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Locales in Kern County California

Place USGS Topo Map
A D Edmonston Pumping Plant Pastoria Creek
A M Cooper Ranch Reward
Acebedo Ranch Tent Hills
Adobe Station (historical) Weed Patch
AJB Ranch Dairy Tupman
Alder Creek Campground Alta Sierra
Alexander Fish Ranch (historical) Millux
Allen Ranch Mount Adelaide
Allen Ranch (historical) Mount Adelaide
Alta Sierra Ski Area Alta Sierra
Angelus Gun Club (historical) Allensworth
Ansonea Dairy Lamont
Antelope Pumping Station Orchard Peak
Arkelo Ranch Rosedale
Arnold Ranch Emerald Mountain
Arrastre Loraine
Arvin Farm Labor Supply Center Weed Patch
Aspen Mall Shopping Center California City South
Associated Oil Camp Fellows
Aukeman Dairy Rio Bravo
Auxiliary Dam Campground Lake Isabella North
Avenue Oaks Country Club Gosford
B and B Dairy Millux
B and B Duck Club Weed Patch
Bacon Hills Area Carneros Rocks
Bakersfield Country Club Oil Center
Banducci Ranch (historical) Semitropic
Barnes Ranch (historical) La Liebre Ranch
Basque Encino Liebre Twins
Bear Mountain Dairy Conner
Bellevue Ranch Gosford
Benner Ranch Emerald Mountain
Benton Park Shopping Center Gosford
Best Plaza Shopping Center Gosford
Bethany Pines Campground Cuddy Valley
Beverly Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Bickel Camp Saltdale NW
Bidart Dairy Conner
Big Blue Mill (historical) Lake Isabella North
Bitterwater Pumping Station Packwood Creek
Black Hills Corral Freeman Junction
Bloomfield Ranch (historical) Onyx
Blue Moon Ranch Semitropic
Bob Rabbit Place Woolstalf Creek
Bony Witt Tobias Peak
Borel Powerhouse Miracle Hot Springs
Boron Shopping Center Leuhman Ridge
Boschma and Sons Dairy Lost Hills NE
Boulder Gulch Campground Lake Isabella North
Bowen Ranch Posey
Brady Ranch Lake Isabella South
Bradys Pack Station (historical) Weldon
Breckenridge Breckenridge Mountain
Breckenridge Campground Breckenridge Mountain
Breckenridge Fire Tower Breckenridge Mountain
Breckenridge Mountain Lookout Breckenridge Mountain
Brockamp Duck Club Weed Patch
Brodines Ranch Tejon Ranch
Brown Mill Weldon
Browning Ranch Cummings Mountain
Browns Mill Alta Sierra
Brundage Square Shopping Center Gosford
Buena Vista Pumping Plant Buena Vista Lake Bed
Buena Vista Ranch Tupman
Builders Square Shopping Center Gosford
Burbank Gun Club Wasco NW
Burhans Ranch Lone Tree Well
Burro Schmidt Tunnel Garlock
Burton Mill Piute Peak
Buttonwillow Gun Club (historical) Buttonwillow
Caballo Campground Sawmill Mountain
California City Public Golf Course California City South
California Correctional Institute Cummings Mountain
California Oak Shopping Center Gosford
Camelot Golf Course Mojave
Camp Alto Campground Sawmill Mountain
Camp Condor Sawmill Mountain
Camp Dix (historical) Ballinger Canyon
Camp Earl-Anna Tehachapi South
Camp Eight Edison
Camp Fifteen Weldon
Camp Kaweah Alta Sierra
Camp Kemeric Kernville
Camp Mountain Meadows Tobias Peak
Camp Nick Williams Claraville
Camp Nine Lake Isabella North
Camp Okihi Oil Center
Camp Ten A Edison
Camp Ten B Edison
Camp Thirty Five-S Tupman
Camp Thirty Six-R East Elk Hills
Camp Trefoil Boy Scout Camp (historical) Cuddy Valley
Camp Yenis Hante Alta Sierra
Campo Alto Campground Sawmill Mountain
Canfield Ranch Stevens
Cannell Meadow District Ranger Office Kernville
Cannon Ranch Piute Peak
Carlton Ranch Sand Canyon
Carmel Ranch Semitropic
Carneros Pumping Station Blackwells Corner
Carr Ranch (historical) Inyokern
Carver and Bowen Ranch Posey
Casterisan Farms Gosford
Castro Ranch Mount Adelaide
Cecil Plaza Shopping Center Delano East
Cedar Creek Campground Alta Sierra
Center Market Shopping Center Oildale
Cherry Creek Campground Cuddy Valley
Cherry Creek Campsite Cuddy Valley
Chester Loop Shopping Center Oildale
China Lake Golf Club Ridgecrest North
Chula Vista Campground Cuddy Valley
Chula Vista Campground Sawmill Mountain
Cliff Oiler Peak
Cluff Ranch Liebre Twins
Cole Ranch Lost Hills NE
College Shopping Center Oil Center
Colorado Camp Garlock
Compressor Station Number 40 (historical) Buena Vista Lake Bed
Cook Peak Lookout Lake Isabella South
Cooper Ranch Reward
Corn Camp Lokern
Costa Dairy Farms Wasco NW
Cottonwood Pumping Station Pyramid Hills
Cottonwood Station (historical) Weed Patch
Crest Drive-In (historical) Gosford
Crofton Ranch Keene
Crystal Wells Gun Club (historical) Redman
Cudahy Camp Saltdale NW
Cummings Ranch Cummings Mountain
Davis Campground Miracle Hot Springs
Davis Forest Service Station Miracle Hot Springs
De Stanzo Ranch (historical) Bissell
Deep Wells Ranch Buttonwillow
Deepwell Ranch Deepwell Ranch
Delano Public Golf Course Delano East
Delano Village Shopping Center Delano East
Democrat Fire Station Democrat Hot Springs
Democrat Guard Station (historical) Democrat Hot Springs
Democrat Hot Springs Democrat Hot Springs
Desert Empire Fairgrounds Ridgecrest South
Devils Den Avenal Gap
Doheny Gun Club (historical) Semitropic
Donald Duck Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Double S Ranch Lake Isabella South
Dougherty Ranch Mount Adelaide
Douglas Ranch Semitropic
Dove Spring Mill (historical) Dove Spring
Dove Spring Ranch (historical) Dove Spring
Doyle Gun Club (historical) Lost Hills NE
Doyle Ranch Famoso
Doyle Ranch (historical) Lake Isabella North
Dudley Ranch Semitropic
Dust Bowl Duck Club Weed Patch
E Brown Ranch (historical) Bissell
East Camp (historical) Rogers Lake North
East Hills Mall Shopping Center Oil Center
East Hills Village Shopping Center Oil Center
East Side Camp Ground Lake Isabella North
East Side Launch Ramp Lake Isabella North
Edwards Siding California City South
El Camino Pines Campground Cuddy Valley
El Cinco Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Elk Grove Ranch Buttonwillow
Emerald Dairy Millux
Emidio Pumping Station Coal Oil Canyon
Essex Camp (historical) Pentland
Estrada Ranch Semitropic
Evans Flat Campground Alta Sierra
Fairview School Gosford
Falcon Fliers Club (historical) Wasco SW
Faust Mill Lake Isabella South
Flood Ranch Lake Isabella South
Foothill High School Lamont
Fowler Ranch (historical) Hacienda Ranch
Freedom Hill Ranch (historical) Weldon
Freeman Junction Freeman Junction
French Gulch Lake Patrol Station Lake Isabella North
French Gulch Marina Lake Isabella North
French Ranch Democrat Hot Springs
Frog Meadows Campground Tobias Peak
Frog Meadows Guard Station Tobias Peak
Frontier Pines Campground Cuddy Valley
Fulton Station Glennville
Galainena Ranch McKittrick Summit
Gallup Camp (historical) Claraville
Ganso Bravo Ranch (historical) Redman
Garces Circle Oildale
Garden City Station El Paso Peaks
Garfield Lake Isabella South
Garlock Station (historical) Garlock
Gaskill Ranch Rosamond
General Petroleum Gun Club (historical) Lost Hills NE
Gerbracht Camp Garlock
Gilbert Campground Kernville
Gilbert Gun Club (historical) Lost Hills NE
Gilbert Ranch Lost Hills NW
Gilbreath Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Gleason Ranch Walker Pass
Glennville Adobe Glennville
Goff Ranch Miracle Hot Springs
Goforth Substation (historical) California City North
Golden Hills Golf Course Tehachapi North
Goose Lake Gun Club (historical) Semitropic
Goose Lake Ranch Wasco SW
Gordons Ferry Oil Center
Goyenetche Dairy Buttonwillow
Grand Oaks Ranch Cummings Mountain
Granite Station Pine Mountain
Greenfield Ranch Weed Patch
Gundry Ranch (historical) Oiler Peak
Gutzier Ranch Semitropic
Hall Mart Shopping Center Taft
Hall Ranch Tehachapi North
Hannah Ranch Emigrant Hill
Happy Gulch Campground Sawmill Mountain
Harrington Ranch Lake Isabella South
Harris Ranch Pleito Hills
Havilah Forest Service Station Miracle Hot Springs
Hayes Ranch (historical) Conner SW
Heritage Square Shopping Center Ridgecrest North
Highland Knolls Golf Course (historical) Oildale
Hillcrest Gun Club Wasco NW
Hillcrest Shopping Center Oil Center
Hobo Campground Miracle Hot Springs
Hobo Forest Service Station Miracle Hot Springs
Hodgeman Ranch Deepwell Ranch
Hog Camp Bena
Holland Camp Garlock
Holloway Camp (historical) Saltdale NW
Hollywoodvale Gun Club (historical) Lost Hills NE
Honolulu Oil Main Camp Taft
Hoover Ranch Wasco
Horned Toad Golf Club (historical) Mojave
Horseshoe Ranch Sand Canyon
Hungry Gulch Campground Lake Isabella North
Indian Hill Ranch Cummings Mountain
Indian Hill Ranch Campground Cummings Mountain
Ira J Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant Mettler
Isabella Marina Number Two Lake Isabella North
Isabella Point Boat Ramp Lake Isabella North
Jack Ranch (historical) Orchard Peak
Jacks Camp Tejon Ranch
Jacks Station (historical) Walker Pass
Jai – Alai Dairy Tejon Hills
Jameson Ranch Monolith
Jer-Z-Boys Dairy Number 2 Pond
Jim Hill Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Joe Santos Ranch (historical) Las Yeguas Ranch
John Hartman Garage Area Little Buttes
John R Teerink Wheeler Ridge Punping Plant Coal Oil Canyon
Johns Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Jordon Ranch Woody
Junction Pumping Station Emigrant Hill
Juniper Hills Country Club Lake Isabella South
Kennedy Viewing Stands Ridgecrest North
Kern City Golf Course Gosford
Kern County Industrial Farm North of Oildale
Kern County Police Radio Relay Station Grapevine
Kern Lake Ranch (historical) Conner
Kern River Golf Course Rio Bravo Ranch
Kern Valley Airport Lake Isabella North
Kern Valley Marina Lake Isabella North
Kernvale Lake Isabella South
Kernville Work Center Kernville
Kimberlina Ranch Famoso
Kissack Cove Boat Ramp Lake Isabella North
Klipstein Ranch Ballinger Canyon
Knox Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Koostra Dairy Farms Weed Patch
Lakeside Ranch Conner
Lakeview Duck Club Coal Oil Canyon
Lakeview Labor Camp Conner SW
Landers Meadow Guard Station Claraville
Las Yeguas Ranch Las Yeguas Ranch
Launch Area Number Nineteen Lake Isabella North
Launch Area Number Seventeen Lake Isabella North
Launch Area Number Two Lake Isabella North
Launch Ramp Number Sixteen Lake Isabella North
Lazells Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Lease Camp Belridge
Lease Camp Belridge
Lebec Oaks Ranch Frazier Mountain
Lebec Pumping Station Frazier Mountain
Levee Spur Millux
Liebel Ranch Lake Isabella South
Lightner Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Live Oak Campground Lake Isabella North
Lokern Pumping Station Lokern
Los Amigos Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Los Patos Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Loscal Gun Club (historical) Lost Hills NE
Lower Richbar Campground Mount Adelaide
Maddux Ranch (historical) Reward
Madison Lodge (historical) Winters Ridge
Main Dam Campground Lake Isabella North
Manny Ranch Pine Mountain
Maple Dairy Millux
Marian Campground Eagle Rest Peak
Marila Gun Club Wasco NW
Maya Dairy Buttonwillow
McGill Campground Cuddy Valley
McIvers Cabin Horse Canyon
McKittrick Ranch Conner
McMoo Farms Dairy Millux
Meadowbrook Farm Tehachapi North
Meadowbrook Gun Club Buttonwillow
Mendiburu Ranch (historical) California City North
Meritage Dairy Millux
Mesa Marin Raceway Oil Center
Mesquite Hunting Club Tupman
Middlewater Pumping Station Blackwells Corner
Midway Oil Camp Fellows
Midway Pumping Station Fellows
Mil Potrero Organization Campground Sawmill Mountain
Milham Farm Semitropic
Miller and Lux Headquarters Ranch (historical) Buttonwillow
Miller Ranch (historical) Emerald Mountain
Mills Ranch Piute Peak
Ming Seven Golf Course Gosford
Miramonte Ranch Lost Hills NE
Mirasol Ranch Buttonwillow
Moon Ranch Weldon
Moore Ranch Cantil
Mount Vernon Sewage Treatment Plant Lamont
Munn Camp Tobias Peak
Munzer School (historical) Stevens
Muroc Golf Course Edwards
Muroc Junction California City South
Myer Ranch Semitropic
Myers Ranch Lake Isabella South
Newhouse Dairy Millux
North Fork Marina Lake Isabella North
North Gate Ridgecrest North
North of the River Sewage Treatment Plant Oildale
Oak Flat Lookout Democrat Hot Springs
Oak Glen Highway Maintenance Station (historical) Grapevine
Oasis Duck Club (historical) Redman
Oasis Holsteins Dairy Rio Bravo
Oil Center Oil Center
Oildale Shopping Center Oildale
Old Cooper Ranch Reward
Old Hart Station Lost Hills
Old Headquarters Ranch (historical) East Elk Hills
Old Likely Mill Alta Sierra
Onyx Ranch Onyx
Overton Ranch Tehachapi South
Owens Camp Garlock
Palla Rosa Farms Dairy Number 3 Millux
Palomas Ranch Buttonwillow
Paradise Cove Boat Ramp Lake Isabella North
Paradise Cove Campground Lake Isabella North
Pasuza Gun Club Wasco NW
Pentland Pumping Station (historical) Pentland
Peterson Landmark Object Miracle Hot Springs
Petrissans Dairy Conner
Petroleum Club Taft
Pine Mountain Club Golf Course Sawmill Mountain
Pine Tree Aqueduct Station (historical) Mojave NE
Pintail Duck Club Allensworth
Pioneer Point Campground Lake Isabella North
Piute Lookout Claraville
Piute Ranch Loraine
Pleito Creek Campsite Cuddy Valley
Pleito Creek Rustic Campsite Cuddy Valley
Pleito Ranch (historical) Coal Oil Canyon
Poplar Grove Ranch East Elk Hills
Porterville Gun Club (historical) Wasco SW
Poso Creek Family Dairy Lost Hills NE
Poso Ranch Wasco
Quality Ranch Richgrove
Quinn Ranch Richgrove
Quinn Ranch Winters Ridge
Raljon Ranch Glennville
Rancho Del Los Patos Duck Club Weed Patch
Randolph Village Shopping Center Delano East
Rankin Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Raymond-Souche Ranch McFarland
Redmen Gun Club (historical) Buttonwillow
Reynolds Ranch (historical) Lost Hills NW
Rhymes Campground Alta Sierra
Richbar Guard Station Mount Adelaide
Richfield Oil Pumping Station Buena Vista Lake Bed
Richmar Farms Dairy Weed Patch
Ridgecrest Plaza Shopping Center Ridgecrest South
Rio Bravo Equestrian Center Rio Bravo Ranch
Rio Bravo Pumping Station Stevens
Rio Bravo Ranch Rio Bravo Ranch
Rio Bravo Ranch Golf and Tennis Club Rio Bravo Ranch
River Nook Campground Kernville
Riverkern Beach Picnic Area Kernville
Rock House (historical) Bena
Rosa Dairy Weed Patch
Rose Station Grapevine
Rosedale Station (historical) Rosedale
Rowlee Ranch (historical) Wasco SW
Russell Ranch Lake Isabella South
Rutledge Ranch Alta Sierra
Sagebrush Shopping Center Oil Center
Saint Nichalos Campground Cuddy Valley
Salt Creek Campground Cuddy Valley
Salt Creek Campsite Cuddy Valley
San Emidio Ranch Eagle Rest Peak
San Emigdio Girl Scout Camp Cuddy Valley
San Joaquin Gun Club Allensworth
Sanbergs Lodge (historical) Winters Ridge
Santiago Corrals Santiago Creek
Sauls Ranch (historical) Winters Ridge
Schamp Ranch Liebre Twins
Schleifer Ranch Wasco NW
Schmidt Camp Garlock
Semitropic Substation Wasco SW
Sewage Treatment Plant Number 2 Lamont
Shafter High School Farm Wasco
Shead Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Shead Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Shirley Meadow Campground Alta Sierra
Sicarte Gun Club (historical) Wasco SW
Sierra Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Sierra Vista Shopping Center Ridgecrest North
Silver Saddle Ranch and Country Club Galileo Hill
Skyview Dairy Wasco SW
Slippery Rock Picnic Area Lake Isabella North
Smith Ranch Democrat Hot Springs
Smyrna Substation Wasco NW
Snow Goose Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Sorrells Ranch (historical) Pinyon Mountain
South Fork Picnic Area Lake Isabella North
South Gate Ridgecrest North
Southern Calif Gas Camp Taft
Spring Valley Farm Cummings Mountain
Standard Oil Camp Eleven-C Taft
Standard Oil Camp Five-D Taft
Standard Oil Camp Nine-D Taft
Standard Oil Camp One-C Taft
Standard Oil Signa Station Maricopa
Stayer Ranch (historical) Inyokern
Stockdale Country Club Gosford
Stockdale Fashion Plaza Shopping Center Gosford
Stockdale Ranch Gosford
Stockdale Village Shopping Center Gosford
Stockdale West Shopping Center Gosford
Stonybrook Retreat Keene
Suburu Ranch (historical) Loraine
Sugarloaf Campground Tobias Peak
Summit Forest Service Station Alta Sierra
Summit Store (historical) Alta Sierra
Sundance Feedyard Conner
Superior Gun Club Lost Hills NE
Symons Ranch Conner
T and J Dairy Lamont
T and W Farms Dairy Conner
Taft City Corporation Yard Taft
Taft Hills Plaza Shopping Center Taft
Te Velde Dairy Conner
Tecuya Campground Cuddy Valley
Teel Ranch Weed Patch
Tejon Ranch Tejon Ranch
Tejon Ranch Commerce Center Grapevine
Tejon Substation (historical) Mettler
Temblor Pumping Station Emigrant Hill
Temblor Ranch McKittrick Summit
Ten Section Refinery Stevens
The George Lodge (historical) Claraville
The Loop Keene
The Village Center Shopping Center Gosford
Thirty Five-R Gas Plant East Elk Hills
Thundering Herd Ranch North Edwards
Tierra del Sol Championship Golf Course California City North
Tiger Flat Campground Tobias Peak
Tillie Creek Boat Ramp Lake Isabella North
Tillie Creek Campground Lake Isabella North
Tivoli Centre Shopping Center Ridgecrest North
Tjaarda Dairy Rio Bravo
Toad Springs Campground Sawmill Mountain
Towne Ranch Weed Patch
Treadwell Oil Center
Tulare Gun Club Allensworth
Tungsten Chief Mill Breckenridge Mountain
Tungsten Chief Mill (historical) Breckenridge Mountain
Tupman Camp Tupman
Twentieth Century Fish and Gun Club Wasco NW
Twin Farms Wasco SW
Twisselmann Ranch Shale Point
Una Siding (historical) Rosedale
Universal Gun Club Wasco NW
V B Ranch Dairy McFarland
Valle Grande Public Golf Course Lamont
Valley Plaza Shopping Center Gosford
Valley Village Shopping Center Gosford
Vanden Berge Dairy Conner
Villard Ranch Sand Canyon
Villard Ranch Deepwell Ranch
Vincent Ranch Quincy School
Visalia Gun Club Allensworth
Volcan Oil Center
Wagon Wheel Ranch Willow Springs
Walker Pass Campground Walker Pass
Walser Ranch Piute Peak
Wasco Sewage Disposal Wasco SW
Webfoot Duck Club Weed Patch
Weldons Ranch Emerald Mountain
West Antelope Station Tylerhorse Canyon
West Camp West Camp
Western Mineral Camp (historical) Pentland
Western Sky Dairy Conner
Western Water Country Camp Tupman
Westfield Gun Club (historical) Lost Hills NE
Westlake Gun Club (historical) Hacienda Ranch
Westminster Duck Club Weed Patch
Westside Shopping Center Taft
White Lane Plaza Shopping Center Gosford
White Mill Glennville
White Oak Lodge (historical) Liebre Twins
White Wolf Ranch (historical) Bena
Whiteside Dairy Conner
Widgeon Gun Club Allensworth
Wilkinson Gun Club Wasco NW
Williams Ranch Breckenridge Mountain
Willow Grove Ranch (historical) East Elk Hills
Willow Springs Raceway Little Buttes
Willow Springs Transportation Technical Center Willow Springs
Wooden Shoe Annies Ranch Emerald Mountain
Woodford Ranch (historical) Lake Isabella North
Woody Ranch Woody
Wyseur Ranch (historical) Lost Hills NW
Yellow Aster Mill El Paso Peaks

This is a list of all the locales in Kern County, California. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.