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Topo Map of Lakes in Tuolumne County, California

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Lakes in Tuolumne County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Andrews Lake Tiltill Mountain
Ardeth Lake Tiltill Mountain
Arndt Lake Piute Mountain
Avonelle Lake Tiltill Mountain
Bear Lake Cooper Peak
Bear Lake Tiltill Mountain
Bearup Lake Tiltill Mountain
Benson Lake Piute Mountain
Big Island Lake Tiltill Mountain
Big Lake Kibbie Lake
Bigelow Lake Emigrant Lake
Bingaman Lake Koip Peak
Birch Lake Lake Eleanor
Black Bear Lake Emigrant Lake
Black Hawk Lake Emigrant Lake
Blackbird Lake Emigrant Lake
Bloomer Lake Dardanelle
Blue Canyon Lake Sonora Pass
Boundary Lake Kibbie Lake
Branigan Lake Tiltill Mountain
Buck Lakes Emigrant Lake
Budd Lake Tenaya Lake
Burgson Lake Donnell Lake
Camp Lake Pinecrest
Catfish Lake Pinecrest
Chain Lakes Cooper Peak
Chewing Gum Lake Cooper Peak
Clear Lake Pinecrest
Cow Meadow Lake Emigrant Lake
Coyote Lake Cooper Peak
Deadman Lake Sonora Pass
Deer Lake Cooper Peak
Doe Lake Matterhorn Peak
Dog Lake Tioga Pass
Dorothy Lake Tower Peak
Edith Lake Tiltill Mountain
Elizabeth Lake Vogelsang Peak
Emigrant Lake Emigrant Lake
Emigrant Meadow Lake Emigrant Lake
Evelyn Lake Vogelsang Peak
Fawn Lake Tiltill Mountain
Fisher Lakes Emigrant Lake
Five Acre Lake Cooper Peak
Flora Lake Kibbie Lake
Fraser Lakes Emigrant Lake
Frog Lake Emigrant Lake
Gaylor Lakes Tioga Pass
Gem Lake Cooper Peak
Granite Lake Cooper Peak
Granite Lakes Tioga Pass
Gravel Pit Lake Lake Eleanor
Grouse Lake Cooper Peak
Harden Lake Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Haypress Lake Dardanelle
Helen Lake Koip Peak
High Emigrant Lake Emigrant Lake
Huckleberry Lake Emigrant Lake
Hyatt Lake Kibbie Lake
Iceland Lake Emigrant Lake
Inferno Lakes Kibbie Lake
Ireland Lake Vogelsang Peak
Irwin Bright Lake Ten Lakes
Jawbone Pass Pond Cherry Lake North
Jewelry Lake Cooper Peak
Karls Lake Cooper Peak
Kennedy Lake Sonora Pass
Kibbie Lake Kibbie Lake
Kole Lake Cooper Peak
Kuna Lake Vogelsang Peak
Lake Moran Calaveras Dome
Lake Vernon Tiltill Mountain
Lambert Lake Standard
Laurel Lake Lake Eleanor
Leighton Lake Cooper Peak
Leopold Lake Cooper Peak
Lertora Lake Emigrant Lake
Lewis Lakes Emigrant Lake
Lily Lake Pinecrest
Little Bear Lake Kibbie Lake
Little Otter Lake Tiltill Mountain
Long Lake Cooper Peak
Lost Lake Emigrant Lake
Lukens Lake Yosemite Falls
Maclure Lake Vogelsang Peak
Mahan Lake Tiltill Mountain
Many Island Lake Kibbie Lake
Mary Lake Tower Peak
Mattie Lake Falls Ridge
Maxwell Lake Emigrant Lake
McCabe Lakes Tioga Pass
McGee Lake Falls Ridge
Middle Branigan Lake Tiltill Mountain
Miller Lake Falls Ridge
Miwok Lake Tiltill Mountain
Mosquito Lake Emigrant Lake
Mud Lake Pinecrest
Murdock Lake Piute Mountain
Neall Lake Ten Lakes
Olive Lake Tiltill Mountain
Onion Lake Dunderberg Peak
Otter Lake Tiltill Mountain
Parker Pass Lake Koip Peak
Peninsula Lake Tiltill Mountain
Pingree Lake Cooper Peak
Pinto Lakes Cooper Peak
Piute Lake Cooper Peak
Powell Lake Cooper Peak
Pruitt Lake Kibbie Lake
Red Can Lake Cooper Peak
Return Lake Dunderberg Peak
Rhodes Lake Liberty Hill
Ridge Lake Emigrant Lake
Rock Island Lake Matterhorn Peak
Rodgers Lake Falls Ridge
Roosevelt Lake Tioga Pass
Rosasco Lake Cooper Peak
Saddle Horse Lake Ten Lakes
Sardella Lake Emigrant Lake
Shallow Lake Emigrant Lake
Shamrock Lake Matterhorn Peak
Sharon Lake Sonora Pass
Shepherd Lake Dunderberg Peak
Siesta Lake Tamarack Flat
Sister Lake Matterhorn Peak
Skelton Lakes Tioga Pass
Smedberg Lake Matterhorn Peak
Snow Lake Emigrant Lake
Soldier Lake Dunderberg Peak
Sourgrass Lake Strawberry
Spiller Lake Dunderberg Peak
Spillway Lake Koip Peak
Spotted Fawn Lake Kibbie Lake
Starvation Lake Cooper Peak
Summit Lake Koip Peak
Surprise Lake Matterhorn Peak
Swamp Lake Lake Eleanor
Swamp Lake Calaveras Dome
Table Lake Ten Lakes
Tallulah Lake Matterhorn Peak
Ten Lakes Ten Lakes
Tilden Lake Piute Mountain
Toejam Lake Cooper Peak
Twin Lakes Emigrant Lake
Twin Meadows Lake Spicer Meadow Reservoir
Upper Branigan Lake Tiltill Mountain
Upper Gaylor Lake Tioga Pass
Upper McCabe Lake Tioga Pass
Upper Peninsula Lake Tiltill Mountain
Virginia Lake Falls Ridge
W Lake Emigrant Lake
Waterhouse Lake Pinecrest
Wilma Lake Tiltill Mountain
Wire Lakes Cooper Peak
Wood Lake Cooper Peak
Yellowhammer Lake Kibbie Lake
Young Lakes Tioga Pass

This is a list of all the lakes in Tuolumne County, California. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.