The Best 7 Hot Springs of Utah

Utah, a geothermally active state, has many hot springs, but only a few are accessible and worth visiting. Over recent years several have been lost as they are on private property and owners have closed off access or removed the pools entirely. Luckily there are several natural hot springs and privately-owned hot spring resorts to choose from.

Here is a map and a list of the Utah hot springs that are worthy and open to the public.


Baker Hot Springs, (Natural), Delta

Baker is located in a remote area about 2.5 hours south of Salt Lake City. Here you’ll find some old concrete tubs that vary in temperature. The super hot steamy source is located about 500 feet north on the Baker Hot Springs dirt road.

Crystal Hot Springs (Resort), Honeyville

Crystal Hot Springs Resort is the most therapeutic of the hot springs in Utah. Their water source has the highest mineral water in the state (and the world they claim). They have a three hot tubs, a soaker pool, an Olympic sized pool, and warm copper water slides that run year-round. Each pool is drained and cleaned regularly. This is a safe, healthy place to take a dip. See the resort website for more info.

Fifth Water Hot Springs (aka Diamond Fork) (Natural), Spanish Fork

Fifth Water requires a 2.5 mile hike up a valley from the trailhead located on Diamond Fork Road. This road branches off to the north from Highway 89 east of Spanish Fork. The hike is pleasant with a moderate grade and waterfalls along the way. The hot springs are some of the finest natural pools in the state and this setting in the Fifth Water Creek Valley is hard to beat.

Homestead Crater Hot Pool (Resort), Midway

This hot spring wins the award for most unique. It’s located inside a rock dome formed by minerals in the spring. The result is a hidden hot springs pool deep enough to scuba dive in. If you go to this private resort to soak, you’ll probably get to watch scuba divers disappear into the darkness below. See the resort website for more info.

Meadow Hot Springs (Natural), Meadow

Meadow has three hot springs pools close together in a wide open area. One of them is super deep. Scuba divers come here to dive down to the bottom of this deep blue water, but most will just soak their bones near the surface. It’s hard to improve on the setting with beautiful distant mountains surrounding this open meadow. This and Fifth Water Hot Springs are the best natural pools in Utah.

Mystic Hot Springs (Monroe) (Resort), Meadow

The Mystic Resort is not your typical resorty spot. It’s rustic to say the least. Crumbling old buildings, rusty cars and buses, and a sleepy town make up the scenery. The resort itself is in a run down house with a couple large mineral pools out back. Several old bathtubs have been placed on the hillside where the water source flows over large bright orange mineral deposits. It’s quite a scene. See the resort website for more info.

Saratoga Hot Springs (aka Inlet Park) (Natural), Saratoga Springs

Saratoga is a small hot spring used by locals living in the community at the north end of Utah Lake. It’s one of the closest to the SLC metropolitan area, but the other natural springs are worth longer drives to find.

Meadow Hot Springs has 3 separate pools to enjoy

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Baker Hot Springs UT
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Fifth Water Hot Springs (Diamond Fork) UT
Homestead Crater Mineral Dome UT
Meadow Hot Springs UT
Mystic Hot Springs (Monroe) UT
Saratoga Hot Springs (Inlet Park) UT