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Cities in New Castle County Delaware

Place USGS Topo Map
Addick Estates Marcus Hook
Afton Marcus Hook
Ainsley Woods Kennett Square
Airmont Acres Saint Georges
Alapocas Wilmington North
Alban Park Wilmington South
Albertson Newark East
Albertson Park Newark East
Albion Newark East
Alisa Estates Clayton
Amaranth Newark West
Analine Village Marcus Hook
Anglesey Wilmington North
Aniline Village Marcus Hook
Arbor Pointe Apartments Newark East
Arbour Park Newark West
Arden Marcus Hook
Ardencroft Marcus Hook
Ardentown Marcus Hook
Armstrong Middletown
Arundel Newark East
Ashbourne Hills Marcus Hook
Ashland Kennett Square
Ashley Wilmington South
Ashley Heights Wilmington South
Auburn Kennett Square
Auburn Hills Kennett Square
Augustine Wilmington North
Augustine Hills Wilmington North
Avalon Wilmington South
Ballymeade Marcus Hook
Barkley Wilmington North
Barley Woods Wilmington North
Basin Corner Wilmington South
Bayview Manor Wilmington South
Beacon Hill Wilmington North
Beacon Hill North Wilmington North
Bear Newark East
Beau Tree Wilmington North
Beaver Brook Apartments Wilmington South
Beaver Valley Wilmington North
Becks Landing Saint Georges
Beech Hill Kennett Square
Beechers Lot Newark East
Beechwold Wilmington North
Belford Manor Newark East
Bella Vista Kennett Square
Bellefonte Wilmington North
Bellevue Marcus Hook
Bellevue Hills Marcus Hook
Bellewood Wilmington North
Belltown Woods Saint Georges
Belmoor Wilmington South
Belvidere Wilmington South
Benton Wilmington North
Berkeley Farms Kennett Square
Berkeley Ridge Kennett Square
Bestfield Wilmington South
Beverly Woods Marcus Hook
Biddles Corner Saint Georges
Bigger Tract Marcus Hook
Birch Knoll Wilmington North
Birch Pointe Newark East
Birchwood Park Newark East
Birds Corner Saint Georges
Blackbird Clayton
Blackbird Landing Middletown
Blue Ball Wilmington North
Blue Rock Manor Wilmington North
Bon Ayre Kennett Square
Boulder Brook Wilmington North
Boxwood Wilmington South
Boyds Corner Saint Georges
Brackenville Kennett Square
Brackenville Woods Kennett Square
Brandon Wilmington North
Brandywine Wilmington North
Brandywine Commons Wilmington North
Brandywine Estates Marcus Hook
Brandywine Forge Wilmington North
Brandywine Hills Wilmington North
Brandywine Perry Park Wilmington North
Brandywine Springs Newark East
Brandywine Springs Manor Newark East
Brandywood Wilmington North
Breezewood II Newark East
Brick Store Smyrna
Bridleshire Farms Kennett Square
Bristle Knoll Newark West
Brookbend Newark East
Brookhaven Newark East
Brookhill Farms Kennett Square
Brookland Terrace Wilmington South
Brookmeade Kennett Square
Brookmont Farms Newark East
Brookside Newark East
Brookview Marcus Hook
Buckingham Heights Marcus Hook
Buttonwood Wilmington South
Cameron Hills Kennett Square
Canby Park Estates Wilmington South
Canterbury Hills Kennett Square
Capital Trail Farms Newark East
Caravel Farms Saint Georges
Cardiff Wilmington North
Carousel Knoll Newark East
Carpenter Marcus Hook
Carrcroft Wilmington North
Carrcroft Crest Wilmington North
Carriage Run Newark East
Castle Apartments Wilmington South
Castle Hills Wilmington South
Catalina Gardens Newark East
Cavaliers Country Club Apartments Newark East
Cedar Brae Farm Clayton
Cedar Farms Newark East
Cedar Heights Wilmington South
Cedars Newark East
Cedartree Marcus Hook
Centennial Village Newark East
Centerville Wilmington North
Centreville Tract Wilmington North
Chalfonte Wilmington North
Chambersville Smyrna
Champlin Village Wilmington South
Channin Wilmington North
Chapel Hill Newark East
Chapelcrest Wilmington North
Charter Oaks Kennett Square
Chatham Wilmington North
Chelsea Estates Wilmington South
Chelsea Estates Wilmington South
Cherokee Woods Newark East
Cherrington Wilmington North
Cherry Hill Newark West
Chestnut Hill Estates Newark East
Choate Newark East
Christiana Newark East
Christiana Acres Wilmington South
Christiana Green Newark East
Christiana Landing Newark East
Christiana Village Newark East
Christina Manor Newark West
Church Hill Kennett Square
Clair Manor Marcus Hook
Claridge Court Wilmington South
Clay Acres Saint Georges
Claymont Marcus Hook
Claymont Addition Marcus Hook
Claymont Heights Marcus Hook
Claymont Manor Marcus Hook
Claymont Terrace Marcus Hook
Claymont Village Marcus Hook
Clearfield Wilmington South
Clearview Manor Wilmington South
Cleland Heights Wilmington South
Clermont Wilmington North
Clifton Park Manor Wilmington North
Club Lane Wilmington North
Coach Hill Newark East
Coffee Run Kennett Square
Cokesbury Village Kennett Square
College Park Newark West
Collins Beach Taylors Bridge
Collins Park Wilmington South
Colonial Heights Wilmington South
Colonial Village Apartments Wilmington South
Colonial Woods Wilmington North
Colony Hills Wilmington South
Concord Wilmington North
Concord Hills Wilmington North
Concord Manor Wilmington North
Concord Towers Newark East
Cooper Farm Newark East
Corbit Saint Georges
Corner Ketch Newark East
Cornish Hills Kennett Square
Cossart Creek Wilmington North
Cottage Mill Newark West
Country Gates Wilmington North
Countryside Farms Saint Georges
Coventry Newark East
Covered Bridge Farms Newark West
Cragmere Marcus Hook
Cragmere Woods Marcus Hook
Cranston Heights Newark East
Crestfield Marcus Hook
Cricket Hill Kennett Square
Cristine Manor Newark West
Crystal Run Farm Saint Georges
Daniels Tract Taylors Bridge
Darley Woods Marcus Hook
Dartmouth Woods Wilmington North
Dartmouth Woods II Wilmington North
Deacons Walk Newark East
Deakyneville Smyrna
Deep Branch Farm Middletown
Deer Run Newark East
Deerhurst Wilmington North
Delaire Marcus Hook
Delaney Corner Clayton
Delaplane Manor Newark East
Delaware City Delaware City
Delaware Heights Wilmington North
Delaware Junction Wilmington South
Delpark Manor Newark East
Delwoods Wilmington North
Delwynn Wilmington North
Devon Newark West
Devon Wilmington North
Devonshire Wilmington North
Dexter Corners Clayton
Dobbinsville Wilmington South
Dragon Run Terrace Mobile Home Park Saint Georges
Drummond North Newark East
Drummond Ridge Newark East
Duncan Glen Newark East
Duncan Village Newark East
Duncan Woods Newark East
Dunleith Wilmington South
Dunlinden Acres Newark East
Duponts Landing Marcus Hook
Duross Heights Newark East
Duross Heights Wilmington South
Dutch Neck Farms Saint Georges
Eagles Nest Landing Smyrna
East Minquadale Wilmington South
Eastburn Acres Newark East
Eastburn Farms Newark East
Eastburn Heights Newark East
Ebright Wilmington North
Eden Park Gardens Wilmington South
Edenridge Wilmington North
Edgebrooke Newark East
Edgemoor Marcus Hook
Edgemoor Gardens Marcus Hook
Edgemoor Terrace Wilmington North
Edgewood Hills Wilmington North
Elliots Addition Wilmington South
Elmhurst Wilmington South
Elmwood Newark East
Elsmere Wilmington South
English Village Newark East
Evergreen Acres Middletown
Evergreen Farms Middletown
Fairfax Wilmington North
Fairfax Farms Wilmington North
Fairfield Newark West
Fairfield Crest Newark West
Fairthorne Wilmington North
Fairway Falls Newark East
Fairwinds Newark East
Fairwinds Mobile Home Park Newark East
Farnhurst Wilmington South
Faulkland Newark East
Faulkland Heights Newark East
Faulkland Woods Newark East
Fennimore Landing Taylors Bridge
Fern Hook Wilmington South
Fieldsboro Middletown
Flemings Landing Smyrna
Forest Clayton
Forest Brook Glen Wilmington South
Forest Hills Park Wilmington North
Forest Park Wilmington South
Forwood Wilmington North
Foulk Woods Wilmington North
Four Seasons Newark West
Four Seasons Park Saint Georges
Fox Chase Park Newark East
Fox Meadow Kennett Square
Fox Woods Newark East
Foxfield Newark West
Foxfire Newark East
Frasers Corner Elkton
Fredericks Addition Wilmington South
Fredrick Lodge Mobile Home Park Clayton
Galewood Wilmington North
Gams Crest Saint Georges
Gander Hill Middletown
Garfield Park Wilmington South
Garwood Estates Saint Georges
Gateway Farms Kennett Square
Georgian Terrace Wilmington North
Glasgow Saint Georges
Glasgow Court Saint Georges
Glasgow Pines Saint Georges
Glen Berne Estates Newark East
Glendale Newark East
Glenside Farms Wilmington North
Glenville Newark East
Goose Point Elkton
Gordon Heights Wilmington North
Gordy Estates Wilmington South
Granogue Wilmington North
Graylyn Crest Wilmington North
Great Good Place West Grove
Great Oak Farms Middletown
Green Acres Marcus Hook
Green Meadow Wilmington North
Green Spring Clayton
Green Spring Farm Clayton
Green Valley Newark East
Greenbank Newark East
Greenbridge Newark East
Greenbridge Newark East
Greenleaf Manor Newark East
Greenmount Marcus Hook
Greenshire Marcus Hook
Greentree Marcus Hook
Greenville Wilmington North
Greenville Development Wilmington North
Greenville Manor Wilmington North
Greenville Place Wilmington North
Grendon Farms Newark East
Greylag Middletown
Gristmill Woods Wilmington North
Grubbs Corner Marcus Hook
Grubbs Corner Marcus Hook
Grubbs Landing Marcus Hook
Gumwood Wilmington North
Guyencourt Wilmington North
Gwinhurst Marcus Hook
H and H Corner Middletown
Hamilton Park Wilmington South
Hampton Wilmington North
Hanbys Corner Marcus Hook
Hares Corner Wilmington South
Harmony Newark East
Harmony Hills Newark East
Haverford Kennett Square
Hayden Park Wilmington South
Hazeldell Wilmington South
Heather Valley Kennett Square
Heather Woods Newark East
Heatherbrooke Wilmington North
Heatherton Kennett Square
Henderson Heights Newark East
Henry Clay Wilmington North
Heritage Newark East
Heritage Farms Newark East
Hickory Hill Kennett Square
Hickory Ridge Kennett Square
Hickory Woods Saint Georges
High Point Wilmington North
Highland Meadows Kennett Square
Highland West Kennett Square
Highland Woods Marcus Hook
Hillcrest Wilmington North
Hillendale Marcus Hook
Hillside Heights Newark East
Hillstream Kennett Square
Hilltop Manor Marcus Hook
Hockessin Kennett Square
Hockessin Hunt Kennett Square
Hockessin Park Kennett Square
Holiday Hills Wilmington North
Hollingsworth Development Wilmington North
Holloway Terrace Wilmington South
Holly Hills Marcus Hook
Holly Knoll Kennett Square
Holly Oak Marcus Hook
Holly Oak Terrace Marcus Hook
Horseshoe Hill Kennett Square
Hunting Hills Newark West
Hyde Park Newark East
Idela Wilmington South
Indian Field Marcus Hook
Iron Gates Kennett Square
Iron Hill Newark West
Iron Hills Apartments Newark East
Ivy Ridge Newark East
Jamestowne Newark East
Jamisons Corner Saint Georges
Jarrell Farms Kennett Square
Jefferson Farms Wilmington South
Keeney Saint Georges
Kentmere Wilmington North
Kershaw Acres Wilmington North
Keystone Wilmington South
Kiamensi Newark East
Kiamensi Gardens Newark East
Kiamensi Heights Newark East
Kimberly Chase Wilmington North
Kimberton Newark East
Kings Croft Saint Georges
Kings Ridge Marcus Hook
Kinston Acres Saint Georges
Kirkwood Saint Georges
Kirkwood Gardens Newark East
Klair Estate Newark East
KynLyn Apartments Marcus Hook
Lakecroft II Newark East
Lamatan I Kennett Square
Lamatan II Kennett Square
Lambeth Riding Kennett Square
Lancashire Marcus Hook
Lancaster Court Wilmington North
Lancaster Village Wilmington South
Landenberg Junction Wilmington South
Landers Park Wilmington South
Landlith Wilmington South
Larchmont Kennett Square
Latimer Estates Wilmington South
Lauren Farms Saint Georges
Leedon Estates Wilmington South
Liberty Wilmington South
Liftwood Wilmington North
Limestone Acres Newark East
Limestone Gap Newark East
Limestone Gardene Newark East
Limestone Hills Kennett Square
Lindamere Marcus Hook
Lindell Square Newark East
Lindell Village Newark East
Linden Green Apartment Newark East
Linden Heath Newark East
Linden Hill Newark East
Linden Square Newark East
Little Baltimore Kennett Square
Little Jersey Saint Georges
Llangollen Estates Wilmington South
Log Run Marcus Hook
Longview Farms Marcus Hook
Longwood Wilmington North
Lorewood Grove Saint Georges
Loveville Kennett Square
Lumbrook Newark East
Lums Pond Estates II Saint Georges
Lyndalia Wilmington South
Lynford Wilmington South
Lynnfield Wilmington North
Madelyn Gardens Wilmington North
Manette Heights Newark East
Manley Kennett Square
Manor Park Wilmington South
Manor Park Apartments Wilmington South
Maplechase Marcus Hook
Maplecrest Newark East
Marabou Meadows Saint Georges
Marshallton Newark East
Marshallton Green Newark East
Marshallton Heights II Newark East
Marydale Newark East
Masonicville Wilmington South
Mayfield Wilmington North
Mayview Manor Wilmington South
McClellandville Newark West
McDaniel Heights Wilmington North
McDonough Middletown
Meadow Vista Middletown
Meadowbrook Kennett Square
Meadowbrook Farms Saint Georges
Meadowbrook Farms South Saint Georges
Meadowood Newark East
Mechanicsville Newark West
Meeting House Hill Kennett Square
Meeting House Meadows Kennett Square
Melanie Newark East
Melody Meadows Saint Georges
Melody Meadows II Saint Georges
Mendenhall Village Kennett Square
Mermaid Newark East
Mermaid Run Newark East
Middleboro Crest Wilmington South
Middleboro East Wilmington South
Middleboro Manor Wilmington South
Middletown Middletown
Midvale Wilmington South
Milford Crossroads Newark East
Milford Meadows Newark East
Mill Creek Kennett Square
Millside Wilmington South
Milltown Newark East
Minquadale Wilmington South
Minquadale Trailer Village Wilmington South
Mitchell Estates Kennett Square
Mockingbird Hill Kennett Square
Mockingbird Hills Kennett Square
Monroe Park Wilmington North
Montchan Wilmington North
Montchanin Wilmington North
Montclare Newark East
Monterey Farms Newark East
Montgomery Woods Kennett Square
Moores Acres Saint Georges
Mount Cuba Kennett Square
Mount Pleasant Saint Georges
Mount Pleasant Mobile Home Park Saint Georges
Munsee Marcus Hook
Naaman Marcus Hook
Naamans Gardens Wilmington North
Naamans Manor Wilmington North
Nanticoke Farms Wilmington North
New Castle Wilmington South
Newark Newark East
Newark Oaks Newark East
Newkirk Estates Newark East
Newport Wilmington South
Newport Heights Wilmington South
Nonatum Mills Newark West
Normandy Manor Wilmington North
North Hills Wilmington North
North Minister Wilmington North
North Star Kennett Square
North Star Addition Kennett Square
Northcrest Marcus Hook
Northhurst Marcus Hook
Northshire Wilmington North
Northwood Wilmington North
Nottingham Green Newark West
Nottingham Manor Newark West
Oak Hollow Newark East
Oak Lane Manor Wilmington North
Oakdale Newark East
Oakland Newark West
Oakmont Wilmington South
Oaktree Apartments Newark West
Oakwood Hills Kennett Square
Odessa Middletown
Odessa Heights Middletown
Ogletown Newark East
Old Mill Manor Newark East
Overlook Colony Marcus Hook
Overview Gardens Wilmington South
Owls Nest Kennett Square
Palm Springs Manor Newark West
Parkridge at Bellevue Marcus Hook
Parkside Saint Georges
Parkwood Newark East
Peikin Park Newark East
Pembrey Wilmington North
Penarth Wilmington North
Pencader Newark East
Pencader Farms Elkton
Pencader Village Newark East
Pendrew Manor Newark East
Pendrew Manor Newark East
Penn Acres Wilmington South
Penn Acres South Wilmington South
Penn Rose Wilmington North
Pennington Wilmington North
Pennington Farm Wilmington North
Pennock Newark East
Penny Acres Wilmington North
Pennyhill Wilmington North
Pennyhill Terrace Wilmington North
Penrock Marcus Hook
Pentland Kennett Square
Pepper Ridge Newark East
Perth Wilmington North
Phillips Heights Wilmington North
Piermont Woods Newark East
Pierson Farms Wilmington North
Pigeon Run Newark East
Pike Creek Newark East
Pike Creek Valley Newark East
Pine Swamp Corner Newark East
Pine Tree Corners Middletown
Pine Valley Farms Saint Georges
Pinecrest Newark East
Pleasant Hill Newark East
Pleasant Hills Wilmington South
Pleasantville Newark East
Plum Run Newark East
Point Breeze Middletown
Port Penn Delaware City
Porter Saint Georges
Porter Square Saint Georges
Prices Corner Wilmington South
Princeton Estates Marcus Hook
Princeton Wood II Newark East
Quail Ridge Kennett Square
Quaker Hill Kennett Square
Quarryville Marcus Hook
Quintynnes Wilmington North
Radnor Green Marcus Hook
Raintree Village Newark East
Ramble Woods Marcus Hook
Rambleton Acres Wilmington South
Red Lion Saint Georges
Red Mills Farms Newark East
Redmont Newark East
Reybold Saint Georges
Richardson Park Wilmington South
Ridgewood Wilmington North
Riveredge Park Wilmington South
Rivers End Newark East
Riverside Marcus Hook
Riverside Addition Marcus Hook
Riverview Gardens Marcus Hook
Robscott Manor Newark East
Rock Manor Wilmington North
Rockland Wilmington North
Rockland Woods Wilmington North
Rockwood Hills Wilmington North
Rockwood Woods Wilmington North
Rogers Corners Wilmington South
Rogers Manor Wilmington South
Rolling Hills Newark East
Rolling Meadows Saint Georges
Rolling Park Marcus Hook
Rolling Ridge Kennett Square
Rose Hill Gardens Wilmington South
Rose Valley Estates Middletown
Rosegate Wilmington South
Roselle Terrace Wilmington South
Roseville Park Newark East
Runnymeade Kennett Square
Ruthby Newark East
Rutherford Newark East
Saienni Farms Wilmington South
Saint Georges Saint Georges
Saint Georges Heights Saint Georges
Salem Village Newark East
Salem Woods Newark East
Scarborough Park Wilmington South
Scottfield Newark East
Sedgley Farms Wilmington North
Seton Marcus Hook
Seton Villa Marcus Hook
Sharpley Wilmington North
Sheffield Manor Newark East
Shellburne Wilmington North
Shelley Farms Elkton
Shenandoah Saint Georges
Sheridan Square Newark East
Sherwood Forest Newark East
Sherwood Park Newark East
Shingle Landing Delaware City
Shipley Chase Wilmington North
Shipley Heights Wilmington North
Shipley Ridge Wilmington North
Shipley Woods Wilmington North
Silver Brook Newark West
Silver Springs Wilmington North
Silverbrook Wilmington North
Silverbrook Gardens Wilmington South
Silverside Marcus Hook
Silverside Heights Marcus Hook
Silview Wilmington South
Simonds Gardens Wilmington South
Skyline Crest Newark East
Skyline Orchard Kennett Square
Skyline Ridge Newark East
Smith Mill Farms Newark East
Snug Hill Kennett Square
South Wilmington Wilmington South
Southwood Kennett Square
Spring Valley Kennett Square
Stage Road Development Newark East
Stanton Newark East
Stanton Estates Newark East
Stave Landing Taylors Bridge
Stirrup Farms Kennett Square
Stockdale Marcus Hook
Stockton Wilmington South
Stonehaven Wilmington North
Stoneridge Kennett Square
Stones Throw Newark East
Stones Throw Newark East
Stony Crest Wilmington South
Stratford Newark East
Stuyvesant Hills Kennett Square
Sugar Loaf Chase Middletown
Summer Hill Newark East
Summit Bridge Saint Georges
Summit View Newark West
Sunnybrae Wilmington North
Surrey Park Wilmington North
Swallow Hill Kennett Square
Swanwyck Wilmington South
Swanwyck Estates Wilmington South
Swanwyck Gardens Wilmington South
Sycamore Farms Middletown
Sycamore Gardens Newark East
Talley Brook Wilmington North
Talley Farms Marcus Hook
Talleys Corner Wilmington North
Talleyville Wilmington North
Tavistock Wilmington North
Taylors Corner Middletown
Taylortown Newark East
Tenby Chase Kennett Square
Tent Smyrna
The Bluffs Newark East
The Cedars Newark East
The Elms Newark East
The Highlands Newark East
The Hills of Skyline Newark East
The Island Taylors Bridge
The Pines of Pike Creek Newark East
The Timbers Marcus Hook
The Villa Newark East
The Village of Drummond Hill Newark East
The Woods Newark East
Thomas Landing Taylors Bridge
Thompson Newark West
Thorntown Delaware City
Timber Ridge Newark East
Todd Estates Newark East
Tolham Estates Saint Georges
Top of the Wedge Newark West
Townsend Middletown
Tree Top Valley Kennett Square
Trepagnier Kennett Square
Tuxedo Park Wilmington South
Twin Oaks Wilmington North
Tybouts Corner Saint Georges
Tybrook Newark East
Valley Run Marcus Hook
Valley View Kennett Square
Vandyke Clayton
Varlano Newark East
Victoria Woods Newark East
Village of Cantebury Newark East
Village of Rocky Run Wilmington North
Vintage Village Kennett Square
Walker Smyrna
Walnut Hill Kennett Square
Walnut Ridge Kennett Square
Washington Heights Newark East
Washington Park Wilmington South
Wawaset Park Wilmington North
Ways Corner Wilmington North
Weatherhill Farms Newark East
Weber Tract Wilmington North
Webster Farm Wilmington North
Wedge Hills Newark West
Wedgewood Newark East
Weldin Farms Wilmington North
Weldin Park Wilmington North
Weldin Woods Wilmington North
Wellington Hills Kennett Square
Wellington Woods Newark East
Welshire Wilmington North
Wembly Marcus Hook
West Farm Wilmington North
West Haven Wilmington North
West Meadow Newark East
West Minquadale Wilmington South
West Park Wilmington North
West Riding Kennett Square
Westbrite Wilmington North
Westerloo Marcus Hook
Westfield Newark East
Westgate Farms Kennett Square
Westminster Kennett Square
Westmont Kennett Square
Westover Hills Wilmington North
Westview Wilmington South
Westwood Manor Wilmington North
Wexford Chapelcroft Wilmington North
Whilton Newark East
White Briar Kennett Square
White Village Marcus Hook
White Village Marcus Hook
Wickwood Wilmington North
Wiggins Mill Middletown
Williamhurst Wilmington North
Williamsburg Saint Georges
Williamsburg Court Wilmington North
Willow Run Wilmington South
Wilmington Wilmington South
Wilmington Manor Wilmington South
Wilmington Manor Gardens Wilmington South
Wilmont Wilmington North
Wilson Newark East
Windsor Hills Wilmington North
Windward Kennett Square
Windy Bush Marcus Hook
Windy Hills Newark East
Windy Hills Newark East
Windy Mill Park Newark East
Winterbury Kennett Square
Winterset Farms Wilmington North
Winterthur Wilmington North
Wood Mill Newark East
Wood Ridge Kennett Square
Wood Wards Addition Wilmington South
Woodacres Marcus Hook
Woodbine Wilmington North
Woodbrook Wilmington North
Woodcreek Newark East
Woodcrest Wilmington South
Wooddale Kennett Square
Woodland Wilmington South
Woodland Park Wilmington South
Woodshade Newark East
Woodside Hills Marcus Hook
Woodside Manor Saint Georges
Woodstream Gardens Marcus Hook
Worthland Marcus Hook
Wrange Hill Estates Saint Georges
Wrangle Hill Saint Georges
Wycliff Marcus Hook
Wynleigh Wilmington North
Wynnewood Wilmington North
York Towne Kennett Square
Yorklyn Kennett Square
Yorklyn Ridge Kennett Square
Yorkshire Newark East

This is a list of all the cities in New Castle County, Delaware. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.