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Topo Map of Valleys in Modoc County, California

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Valleys in Modoc County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Badger Canyon Willow Ranch
Baggett Gulch Washington Mountain
Barber Canyon Adin
Bear Valley Fort Bidwell
Bennett Canyon Adin Pass
Big Canyon Happy Camp Mountain
Blacks Canyon Canby
Briggs Canyon Lake Annie
Clark Canyon Ambrose Valley
Cloud Canyon Willow Ranch
Clover Swale Canby
Coalpit Canyon Willow Ranch
Coffee Mill Gulch Happy Camp Mountain
Conklin Canyon Warren Peak
Cooks Canyon Cedarville
Cooley Gulch Canby
Cox Canyon Adin Pass
Crooks Canyon Infernal Caverns
Cuppy Gulch Happy Camp Mountain
Daggert Canyon Alturas
Dead Horse Canyon Copic
Dutch Flat Canyon Adin Pass
Fandango Valley Sugar Hill
Fern Spring Canyon Shields Creek
Fortynine Canyon Leonards Hot Springs
Fourmile Valley Steele Swamp
Fox Draw Halls Canyon
Garden Gulch Washington Mountain
Grassy Ravine South Mountain
Graves Valley Whittemore Ridge
Greens Canyon Cedarville
Halls Canyon Halls Canyon
Harvel Canyon Lookout
Hays Canyon Big Swamp
Hidden Valley Weed Valley
Higgins Canyon Adin Pass
Hog Gulch Dorris Reservoir
Horse Canyon Cedarville
Howards Gulch Washington Mountain
Howell Canyon Halls Canyon
Jackson Canyon Warren Peak
Jess Valley Jess Valley
Johnson Gulch Hermit Butte
Kaiser Canyon Warren Peak
Kelly Draw Adin
Lake City Canyon Lake City
Lieberman Canyon Larkspur Hills
Little Canyon Warren Peak
Little Jackson Canyon Warren Peak
Long Canyon Lake Annie
Lower Bear Valley Sugar Hill
Major Canyon Big Swamp
Messenger Gulch Ambrose Valley
Miller Gulch Halls Canyon
Montgomery Canyon Likely
Mount Vernon Gulch Happy Camp Mountain
Mud Spring Gulch Shields Creek
Mulkey Canyon Sugar Hill
Negro Gulch Washington Mountain
Niles Canyon Adin Pass
Payne Canyon Shields Creek
Pleasants Canyon Willow Ranch
Poison Springs Canyon Larkspur Hills
Post Canyon Halls Canyon
Post Canyon Adin Pass
Pothole Gulch Halls Canyon
Pothole Valley Pothole Valley
Ralston Gulch Canby
Reid Draw Ambrose Valley
Renfro Canyon Dorris Reservoir
Rimrock Valley McGinty Reservoir
Rivalier Canyon Ambrose Valley
Rose Canyon Donica Mountain
Round Valley Adin
Russell Canyon Newell
Ryan Canyon Adin
Rye Grass Swale Rattlesnake Butte
Sager Canyon Ambrose Valley
Salisbury Gulch Big Sage Reservoir
Service Gulch Egg Lake
Shake Canyon Washington Mountain
Shartell Canyon Lake City
Sheep Gulch Graven Ridge
Shingle Canyon Cedarville
Simpson Canyon Cedarville
Smalls Canyon Cedarville
Snowslide Canyon Snake Lake
Steamboat Canyon Warren Peak
Stones Canyon Likely
Summit Canyon Lookout
Summit Canyon Payne Peak
Surprise Valley Pegleg Canyon
Swanson Canyon Mahogany Ridge
Turner Canyon Halls Canyon
Vaughn Canyon Fort Bidwell
Warm Springs Valley Canby
Waterbox Canyon Snake Lake
Weed Valley Weed Valley
White Horse Canyon Dorris Reservoir
Widow Valley Lookout
Wild Horse Valley Weed Valley
Williams Valley Boles Meadow East
Willow Spring Canyon Shields Creek
Wilson Valley Sagebrush Butte

This is a list of all the valleys in Modoc County, California. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.