Big Island County Hawaii Topographic Maps

The Big Island is another name for the Island of Hawaii and the County of Hawaii. Since the state is also named Hawaii, it has been nicknamed the Big Island to make it easier to understand. The Big Island was such an obvious choice of names because it is larger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined (actually, almost twice that size). It’s also the youngest of the islands and the most volcanically active. Kilauea Volcano on the south side is alive and well and keeps local volcanologists busy. Hilo, on the eastern windward side of the island, is the county seat. That side of the island is wet and lush like a tropical rainforest. Kona, on the western leeward side of the island, is much dryer and where most of the island’s resorts are found. The diversity of the Big Island is one of its biggest draws. You can find almost any activity you desire on this island, you just might have to drive a bit farther to find it.