Slot Canyons of Zion National Park

The two best-known narrow canyons in Zion National Park are the Narrows on the Virgin River and the Subway on the Left Fork of North Creek. Both of these are hikes that will be filled with people during the summer months. But this popular area has more options for those who don’t want to share their outdoor experiences with other folks. About half of these canyons are inside the park and the rest are not far away. If you love slot canyons, venture out from the park to find places that few tourists ever see.

The Subway at Zion National Park

See the map above for links to the topo maps of these slot canyons.


Places on this map

Mountain State
The Narrows, Zion National Park UT
The Subway, Zion National Park UT
Parunuweap Canyon UT
Upper Sand Wash Slot Canyon (Red Cave) UT
Lower Sand Wash Slot Canyon (Red Cave) UT
Orderville Canyon UT
Mineral Gulch UT
Kanarra Creek UT
Kolob Creek UT
Echo Canyon UT
Poverty Wash UT
Red Hollow UT
Yankee Doodle Hollow UT
Red Canyon Slot UT