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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Modoc County, California

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Reservoirs in Modoc County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Ake Reservoir McGinty Point
Antelope Reservoir Jacks Butte
Avanzino Reservoir Hager Basin
Baker Reservoir Carr Butte
Ballard Reservoir Canby
Barry Tank Pinnacle Lake
Baseball Reservoir Weed Valley
Bavley Tank South Mountain
Bayley Reservoir Graven Ridge
Beaver Mountain Reservoir Beaver Mountain
Beeler Reservoir Knobcone Butte
Big Sage Reservoir Big Sage Reservoir
Black Reservoir Pease Flat
Blue Mountain Meadows Tank Hager Basin
Boggs Reservoir Boyd Spring
Boles Tank Pothole Valley
Briles Reservoir Sugar Hill
Burger Reservoir Mount Bidwell
Cannon Tank Spaulding Butte
Clarks Reservoir Graven Ridge
Clear Lake Double Head Mountain
Clear Lake Reservoir Double Head Mountain
Cougar Pass Tank South Mountain
Courtright Reservoir Crank Mountain
Cow Head Tank South Mountain
Crowder Mountain Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Dalton Reservoir Lone Pine Butte
Dannhauser Reservoir Dorris Reservoir
Davis Creek Orchards Reservoir Lauer Reservoir
Dead Horse Reservoir Dead Horse Reservoir
Deadhorse Flat Reservoir Boles Meadow West
Deadhorse Flat Reservoir Boles Meadow West
DeCamp Stock Tank Whittemore Ridge
Deer Hill Reservoir South Mountain
Deer Hill Tank South Mountain
Diamond Reservoir Weed Valley
Donovan Reservoir Rattlesnake Butte
Dorris Brothers Reservoir Whittemore Ridge
Dorris Reservoir Dorris Reservoir
Drift Fence Tank McGinty Reservoir
Dry Valley Reservoir Hager Basin
Duncan Reservoir Ambrose
Emigrant Spring Reservoir Mahogany Ridge
Enquist Reservoir Pease Flat
Essex Reservoir Big Sage Reservoir
Essex Reservoir Jacks Butte
Essex Tank Jacks Butte
Everly Reservoir Pease Flat
Fee Reservoir Larkspur Hills
Flournoy Reservoir Little Juniper Reservoir
Fourmile Reservoir Steele Swamp
French Reservoir Dorris Reservoir
Garden Tank Hager Basin
Gassaway Reservoir Timbered Crater
Government Reservoir Dead Horse Reservoir
Graven Reservoir Graven Ridge
Graves Reservoir Graven Ridge
Green Spring Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Green Tank Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Griener Reservoir Surprise Station
Hackamore Reservoir Spaulding Butte
Hager Basin Reservoir Hager Basin
Halls Meadows Reservoir Davis Creek
Hawk Reservoir Boyd Spring
Henski Reservoir Spaulding Butte
Hidden Basin Stock Tank Ambrose
Hines Reservoir Donica Mountain
Householder Reservoir Pease Flat
Huffman Butte Tank Hager Basin
Indian Spring Reservoir Mahogany Ridge
Jacks Butte Tank Jacks Butte
Janes Reservoir Weed Valley
Johnson Reservoir Carr Butte
Joiner Reservoir Donica Mountain
Kelley Reservoir Big Sage Reservoir
Kellogg Tank Weed Valley
Kelly Reservoir Rattlesnake Butte
Kramer Reservoir Lookout
Kramer Reservoir Egg Lake
Lakeshore Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Lauer Reservoir Lauer Reservoir
Level Reservoir Boyd Spring
Little Juniper Reservoir Little Juniper Reservoir
Little Porcupine Tank Jacks Butte
Lost Reservoir Egg Lake
Lower Cummings Reservoir Big Sage Reservoir
Lower Muldoon Tank Beaver Mountain
Lower Roberts Reservoir Lookout
Mapes Reservoir Jacks Butte
Mason Reservoir Copic
McBrien Reservoir Rattlesnake Butte
McGarva Reservoir Infernal Caverns
McGarva Reservoir Two Infernal Caverns
McGinty Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Meteorite Tank Pease Flat
Mowitz Butte Tank Boles Meadow West
Mud Lake Tule Mountain
Mud Lake Reservoir Surprise Station
Ninemile Reservoir Lake Annie
Oregon Rim Reservoir Beaver Mountain
Payne Reservoir Dorris Reservoir
Picnic Grove Reservoir Weed Valley
Pine Creek Reservoir Dorris Reservoir
Poindexter Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Porter Reservoir Surprise Station
Porter Reservoir Dorris Reservoir
Porter Reservoir Warren Peak
Pretty Tree Reservoir Mahogany Ridge
Raker and Thomas Reservoirs Mahogany Ridge
Reservoir C Boles Meadow East
Reservoir F Ambrose
Reservoir G Boles Meadow East
Reservoir M Boles Meadow West
Reservoir N Ambrose
Rimrock Valley Reservoir McGinty Reservoir
Rock Creek Reservoir Weed Valley
Rocky Flat Tank Beaver Mountain
Rucker Hill Tank Washington Mountain
Schadler Reservoir Lake Annie
Signal Reservoir Rattlesnake Butte
Six-Shooter Stock Tank Ambrose
Sorholus Tank Knobcone Butte
South Mountain Reservoir South Mountain
Spaulding 3 Reservoir Spaulding Butte
Spaulding Reservoir Spaulding Butte
Stock Tank 10 Dead Horse Reservoir
Stock Tank 11 Dead Horse Reservoir
Stock Tank 12 Dead Horse Reservoir
Stock Tank 13 Dead Horse Reservoir
Stock Tank 2 Dead Horse Reservoir
Stock Tank 3 Lauer Reservoir
Stock Tank 5 Dead Horse Reservoir
Stough Reservoir Payne Peak
Stovepipe Flat Tank Knobcone Butte
Surveyors Valley Reservoir Boles Meadow West
Sworinger Reservoir Snake Lake
Taylor Reservoir Lookout
Teal Pond Alturas
Telephone Flat Reservoir South Mountain
Timbered Mountain Stock Tank Whittemore Ridge
Timbered Ridge Reservoir Pothole Valley
Upper Cummings Reservoir Big Sage Reservoir
Upper Muldoon Tank Beaver Mountain
Upper Roberts Reservoir Donica Mountain
Wart on Tree Tank Knobcone Butte
Webb Flat Reservoir Crank Mountain
West Black Rock Reservoir Boles Meadow East
West Valley Reservoir Tule Mountain
White Reservoir Hermit Butte
Whitehorse Flat Reservoir White Horse
Whitney Reservoir Spaulding Butte
Wild Horse Reservoir Weed Valley
Williams Reservoir Ambrose
Williams Valley Stock Tank Whittemore Ridge
Wilson Reservoir Canby
Wood Flat Reservoir Mahogany Ridge

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Modoc County, California. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.