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Topo Map of Springs in Modoc County, California

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Springs in Modoc County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Andrews Spring Halls Canyon
Antelope Spring Adin Pass
Armentrout Spring Donica Mountain
Arnett Spring Graven Ridge
Back Tuttle Spring Pease Flat
Bark Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Bear Spring Ambrose Valley
Benton Meadow Spring Davis Creek
Big John Spring Knox Mountain
Big Pine Spring Ambrose Valley
Big Spring Beaver Mountain
Bilicke Spring Knox Mountain
Bird Spring Pothole Valley
Blue Mountain Spring Hager Basin
Blue Spring Sugar Hill
Bluebrush Spring Timbered Crater
Boles Spring Hager Basin
Bonner Spring Sugar Hill
Bottle Spring Boles Meadow East
Bowers Spring Lauer Reservoir
Bowman Spring White Horse
Bowman Springs White Horse
Boyd Spring Boyd Spring
Briles Spring Sugar Hill
Bull Spring Newell
Cedar Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Chalk Spring Hermit Butte
Cherry Spring Hermit Butte
Clark Spring Ambrose Valley
Coffee Mill Spring Beaver Mountain
Cold Spring Sugar Hill
Cold Spring Emerson Peak
Comfort Cabin Springs Knox Mountain
Conklin Spring Adin Pass
Conlan Spring Larkspur Hills
Corral Spring Whittemore Ridge
Cottonwood Springs Likely
Cove Spring Halls Canyon
Cow Head Spring Whittemore Ridge
Coyote Springs Boles Meadow East
Craig Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Crank Spring Donica Mountain
Crowder Mountain Spring Dead Horse Reservoir
Dale Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Davidson Spring Willow Ranch
Davis Spring Lone Pine Butte
Deep Cut Spring Halls Canyon
Deer Spring Knobcone Butte
Deer Spring Ambrose Valley
Del Prat Spring Willow Ranch
Dip Spring Weed Valley
Doe Spring Hermit Butte
Eades Spring Halls Canyon
Elder Spring Sagebrush Butte
Emigrant Spring Mahogany Ridge
Essex Spring Jacks Butte
Fender Flat Spring Sugar Hill
Fern Spring Shields Creek
Fitzhugh Springs Shields Creek
Fletcher Spring Dead Horse Reservoir
Fork Spring Adin Pass
Fossett Spring Fort Bidwell
Fox Mountain Spring Halls Canyon
Frank Canyon Spring Hermit Butte
Gaston Spring Sugar Hill
Gosch Spring Washington Mountain
Green Spring McGinty Reservoir
Grouse Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Grouse Spring Hermit Butte
Halls Springs Halls Canyon
Happy Camp Spring Crank Mountain
Harper Spring Adin Pass
Harris Spring Adin Pass
Haw Spring Adin Pass
Hays Springs Halls Canyon
Hazelton Spring Egg Lake
Hess Spring Crank Mountain
Hidden Spring Mahogany Ridge
Higgins Spring Graven Ridge
Highgrade Spring Mount Bidwell
Hillside Springs Mahogany Ridge
Hole-in-Ground Spring Pease Flat
Horse Springs Adin Pass
Horsehead Spring Hermit Butte
Hoskins Spring Adin Pass
Hot Spring Fort Bidwell
Hunter Spring Knox Mountain
Indian Spring Mahogany Ridge
Jackknife Spring Hermit Butte
Jackson Cabin Spring Hermit Butte
Jimmerson Spring Day
John Spring Ambrose Valley
Johnny Ois Spring Likely
Juniper Spring Weed Valley
Kelley Hot Spring Canby
Kelley Springs Mahogany Ridge
Kelly Spring Hermit Butte
Kresge Spring Hermit Butte
Lake City Hot Springs Lake City
Last Chance Spring Donica Mountain
Layton Spring Whittemore Ridge
Leonard Spring Surprise Station
Leonards Hot Springs Leonards Hot Springs
Little Grizzlie Spring Beaver Mountain
Little Hot Spring Timbered Crater
Little Quaking Aspen Spring Kephart
Log Corral Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Logan Spring Whittemore Ridge
Long Billy Spring Big Swamp
Loody Springs Donica Mountain
Lunsford Spring Graven Ridge
Mammoth Springs Sagebrush Butte
Marshall Spring Egg Lake
Mary Pete Spring Rattlesnake Butte
McClure Spring Adin Pass
McLain Spring McGinty Reservoir
Middle Fork Spring Emerson Peak
Milk Spring Sugar Hill
Mill Spring Big Sage Reservoir
Miller Spring Halls Canyon
Mineral Spring Mount Bidwell
Mouse Spring Beaver Mountain
Mud Spring Halls Canyon
Mud Spring Hermit Butte
Mud Springs Hollenbeck
Needle Grass Spring Davis Creek
Negro Ben Spring Perez
Negro Bend Spring Pinnacle Lake
Nelson Springs Little Juniper Reservoir
Nichols Spring Halls Canyon
Niles Spring Adin Pass
Noonas Spring Egg Lake
North Spring Knobcone Butte
O’Neals Springs Big Swamp
Pat Spring Infernal Caverns
Pete Spring Day
Pine Spring Halls Canyon
Pine Spring Jacks Butte
Pine Spring McGinty Reservoir
Pine Spring Shields Creek
Plum Spring Sagebrush Butte
Plum Spring Adin Pass
Poison Spring Pease Flat
Poison Spring Hermit Butte
Poison Springs Larkspur Hills
Portuguese Spring Canby
Pothole Spring Pothole Valley
Pothole Spring Ambrose Valley
Quail Spring Adin Pass
Quaking Aspen Spring Kephart
Quaking Aspen Spring Pothole Valley
Quaking Aspen Spring Halls Canyon
Rail Spring Beaver Mountain
Rice Spring Adin Pass
Rice Springs Adin Pass
Rimrock Spring Sagebrush Butte
Rock Spring Big Sage Reservoir
Rock Spring Soup Creek
Rock Springs Likely
Salt Log Spring Knox Mountain
Schaffer Spring Adin Pass
Service Spring Big Swamp
Shake Spring Adin Pass
Sherer Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Sherlock Spring Infernal Caverns
Smokey Charley Spring Likely
Smolloron Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Snell Spring Ambrose Valley
Soup Spring Soup Creek
South Mountain Springs South Mountain
Studley Spring Halls Canyon
Stump Spring Ambrose Valley
Tournquist Spring Beaver Mountain
Tramp Spring Hager Basin
Turner Spring Beaver Mountain
Twin Springs Beaver Mountain
Two Spring Hermit Butte
Van Riper Spring Snake Lake
Vicker Springs Lookout
Wade Williams Spring Infernal Caverns
Wall Spring Beaver Mountain
Warm Spring Infernal Caverns
Warm Spring Steele Swamp
Wendt Spring Day
West Valley Spring Jess Valley
Whalen Spring Donica Mountain
Whipple Springs White Horse
Whittemore Spring Whittemore Ridge
Wilcox Spring Weed Valley
Willow Spring Knox Mountain
Yellow Jacket Spring Ambrose Valley
Yellowjacket Spring Happy Camp Mountain
Yellowjacket Spring Knox Mountain

This is a list of all the springs in Modoc County, California. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.