoe
El Dorado County Fairgrounds Placerville
El Dorado Hills Business Park Clarksville
El Dorado Hills Golf Course Clarksville
El Dorado Hills Village Center Shopping Center Clarksville
El Dorado Marina Clarksville
El Dorado Orchards Slate Mountain
El Dorado Power House Pollock Pines
Eldorado National Forest Headquarters Placerville
Eldorado Ranch Camino
Eleven Pines Devil Peak
Emerald Bay Overlook Emerald Bay
Enchs Smokey Ridge Ranch Placerville
Fallen Leaf Campground Emerald Bay
Fallen Leaf Marina Emerald Bay
Fashoda Picnic Area Riverton
Finnon Lake Campground Garden Valley
Finnon Lake Picnic Area Garden Valley
Firs Campground Echo Lake
Fitzpatrick Winery Aukum
Five Corners Caldor
Folsom Marina Boat Ramp Clarksville
Fords Bar Georgetown
Fort Grizzly Site Caldor
Fortyfive Mile Campground Echo Lake
Fortytwo Mile Campground Pyramid Peak
Four Corners Coloma
Four Corners Devil Peak
Francis Cow Camp Loon Lake
Fredericks US Forest Service Station Emerald Bay
French Creek Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Garden Valley California Division of Forestry Station Garden Valley
General Creek Campground Meeks Bay
General Creek Ranger Station Meeks Bay
General Creek Recreation Site Meeks Bay
General Creek Station Meeks Bay
Georgetown Ranger Station Georgetown
Georgia Slide Georgetown
Gerle (historical) Bunker Hill
Gerle Creek Campground Robbs Peak
Gerle Mineral Spring Bunker Hill
Ghost Mountain Campground Pollock Pines
Ghost Mountain Ranch Recreation Site Pollock Pines
Girard Mill Site Old Iron Mountain
Gold Hill Nursery Garden Valley
Gold Hill Vineyard Coloma
Goldbud Farms Camino
Goldorado Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Goose Flat Pilot Hill
Granite Hills Vineyards Garden Valley
Granite Springs Winery and Vineyards Aukum
Greenwood Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Greenwood
Greilich Camp Peddler Hill
Grizzly Guard Station Sly Park
Growlersburg State Conservation Camp Georgetown
Haase Caldor
Hangtown Orchards Placerville
Hanks Exchange Placerville
Harris Tree Farm Pollock Pines
Hartless Guard Station Robbs Peak
Heavenly Valley Ski Area South Lake Tahoe
Hell Hole Campground Bunker Hill
Hell Hole Picnic Ground Bunker Hill
Henrys Diggings Omo Ranch
High Hill Ranch Camino
Ice House Kyburz
Ice House Campgound Kyburz
Ice House Vista Kyburz
Indian Hatties Pollock Pines
J W Marshall Shop Garden Valley
Jaybird Power House Pollock Pines
Jodar Vineyard and Winery Garden Valley
Kirwood Campground Caples Lake
Kiva Beach Campground Emerald Bay
Kiva Picnic Area Emerald Bay
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Headquarters Emerald Bay
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Ranger Station Emerald Bay
Lake Tahoe Golf Course Echo Lake
Lake Walton Campground Georgetown
Lakeside Marina South Lake Tahoe
Lampson Plaza Shopping Center Emerald Bay
Latcham Vineyards Aukum
Lava Cap Winery Camino
Lawrence Mill Aukum
Lawyer Cow Camp Bunker Hill
Leek Spring Lookout Leek Spring Hill
Leoni Fire Tank Omo Ranch
Logtown Placerville
Loon Lake Camp Loon Lake
Loon Lake Campground Loon Lake
Lovejoy Camp Pollock Pines
Loveless Dredgings Omo Ranch
Lovers Leap Campground Pyramid Peak
Lower Eagle Point Campground Emerald Bay
Lumberyard Campground Peddler Hill
Lumberyard Ranger Station Peddler Hill
Lyons Pyramid Peak
Madrona Vineyards Camino
Maple Grove Camp Ground Riverton
Meeks Bay Campground Meeks Bay
Meeks Bay Ranger Station Meeks Bay
Meyer Ranch Placerville
Meyers Station Echo Lake
Miller Ranch Latrobe
Millionaire Camp Loon Lake
Mining Brook Ranch Camino
Missouri Flat Placerville
Monument Picnic Area Coloma
Moreys Foundry (historical) Placerville
Morman Immigrant Trail Information Site Sly Park
Morton Ranch Slate Mountain
Mosquito Camp Garden Valley
Mother Lode Orchards Slate Mountain
Mount Hope Georgetown
North Beach Picnic Area Coloma
North Star Tree Farm Garden Valley
O’Hallorans Apple Trail Ranch Slate Mountain
Old Stamp Mill Placerville
Oliver Vineyards Aukum
Owens Camp (historical) Tragedy Spring
Owens Camp Forest Service Station Tragedy Spring
Pacific Ranger Station Pollock Pines
Pacific Ranger Station Pollock Pines
Peninsula Campground Riverton
Penobscot Farm Greenwood
Perry Creek Vineyards Aukum
Pi-Pi Campground Caldor
Pilot Hill Grange Greenwood
Pinecrest Camp Echo Lake
Pines Shopping Center Pollock Pines
Placerville Ranger Station Camino
Pleasant Boat-In Campground Wentworth Springs
Plum Creek Mill Site Old Iron Mountain
Plummer Ridge Forest Service Station Caldor
Podesta Camp Bear River Reservoir
Point Pleasant Bench Picnic Area Coloma
Ponderosa Park Picnic Area Coloma
Pony Express Village Shopping Center Pollock Pines
Pope Beach Campground Emerald Bay
Pope Beach Picnic Area Emerald Bay
Potts Cabin Riverton
Prospector Plaza Shopping Center Placerville
Pyramid Campground Pyramid Peak
Pyramid Guard Station Pyramid Peak
Ralston Corral Michigan Bluff
Rescue Shingle Springs
Rice Cabin Pollock Pines
Robbs Peak Powerhouse Robbs Peak
Roberts Tree Farm Slate Mountain
Root Cabin Michigan Bluff
Rupley Cabin Loon Lake
Sand Flat Campground Kyburz
Santas Acres Camino
Sayles Flat Campground Echo Lake
Schenk Camp Tragedy Spring
Schlein Ranger Station Loon Lake
Schneider Camp Caples Lake
Seven Up Bar Guest Ranch Aukum
Shaw Mine Mill Shingle Springs
Shingle Spring Plaza Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Sierra Golf and Country Club Placerville
Sierra House South Lake Tahoe
Sierra Ski Ranch Echo Lake
Sierra Vista Winery Camino
Silver Creek Camp Ground Riverton
Silver Fork Campground Tragedy Spring
Silver Lake West Campground Caples Lake
Ski Echo Tahoe Echo Lake
Ski Run Marina South Lake Tahoe
Skinner Winery (historical) Shingle Springs
Sly Park Campground Sly Park
Sly Park Guard Station Sly Park
Sly Park Recreation Site Sly Park
Snowline Camp Sly Park
South Fork Camp Ground Robbs Peak
South Four Center Shopping Center Emerald Bay
Spanish Dry Diggings Greenwood
Stone Cellar Loon Lake
Stumpy Meadows Campground Devil Peak
Sugar Pine Point Lighthouse Meeks Bay
Sugarloaf Organ Camp Kyburz
Summerfield Berry Farm Camino
Sundance Tree Farm Placerville
Sunny Oak Farm and Vineyard Shingle Springs
Sunset Campground Riverton
Sutters Mill Coloma
Tahoe Crescent V Shopping Center South Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Keys Marina Emerald Bay
Tahoe Mountain Group Campground Emerald Bay
Tahoe Paradise Golf Course Echo Lake
Tahoe Valley Campground South Lake Tahoe
The Big Apple Orchard Camino
The Carriage Trade Shopping Center Placerville
The Fruit Tree Orchard Camino
The Good Earth Apple Farm Slate Mountain
Thirty-nine Mile Campground Pyramid Peak
Tie Cabin Fire Tank Caldor
Timber Cove Marina South Lake Tahoe
Tragedy Spring Campground Tragedy Spring
Tuman Mill Old Iron Mountain
Twentynine Mile Guard Station Kyburz
Uncle Toms Cabin Robbs Peak
Union Valley Powerhouse Riverton
United States Forest Service Visitors Center Emerald Bay
University of California Cow Camp Rockbound Valley
Upper Bassi Ranch Loon Lake
Upper Eagle Point Campground Emerald Bay
Upper Truckee Ranger Station Echo Lake
Van Vleck Ranch Loon Lake
Vaughn Cabin Devil Peak
Vikingsholm Emerald Bay
Virner Camp Tunnel Hill
Vista Camp Devil Peak
Vista Overflow Campground Devil Peak
Warr Cabin Freel Peak
Wench Creek Campground Robbs Peak
Wentworth Springs Campground Wentworth Springs
White Leek Spring Hill
White Rock Power House Garden Valley
Wilson Ranch Kyburz
Windmiller Cabin Kyburz
Windwalker Vineyard Aukum
Winery Plaza Shopping Center Shingle Springs
Wrights Lake Campgorund Pyramid Peak
Yellow Jacket Campground Robbs Peak

This is a list of all the locales in El Dorado County, California. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.