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Topo Map of Streams in Clay County, Kentucky

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Streams in Clay County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Alderson Branch Portersburg
Antony Branch Ogle
Arnetts Fork Creekville
Ashers Fork Ogle
Ayers Branch Hima
Baileys Branch Ogle
Baker Creek Portersburg
Balls Branch Hima
Banks Branch Barcreek
Barger Branch Big Creek
Barger Branch Big Creek
Barn Branch Mistletoe
Bear Creek Barcreek
Bee Branch Oneida
Beech Creek Barcreek
Belles Fork Ogle
Big Branch Oneida
Big Branch Barcreek
Big Branch Creekville
Big Briar Branch Big Creek
Big Creek Big Creek
Big Dan Branch Mistletoe
Big Double Creek Big Creek
Big Johns Branch Ogle
Big Lick Branch Big Creek
Big Paul Bailey Branch Oneida
Big Rock Branch Portersburg
Big Rooster Branch Oneida
Billys Branch Ogle
Blackie Branch Manchester
Bloss Branch Beverly
Blue Hole Creek Beverly
Blythe Branch Ogle
Boones Branch Ogle
Boots Branch Ogle
Bowling Branch Manchester
Bray Creek Maulden
Bridge Branch Portersburg
Britton Branch Big Creek
Britton Branch Barcreek
Broughton Branch Hima
Brushy Branch Maulden
Buck Branch Manchester
Buckeye Branch Maulden
Buffalo Branch Beverly
Bull Hollow Branch Oneida
Bullskin Branch Barcreek
Bullskin Creek Oneida
Buncomb Creek Maulden
Burger Branch Oneida
Burning Springs Fork Maulden
Burnt House Branch Barcreek
Buzzard Creek Ogle
Cane Branch Barcreek
Carpenter Branch Ogle
Cave Branch Maulden
Cave Branch Portersburg
Cave Branch Creekville
Chandler Branch Barcreek
Chap Branch Ogle
Charley Fork Dry Branch Big Creek
Cherry Tree Branch Mistletoe
Chestnut Branch Maulden
Chestnut Gap Branch Oneida
Chicken Branch Barcreek
Chicken Branch Oneida
Chop Bottom Branch Ogle
Cob Branch Hima
Cold Spring Branch Big Creek
Collins Branch Mistletoe
Collins Fork Hima
Collins Fork Barcreek
Collins Fork Big Creek
Cool Springs Branch Hima
Court House Branch Oneida
Cradlebow Branch Maulden
Crane Branch Big Creek
Crane Creek Oneida
Crawfish Branch Hima
Crib Branch Big Creek
Curry Branch Hima
Danger Branch Big Creek
Darbs Branch Beverly
Davidson Branch Barcreek
Deer Lick Branch Creekville
Deerlick Branch Barcreek
DeZarns Fork Barcreek
Dixon Branch Ogle
Doar Branch Oneida
Drench Branch Mistletoe
Drum Branch Ogle
Dry Branch Big Creek
Dry Branch Big Creek
Dry Branch Ogle
Dry Branch Beverly
East Fork Pigeon Roost Branch Hima
Elder Lick Branch Oneida
Eli Branch Barcreek
Elk Creek Big Creek
Ells Branch Maulden
Engine Branch Hima
Ephram Branch Manchester
Falling Timber Branch Maulden
Fields Branch Creekville
Fish Trap Branch Barcreek
Fish Trap Branch Big Creek
Flat Creek Creekville
Ford Branch Hima
Fox Branch Maulden
Furnace Branch Barcreek
Fuston Branch Maulden
Gabbard Fork Manchester
Gar Hole Branch Oneida
Gilberts Big Creek Creekville
Gilberts Little Creek Creekville
Glade Branch Hima
Goose Creek Oneida
Goslin Branch Portersburg
Grannies Branch Ogle
Grannys Branch Big Creek
Grassy Branch Maulden
Grayham Branch Oneida
Grays Fork Manchester
Greasy Branch Hima
Greenbriar Branch Manchester
Gregory Branch Hima
Grubb Branch Scalf
Gum Branch Barcreek
Gum Branch Maulden
Hacker Fork Barcreek
Halfway Branch Oneida
Halfway Branch Barcreek
Ham Branch Barcreek
Hart Branch Barcreek
Hayes Fork Barcreek
Hector Branch Big Creek
Hibbard Branch Barcreek
Hogskin Branch Manchester
Holly Bottom Branch Creekville
Hooker Branch Manchester
Horse Creek Manchester
House Branch Hima
House Branch Hima
Hubbards Fork Ogle
Huckleberry Branch Maulden
Hugh Bowling Branch Barcreek
Hurd Branch Hima
Hurricane Branch Barcreek
Hurricane Branch Scalf
Icehouse Branch Ogle
Indian Grave Branch Beverly
Inyart Branch Barcreek
Isham Trace Branch Ogle
Island Creek Manchester
Jacks Branch Barcreek
Jacks Branch Creekville
Jacks Creek Big Creek
Jeff Branch Mistletoe
Jims Branch Maulden
Joe Branch Creekville
Johnson Branch Hima
Katies Creek Creekville
Keens Fork Ogle
Keith Branch Mistletoe
Kincaid Branch Manchester
Knob Lick Branch Ogle
Laurel Branch Barcreek
Laurel Branch Barcreek
Laurel Creek Barcreek
Laurel Fork Creekville
Laurel Fork Beverly
Lee Branch Barcreek
Left Fork Ashers Fork Creekville
Left Fork Big Double Creek Creekville
Left Fork Blue Hole Creek Beverly
Left Fork Dry Branch Big Creek
Left Fork Indian Grave Branch Beverly
Left Fork Mud Lick Ogle
Left Fork Otter Creek Ogle
Left Fork Spruce Branch Beverly
Left Fork Ulysses Creek Big Creek
Left Fork Upper Bear Creek Creekville
Leger Fork Maulden
Lewis Branch Tyner
Lick Branch Oneida
Lick Branch Barcreek
Lick Fork Beverly
Lick Log Fork Ogle
Lip Branch Big Creek
Lipps Branch Ogle
Little Beech Creek Barcreek
Little Bullskin Creek Oneida
Little Double Creek Big Creek
Little Fish Trap Branch Big Creek
Little Flat Creek Creekville
Little Furnace Creek Hima
Little Goose Creek Manchester
Little Paul Bailey Branch Oneida
Little Rooster Branch Oneida
Little Sexton Creek Maulden
Little Spring Creek Creekville
Little Wild Cat Creek Barcreek
Lockards Creek Ogle
Long Branch Mistletoe
Long Fork Barcreek
Lost Branch Big Creek
Lost Fork Ogle
Lou Branch Oneida
Lower Fork Cool Spring Branch Oneida
Lower Gap Branch Oneida
Lower Jacks Branch Big Creek
Lower Rich Branch Creekville
Lower Teges Creek Oneida
Lucey Branch Big Creek
Lynn Branch Big Creek
Lynn Lick Fork Ogle
Main Branch Barcreek
Martin Branch Big Creek
Martin Creek Portersburg
Martins Creek Ogle
Maupin Gap Branch Barcreek
Meadow Branch Mistletoe
Middle Fork Spruce Branch Beverly
Mill Branch Barcreek
Mill Branch Ogle
Mill Creek Ogle
Miller Branch Barcreek
Minton Branch Hima
Mize Branch Manchester
Morgan Branch Manchester
Moses Branch Ogle
Mud Lick Ogle
Mud Lick Fork Creekville
Mullins Branch Portersburg
Muncy Fork Manchester
Needmore Branch Manchester
Negro Cabin Branch Creekville
Newfound Creek Oneida
Nickel Branch Ogle
Old Branch Barcreek
Old Field Branch Beverly
Old House Branch Ogle
Old Stable Creek Hima
Onion Patch Branch Ogle
Opossum Trot Branch Maulden
Orchard Branch Barcreek
Otter Branch Big Creek
Otter Creek Ogle
Paces Creek Manchester
Panco Branch Big Creek
Panther Branch Creekville
Paul Ashers Branch Creekville
Paw Paw Branch Hima
Paw Paw Cove Beverly
Pennington Fork Maulden
Phillips Fork Creekville
Pigeon Branch Ogle
Pigeon Roost Branch Maulden
Pigeon Roost Branch Hima
Pine Lick Branch Maulden
Pleas Bowling Branch Barcreek
Polly Marcum Branch Big Creek
Ponder Branch Maulden
Pooter Branch Oneida
Poplar Log Fork Ogle
Possum Trot Branch Barcreek
Potter Branch Oneida
Pound Mill Branch Creekville
Powder Horn Branch Ogle
Prop Cave Branch Oneida
Pruitt Branch Oneida
Rader Creek Manchester
Red Bird Creek Creekville
Red Bird River Oneida
Reed Branch Manchester
Rices Fork Big Creek
Richland Branch Beverly
Right Fork Ashers Fork Creekville
Right Fork Big Double Creek Creekville
Right Fork Big Johns Creek Ogle
Right Fork Indian Grave Branch Beverly
Right Fork Island Creek Manchester
Right Fork Mud Lick Ogle
Right Fork Otter Creek Ogle
Right Fork Upper Bear Creek Creekville
Right Hand Fork Barcreek
Road Run Oneida
Robinsons Creek Maulden
Rock Gap Branch Manchester
Rock House Branch Hima
Rocky Branch Oneida
Rocky Branch Oneida
Rocky Branch Ogle
Rocky Branch Maulden
Rocky Fork Creekville
Roots Branch Hima
Russell Branch Ogle
Sacker Branch Maulden
Sacker Creek Maulden
Saddler Branch Oneida
Sally Lee Branch Barcreek
Sams Branch Big Creek
Sandlin Branch Manchester
Saplings Fork Ogle
Sarah Branch Barcreek
Sarvis Branch Ogle
Schoolhouse Branch Ogle
Sester Branch Oneida
Sevier Branch Ogle
Sexton Creek Oneida
Sharp Branch Oneida
Shed Branch Manchester
Shib Branch Portersburg
Shin Bone Branch Manchester
Shop Bottom Branch Ogle
Skull Branch Barcreek
Smallwood Branch Ogle
Smithern Fork Big Creek
South Fork Whites Branch Hima
Spivey Branch Oneida
Spring Branch Oneida
Spring Creek Creekville
Spruce Branch Beverly
Spurlock Fork Big Creek
Stable Hollow Branch Mistletoe
Stone Coal Branch Manchester
Straight Fork Hima
Sugar Camp Branch Mistletoe
Sugar Camp Branch Big Creek
Sugar Camp Branch Creekville
Sugar Creek Creekville
Sugar Gap Branch Beverly
Suttons Branch Barcreek
Swafford Branch Ogle
Tanyard Branch Manchester
Thomas Branch Ogle
Timber Tree Branch Ogle
Tinker Branch Manchester
Toms Branch Beverly
Town Branch Barcreek
Town Branch Barcreek
Trace Branch Oneida
Trace Branch Creekville
Turkey Gap Branch Oneida
Tuttle Branch Hima
Upper Bear Creek Creekville
Upper Fork Cool Spring Branch Oneida
Upper Jacks Creek Creekville
Upper Teges Creek Oneida
Urban Fork Manchester
Wagon Road Branch Oneida
Wagonroad Fork Barcreek
Walnut Branch Oneida
Waterfall Branch Scalf
Webb Branch Barcreek
Wells Branch Manchester
West Fork Pigeon Roost Branch Hima
White Oak Branch Barcreek
Whites Branch Hima
Whitmore Branch Manchester
Wild Cat Creek Barcreek
Wiles Branch Big Creek
Wilson Branch Beverly
Wolf Branch Oneida
Wolf Branch Big Creek
Wolfpen Branch Creekville
Wolfpen Branch Creekville
Yeager Branch Manchester

This is a list of all the streams in Clay County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.