Cushing Oklahoma Oil Storage Map

Oil prices are a factor of supply and demand. And with the price of oil dropping towards historic lows, there is no better evidence of the surplus of oil than Cushing Oklahoma. With a capacity of 85 million barrels, Cushing is the largest oil storage field in the United States. So what does 85 million barrels of oil look like? Well, take a look at this satellite image.

Cushing Oil Field

The amount of oil stored in Cushing is a closely tracked number. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), there was nearly 60 million barrels in storage as of December 4th 2015, which is near the historic high that was set back in April of this year.

So is Cushing about to reach it’s limit? The operational capacity of Cushing is about 71 million barrels. While there are many other locations to store oil within the United States, filling up Cushing would be a tremendous event, as it has never happened before.

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