How to Use GPS Coordinates to Find Topographic Maps

All of the points of interest pages on TopoZone have coordinates (latitude and longitude) in the information section below the topo map. For example, see the “Coordinates” under the topo map of Hex Mountain. Those coordinates can be entered into a GPS as a destination waypoint. TopoZone uses the WGS84 datum and most GPS units default to that datum too.

But let’s say you have coordinates from your GPS unit and want to see a topographic map of that location. Then all you have to do is enter the latitude and longitude into the tool below.

Note that this tool is designed to work with decimal degrees format (first number is positive and second number is negative for US locations). Don’t enter any symbols or letters with the numbers.

Latitude: e.g. 44.59064
Longitude: e.g. -104.71563


Another common use is to get a topographic map of something you see in a mapping system like Google Maps.

  1. Google Maps in a desktop browser: Simply right click on the location in the Google Map and click on the coordinates at the top of the resulting menu. This will copy the coordinates to your clipboard and you can then paste them into the tool above.
  2. Google Maps mobile app: Hold your finger down on the location and it will drop a “pin” and the coordinates will appear in the Google Maps search box. Copy and paste those coordinates into the tool above and you’ll get a topo map.