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Topo Map of Streams in Breathitt County, Kentucky

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Streams in Breathitt County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Fork Canoe
Allen Patton Branch Guage
Alum Cave Branch Guage
Andys Branch Quicksand
Arkansas Branch Quicksand
Ball Jim Branch Tiptop
Barge Creek Haddix
Barn Branch Haddix
Barnett Branch Tiptop
Bates Branch Ault
Bean Fork Tallega
Bear Branch Noble
Bear Branch Quicksand
Bear Branch Quicksand
Bear Fork Jackson
Bearwallow Branch Noble
Beck Branch Tiptop
Bee Branch Noble
Beginning Branch Tallega
Belcher Fork Jackson
Ben Smith Branch Quicksand
Betts Mann Branch Tiptop
Big Branch Haddix
Big Branch Quicksand
Big Branch Quicksand
Big Branch Guage
Big Bridge Branch Jackson
Big Caney Creek Guage
Big Cudge Branch Tiptop
Big Falling Rock Branch Quicksand
Big Fork Buckhorn
Big Laurel Branch Guage
Big Laurel Branch Tiptop
Big Leslie Branch Quicksand
Big Lovely Branch Tiptop
Big Sourwood Branch Guage
Big Sue Branch Guage
Bill Mann Branch Tiptop
Black Log Branch Quicksand
Boardinghouse Branch Noble
Boardinghouse Branch Tiptop
Boat Gunwale Branch Guage
Bob Branch Tiptop
Booker Fork Noble
Boone Fork Jackson
Bowling Creek Canoe
Bowman Branch Tallega
Bowman Branch Noble
Bradburn Branch Quicksand
Brewer Fork Tallega
Bricky Branch Quicksand
Brushy Fork Tiptop
Bryant Creek Tallega
Buck Lick Branch Guage
Buckhorn Creek Noble
Bucklick Branch Noble
Burnt House Branch Tiptop
Burton Fork Cowcreek
Bush Branch Canoe
Buzzard Fork Canoe
Calhoun Branch Guage
Calico Branch Guage
Campbell Branch Haddix
Campbell Branch Haddix
Cane Creek Jackson
Caney Creek Haddix
Caney Creek Haddix
Caney Fork Jackson
Canoe Creek Canoe
Carpenter Branch Quicksand
Cedar Creek Jackson
Chestnut Gap Branch Noble
Chick Fork Tiptop
Clear Fork Lee City
Clemons Fork Noble
Clover Branch Tallega
Cocker Lick Branch Seitz
Cockrill Fork Quicksand
Coles Fork Tiptop
Coles Fork Noble
Colts Fork Jackson
Combs Fork Canoe
Cook Fork Guage
Cope Branch Tallega
Cope Fork Jackson
Core Branch Noble
Cow Branch Haddix
Cripple Creek Jackson
Dark Branch Noble
Davis Branch Tiptop
Davis Creek Lee City
Deep Ford Branch Guage
Dry Bread Branch Haddix
Duff Fork Buckhorn
Dumb Betty Branch Quicksand
Elsome Creek Canoe
Elvania Branch Tiptop
Eye Fork Jackson
Falling Rock Branch Quicksand
Falling Rock Branch Noble
Field Branch Lee City
Field Branch Noble
Fishtrap Branch Quicksand
Fishtrap Branch Haddix
Fivemile Branch Guage
Flat Branch Quicksand
Flat Branch Quicksand
Flat Branch Guage
Fletcher Fork Guage
Fourmile Branch Guage
Fourmile Fork Canoe
Franks Fork Noble
Freeman Fork Canoe
Frozen Creek Jackson
Fugate Fork Haddix
Fugate Fork Noble
Ganderbill Branch Haddix
Garden Branch Tiptop
George Mullins Branch Tiptop
Georges Branch Canoe
Gilum Branch Seitz
Glory Branch Landsaw
Goodloe Branch Quicksand
Gouge Branch Tiptop
Granny Branch Jackson
Grassy Gap Fork Noble
Griffith Branch Jackson
Gross Fork Jackson
Gullett Branch Quicksand
Gum Log Branch Canoe
Haddix Fork Jackson
Hade Fork Guage
Hargis Branch Quicksand
Hawes Fork Tiptop
Hays Branch Haddix
Hen Branch Haddix
Hickory Log Branch Noble
Hogston Branch Guage
Holland Branch Canoe
Holley Branch Guage
Holly Creek Jackson
Holly Fork Quicksand
Horsemill Branch Quicksand
Horsemill Branch Tiptop
Hoskins Fork Tiptop
House Seat Branch Tiptop
Howard Fork Canoe
Howards Creek Canoe
Hughes Creek Tiptop
Hunting Creek Guage
Hurricane Branch Jackson
Hurricane Fork Lee City
Hurst Fork Landsaw
Improvement Branch Guage
Improvement Branch Noble
Ingol Fork Cowcreek
Jack Lick Branch Canoe
Jake Fork Noble
Jenny Fork Noble
Jerry Fork Jackson
Jetts Creek Tallega
Jim Ritchie Branch Tiptop
Jims Branch Guage
Joe Branch Canoe
Joe Ward Fork Lee City
John Carpenter Fork Noble
John Littles Branch Haddix
John Noble Fork Noble
John Noble Fork Noble
Johnson Fork Landsaw
Jones Branch Guage
Kates Branch Tiptop
Kay Fork Buckhorn
Keen Fork Tallega
Kings Branch Quicksand
Lane Branch Haddix
Laurel Branch Guage
Laurel Fork Noble
Laurel Fork Tiptop
Laurel Fork Noble
Laurel Fork David
Leatherwood Creek Haddix
Leatherwood Creek Guage
Left Fork Caney Creek Haddix
Left Fork Lick Branch Canoe
Left Fork Turners Creek Canoe
Left Fork White Oak Creek Jackson
Lefthand Fork Old Buck Creek Canoe
Levis Branch Haddix
Lewis Fork Noble
Lick Branch Tallega
Lick Branch Quicksand
Lick Branch Canoe
Lick Branch Quicksand
Lick Branch Canoe
Lick Branch Guage
Lick Branch Guage
Lick Creek Tallega
Lick Fork Canoe
Licking Fork Quicksand
Licking Fork Guage
Lindon Branch Jackson
Lindon Fork Jackson
Line Branch Tiptop
Lish Branch Tiptop
Little Caney Creek Guage
Little Falling Rock Branch Quicksand
Little Fork Tiptop
Little Fork Canoe Creek Canoe
Little Frozen Creek Landsaw
Little Leatherwood Creek Haddix
Little Leslie Branch Quicksand
Little Millseat Branch Noble
Little Rock Lick Creek Tallega
Little Sue Branch Guage
Long Creek Canoe
Long Fork Cowcreek
Long Fork Noble
Lower Crooked Shoal Branch Campton
Lower Negro Branch Landsaw
Lower Twin Creek Tallega
Lynn Fork Guage
Mace Fork Canoe
MacIntosh Fork Haddix
Mandy Fork Tiptop
Mare Fork Cowcreek
Markham Fork Canoe
Mart Branch Noble
McIntosh Fork Cowcreek
Meadow Branch Haddix
Meatscaffold Branch Quicksand
Meetinghouse Branch Quicksand
Middle Fork Canoe Creek Canoe
Middle Fork Elsome Creek Canoe
Middle Fork Quicksand Creek Vest
Mill Branch Jackson
Mill Branch Haddix
Mill Branch Noble
Mill Branch Tiptop
Mill Creek Jackson
Mill Creek Canoe
Miller Branch Quicksand
Miller Branch Jackson
Miller Branch Buckhorn
Miller Branch Canoe
Miller Branch Noble
Miller Branch Noble
Millseat Branch Noble
Morgue Fork Landsaw
Morris Fork Cowcreek
Mud Lick Branch Seitz
Mud Lick Branch Tiptop
Mulberry Branch Noble
Mullins Branch Tiptop
Mullins Fork Noble
Negro Branch Lee City
Negro Fork Guage
Nerve Fork Tiptop
Nighway Branch Noble
Nix Branch Haddix
Old Buck Creek Canoe
Old Cove Branch Noble
Old House Branch Tiptop
Old House Branch Guage
Old Trace Branch Guage
Oldhouse Branch Canoe
Oliver Branch Tiptop
Oney Branch Tiptop
Open Fork Quicksand
Open Fork Guage
Orchard Branch Haddix
Orchard Branch Quicksand
Orchard Branch Tiptop
Pad Branch Noble
Panbowl Branch Quicksand
Pasture Branch Jackson
Peach Orchard Branch Guage
Peggs Fork Landsaw
Perkins Branch Haddix
Pete Branch Quicksand
Pilot Branch Quicksand
Pipemud Branch Canoe
Pitts Branch Tiptop
Polecat Branch Landsaw
Poll Branch Quicksand
Polly Fork Haddix
Polly Miller Branch Tiptop
Pond Branch Guage
Poplar Branch Tiptop
Porter Fork Canoe
Prater Branch Tiptop
Press Howard Fork Quicksand
Puckett Branch Landsaw
Puncheon Camp Creek Tallega
Quicksand Creek Quicksand
Rattlesnake Branch Noble
Rich Branch Tiptop
Richie Branch Guage
Right Fork Jetts Creek Cowcreek
Right Fork John Littles Branch Haddix
Right Fork Leatherwood Creek Haddix
Right Fork Little Fork Tiptop
Right Fork White Oak Creek Jackson
Riley Branch Haddix
Risner Branch Guage
Road Branch Tiptop
Road Fork Jackson
Road Fork Canoe
Roaring Fork Noble
Roaring Shoals Branch Quicksand
Roark Branch Quicksand
Robbins Branch Tiptop
Roberts Fork Cowcreek
Robinson Fork Jackson
Rock Lick Fork Lee City
Rockhouse Fork Buckhorn
Rose Branch Quicksand
Rose Branch Tiptop
Russell Branch Haddix
Rye Cove Branch Haddix
Sable Branch Tiptop
Schoolhouse Branch Tiptop
Sebastian Branch Canoe
Shacks Branch Jackson
Shelly Rock Fork Noble
Shop Branch Noble
Short Fork Cowcreek
Short Fork Haddix
Shoulderblade Creek Canoe
Sizemore Fork Canoe
Slate Branch Quicksand
Slusher Branch Tiptop
Smith Branch Quicksand
Snake Branch Tallega
Snowden Branch Quicksand
South Fork Quicksand Creek Quicksand
Spice Branch Quicksand
Spicer Branch Canoe
Spicewood Branch Guage
Spicewood Branch Noble
Spicewood Fork Jackson
Spring Branch Jackson
Spring Branch Quicksand
Spring Branch Tiptop
Spring Fork Haddix
Spring Fork Quicksand Creek Guage
Spring Gap Branch Noble
Squirrel Fork Noble
Stable Branch Tiptop
Stable Branch Tiptop
Stacy Branch Guage
Stamper Fork Canoe
Steel Road Fork Quicksand
Steep Bank Branch Tiptop
Steer Fork Guage
Steer Fork Quicksand
Stidham Branch Krypton
Stidham Fork Quicksand
Stillhouse Branch Quicksand
Stillhouse Branch Haddix
Stillrock Branch Noble
Stray Branch Quicksand
Strong Branch Krypton
Strong Branch Haddix
Strong Fork Quicksand
Sugar Branch Krypton
Sugar Camp Branch Tiptop
Sugarcamp Branch Quicksand
Sulphur Spring Branch Tiptop
Sulphur Springs Fork Guage
Tackett Fork Guage
Taulbee Fork Lee City
Terry Branch Cowcreek
Terry Fork Cowcreek
Toms Branch Noble
Toms Branch Noble
Town Branch Jackson
Trace Branch Haddix
Trace Fork Jackson
Trace Fork Quicksand
Trace Fork Lee City
Troublesome Creek Haddix
Tumbling Branch Haddix
Turkey Branch Jackson
Turkey Creek Cowcreek
Turners Creek Canoe
Turtle Branch Seitz
Twin Branch Guage
Twin Lick Branch Tiptop
Twomile Branch Guage
Twomile Fork Guage
Tyra Branch Jackson
Upper Twin Creek Tallega
Vanderpool Branch Tiptop
Vires Fork Jackson
War Creek Jackson
War Shoal Branch Jackson
Wells Branch Seitz
Wet Fork Noble
Wharton Branch Noble
White Oak Creek Jackson
White Oak Fork Cowcreek
White Oak Fork Noble
White Oak Fork Noble
Will Fork Noble
Williams Fork Noble
Willow Branch Guage
Winnie Branch Guage
Winnie Branch Guage
Wireman Fork Tiptop
Wolf Creek Canoe
Wolf Creek Guage
Wolf Pen Branch Seitz
Wolfpen Branch Tiptop
Wolfspur Branch Tiptop
Wynn Branch Guage
Yearling Fork Canoe

This is a list of all the streams in Breathitt County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.