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Topo Map of Streams in Johnson County, Kentucky

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Streams in Johnson County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Alum Dirt Branch Redbush
Andylick Branch Redbush
Asa Creek Paintsville
Auxier Branch Prestonsburg
Ax Handle Branch Lancer
Baker Branch Paintsville
Banjo Branch Offutt
Barker Branch Redbush
Barnetts Creek Paintsville
Barnrock Branch Redbush
Bear Branch Offutt
Bear Water Branch Lancer
Bee Branch Offutt
Beech Branch Redbush
Big Branch Richardson
Big Lick Fork Paintsville
Big Mine Fork Redbush
Biglick Branch Redbush
Billy Cox Branch Redbush
Blackberry Branch Paintsville
Blair Branch Oil Springs
Blanton Branch Oil Springs
Bobs Branch Offutt
Borders Branch Richardson
Boyd Branch Paintsville
Brafford Fork Sitka
Brier Fork Redbush
Browns Fork Sitka
Browns Fork Sitka
Brushy Branch Ivyton
Brushy Fork Offutt
Buckhorn Branch Oil Springs
Buffalo Creek Paintsville
Burnt Cabin Branch Paintsville
Burnt Cabin Branch Sitka
Buzzard Branch Offutt
Cane Branch Oil Springs
Cantrell Branch Redbush
Cantrill Fork Oil Springs
Castle Fork Sitka
Caudill Branch Sitka
Caudill Branch Oil Springs
Cave Fork Sitka
Chestnut Creek Richardson
Colvin Branch Oil Springs
Colvin Branch Oil Springs
Conley Branch Paintsville
Conley Branch Redbush
Cox Branch Redbush
Cuba Branch Redbush
Daniels Branch Offutt
Daniels Branch Sitka
Daniels Creek Lancer
Davis Branch Paintsville
Davis Branch Oil Springs
Deadfall Branch Offutt
Dicey Branch Paintsville
Dick Branch Redbush
Dog Fork Lancer
Dogwood Fork Sitka
Drakes Creek Redbush
Dry Branch Oil Springs
Fairchild Branch Sitka
Fitch Branch Offutt
Fitch Branch Sitka
Fitch Lick Branch Ivyton
Flat Rock Branch Paintsville
Flatwood Branch Paintsville
Frank Vanhoose Branch Sitka
Frazier Branch Oil Springs
Frogonery Branch Sitka
Georges Creek Richardson
Gillum Branch Redbush
Glade Branch Oil Springs
Goose Fork Sitka
Gray Mare Branch Sitka
Greasy Branch Ivyton
Greasy Creek Offutt
Green Branch Sitka
Greenrock Fork Ivyton
Greer Branch Prestonsburg
Gullett Branch Oil Springs
Hale Branch Prestonsburg
Hamilton Branch Redbush
Hammond Creek Offutt
Hanners Branch Paintsville
Hargis Creek Oil Springs
Hawes Fork Sitka
Hitchcork Branch Oil Springs
Home Fork Richardson
Horne Branch Paintsville
Hoss Mill Branch Paintsville
Hurricane Branch Offutt
Hurricane Branch Oil Springs
Jack Caudill Branch Oil Springs
Jade More Branch Offutt
Jennys Creek Paintsville
Jim Stambaugh Fork Sitka
Joe Salyer Branch Redbush
Joes Creek Redbush
Johns Creek Prestonsburg
K Fork Paintsville
Keaton Fork Redbush
Kelly Branch Redbush
Lackey Branch Offutt
Left Fork Daniels Creek Lancer
Left Fork Greasy Creek Offutt
Left Fork Hammond Creek Offutt
Left Fork Rockcastle Creek Thomas
Left Fork Twomile Creek Offutt
Lester Branch Redbush
Lick Branch Offutt
Lick Creek Offutt
Lick Fork Sitka
Lick Fork Paintsville
Lick Fork Sitka
Lindy Branch Paintsville
Line Branch Paintsville
Little Lick Fork Paintsville
Little Mine Fork Oil Springs
Little Mudlick Creek Paintsville
Little Paint Creek Redbush
Long Branch Paintsville
Long Branch Offutt
Long Branch Prestonsburg
Long Fork Ivyton
Loon Branch Offutt
Low Gap Fork Redbush
Lower Twin Branch Paintsville
Lyons Branch Redbush
Mary Branch Richardson
McCarty Branch Oil Springs
McKenzie Branch Redbush
Meadow Branch Redbush
Meadow Fork Sitka
Meeks Branch Richardson
Middle Fork Greasy Creek Offutt
Middle Fork Lick Fork Paintsville
Mill Branch Paintsville
Mill Creek Ivyton
Miller Creek Paintsville
Moody Branch Oil Springs
Muddy Branch Paintsville
Muddygut Branch Richardson
Mudlick Creek Paintsville
Nat Pickle Fork Sitka
Noisy Branch Redbush
Oaklog Creek Offutt
Oil Branch Oil Springs
Old Home Branch Lancer
Otter Branch Offutt
Paint Creek Paintsville
Patterson Creek Redbush
Pea Vine Branch Offutt
Pickle Fork Oil Springs
Pigeon Creek Oil Springs
Pigeonroost Branch Offutt
Pine Branch Oil Springs
Poundingmill Branch Offutt
Poundmill Branch Oil Springs
Preston Branch Paintsville
Prestons Branch Offutt
Puncheon Fork Sitka
Ramey Branch Redbush
Right Fork Bobs Branch Offutt
Right Fork Daniels Creek Offutt
Right Fork Greasy Creek Offutt
Right Fork Miller Creek Offutt
Road Fork Paintsville
Robinson Branch Redbush
Rockhouse Branch Paintsville
Rockhouse Creek Paintsville
Rockhouse Fork Sitka
Rocky Branch Oil Springs
Rocky Knob Branch Paintsville
Ross Creek Redbush
Rowland Branch Oil Springs
Rush Fork Paintsville
Salyer Branch Redbush
Salyer Fork Oil Springs
Sand Gap Branch Thomas
Shack Branch Oil Springs
Shop Branch Sitka
Sloane Branch Sitka
Span Branch Oil Springs
Spears Branch Offutt
Spicelick Branch Redbush
State Branch Paintsville
State Road Fork Oil Springs
Stave Branch Paintsville
Stone Coal Branch Redbush
Stonecoal Branch Paintsville
Stonecoal Fork Offutt
Sturgeon Branch Redbush
Sulphur Spring Branch Paintsville
Swamp Branch Ivyton
Sycamore Creek Lancer
Sycamore Fork Paintsville
Tays Branch Paintsville
Thomas Branch Redbush
Tick Vanhoose Branch Sitka
Tiny Branch Paintsville
Toms Creek Offutt
Travis Branch Redbush
Tucker Branch Paintsville
Turner Branch Paintsville
Twomile Creek Offutt
Upper Twin Branch Paintsville
Vaughan Branch Redbush
Ward Branch Offutt
Webb Branch Paintsville
Well Branch Sitka
Whippoorwill Branch Paintsville
Wiley Creek Offutt
Williams Branch Paintsville
Williams Branch Redbush
Williams Fork Paintsville
Wolf Pen Branch Richardson
Wolfpen Branch Offutt
Wolfpen Branch Oil Springs
Wolfpen Branch Redbush
Yost Branch Offutt

This is a list of all the streams in Johnson County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.