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Topo Map of Capes in Honolulu County, Hawaii

Honolulu County in Hawaii is mostly made up of the Island of Oahu, but it also includes the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands located NW of the island of Ni’ihau (except for Midway which is a US territory). Honolulu on Oahu is the state capitol and the largest city by far. The metropolitan population of Honolulu is over one million and represents 70% of the entire archipelago. Despite what seems like a dense population, it’s easy to get away from the big city and find quieter parts of Oahu. Note that none of the volcanoes on Oahu and the County of Honolulu are active anymore. If you want to see glowing lava, you’ll have to head over to the Big Island.

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Capes in Honolulu County Hawaii

Place USGS Topo Map
Ahua Point Pearl Harbor
Alala Point Mokapu Point
Baltimore Point Pearl Harbor
Beckoning Point Pearl Harbor
Bishop Point Pearl Harbor
Davie Point Kaneohe
Hammer Point Pearl Harbor
Hanaloa Point Pearl Harbor
Holokahiki Point Pearl Harbor
Hospital Point Pearl Harbor
Intrepid Point Pearl Harbor
Iroquois Point Pearl Harbor
Kaaawa Point Kahana
Kaalaea Point Waimea
Kaena Point Kaena OE W
Kahe Point Ewa
Kahuku Point Kahuku
Kaiaka Point Haleiwa
Kaihuokapuaa Koko Head
Kaipapau Point Hauula
Kalae o Makaha Waianae
Kalaeaalakihi Kaneohe
Kalaeloa Ewa
Kalaeokakao Waianae
Kalaeokamanu Kahuku
Kalaeuila Kahuku
Kalaipaloa Point Kahana
Kalanai Point Kahuku
Kaloko Koko Head
Kaluapuleho Point Kahana
Kaneilio Point Waianae
Kaoio Point Kahana
Kapaeleele Point Kahana
Kapapapuhi Point Pearl Harbor
Kapoho Point Mokapu Point
Kawaaeleele Point Kaena
Kawaihoa Point Koko Head
Keahi Point Pearl Harbor
Keaniani Point Kahana
Kehukuuna Point Kahuku
Kekaa Point Pearl Harbor
Keku Point Ewa
Kepuhi Point Waianae
Kii Point Mokapu Point
Kualoa Point Kahana
Kuaumania Haleiwa
Kuilima Point Kahuku
Kulalua Waimea
Kuloa Point Kahana
Kumumau Point Pearl Harbor
Kupikipikio Point Honolulu
Lae o Kealohi Kaneohe
Lahilahi Point Waianae
Laie Point Kahuku
Laniloa Kahuku
Loch Point Pearl Harbor
Magic Island Honolulu
Mahie Point Kahana
Maili Point Waianae
Makahoa Point Kahuku
Makahonu Point Kahana
Makalii Point Kahana
Makapuu Point Koko Head OE E
McGrew Point Waipahu
Merry Point Pearl Harbor
Mokapu Peninsula Mokapu Point
Mokapu Point Mokapu Point
Moku Mana Waimea
Namahana Kaena
Nevada Point Pearl Harbor
Nichols Point Pearl Harbor
Niu Peninsula Koko Head
Paiko Peninsula Koko Head
Paioluolu Point Koko Head
Palea Point Koko Head
Pearl City Peninsula Pearl Harbor
Pokole Point Kaneohe
Poohuna Point Kaena
Powder Point Pearl Harbor
Puaena Haleiwa
Pukaulua Point Mokapu Point
Puu Kolea Haleiwa
Puu Nenue Haleiwa
Rocky Point Waimea
Sand Point Koko Head
Sunset Point Waimea
The Point Koko Head
Wailau Point Kaneohe
Wailea Point Mokapu Point
Wailupe Peninsula Koko Head
Waimea Point Waimea
Waipio Peninsula Pearl Harbor
Waipio Point Pearl Harbor

This is a list of all the capes in Honolulu County, Hawaii. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.