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Topo Map of Streams in Knox County, Kentucky

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Streams in Knox County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Acorn Fork Scalf
Alex Creek Beverly
Amburgey Branch Hindman
Asher Branch Heidrick
Asher Branch Fount
Bailey Branch Fount
Bailey Branch Heidrick
Bailey Branch Artemus
Bailey Branch Scalf
Bain Branch Barbourville
Bear Branch Kayjay
Bell Fork Scalf
Bennett Branch Barbourville
Bennett Branch Heidrick
Betty Troublesome Creek Hindman
Big Beech Branch Scalf
Big Branch Beverly
Big Indian Creek Barbourville
Big Shady Branch Scalf
Billies Branch Blackwater
Bingham Branch Scalf
Black Lick Branch Fount
Blue Gem Branch Artemus
Blue Hole Branch Artemus
Board Tree Branch Beverly
Bob Bargo Branch Scalf
Brices Creek Scalf
Browns Branch Scalf
Brush Creek Artemus
Buckeye Fork Scalf
Bull Creek Fount
Bull Run Barbourville
Bunker Branch Fount
Burnt House Branch Scalf
Burton Branch Fount
Callebs Creek Fount
Camel Branch Scalf
Carnes Branch Fount
Carter Branch Artemus
Carter Roark Branch Beverly
Catron Branch Barbourville
Chestnut Branch Artemus
Clark Branch Scalf
Coles Branch Scalf
Cooley Branch Heidrick
Coon Branch Artemus
Cow Fork Beverly
Crook Branch Heidrick
Dancey Branch Fount
Davis Branch Frakes
Disappointment Creek Hima
Dora Branch Scalf
Dozier Branch Fount
Dozier Fork Heidrick
East Ridge Branch Frakes
Eatin Fork Rockholds
Elam Branch Heidrick
Elliott Branch Heidrick
Elys Branch Artemus
Evans Branch Frakes
Fighting Creek Barbourville
Flat Creek Barbourville
Fortney Branch Artemus
Fourmile Branch Barbourville
Frisby Branch Fount
George Hale Branch Fount
Goodin Branch Artemus
Goodin Branch Artemus
Goodin Creek Barbourville
Gravy Branch Artemus
Green Branch Fount
Greenbriar Branch Fount
Gregory Branch Artemus
Gregory Branch Pineville
Grubb Branch Pineville
Hale Branch Fount
Hale Fork Scalf
Hammans Branch Fount
Hammons Fork Fount
Hanson Branch Artemus
Hardy Branch Fount
Hawn Branch Fount
Hazel Fork Corbin
Helton Branch Barbourville
Henry Branch Scalf
Higgins Branch Artemus
Higgins Branch Heidrick
Hinkle Branch Scalf
Hog Branch Scalf
Honeycut Branch Artemus
Hooker Branch Artemus
Horn Branch Fount
Hubbard Branch Heidrick
Hubbard Branch Scalf
Hubbs Creek Barbourville
Hughes Branch Fount
Hunting Shirt Branch Heidrick
Indian Creek Barbourville
Jackson Branch Beverly
Jarvis Branch Heidrick
Jarvis Branch Fount
Jeff Creek Scalf
John Hale Branch Fount
Johns Branch Scalf
Jones Fork Fount
Jordan Branch Fount
Kinningham Branch Scalf
Knox Fork Heidrick
Laurel Creek Scalf
Lawrence Branch Fount
Lay Branch Artemus
Ledger Branch Artemus
Left Fork Moore Creek Pineville
Lewellen Branch Barbourville
Lewis Branch Artemus
Lick Branch Artemus
Little Beech Branch Scalf
Little Brush Creek Artemus
Little Bull Creek Fount
Little Cow Fork Beverly
Little Creek Beverly
Little Indian Creek Barbourville
Little Poplar Creek Barbourville
Little Richland Creek Heidrick
Long Branch Fount
Long Branch Beverly
Lost Fork Fount
Lost Fork Scalf
Low Gap Branch Hima
Low Gap Branch Beverly
Lynn Camp Branch Heidrick
Macroe Branch Scalf
Mattingly Branch Fount
Meadow Branch Scalf
Middle Fork Richland Creek Heidrick
Middle Fork Stinking Creek Scalf
Mill Branch Pineville
Miller Branch Fount
Mills Creek Scalf
Mills Fork Corbin
Moore Creek Artemus
Morris Branch Heidrick
Mosley Branch Rockholds
Mud Lick Artemus
Mulberry Fork Fount
Nealie Branch Fount
Negro Creek Corbin
Noeville Branch Artemus
Numan Branch Fount
Owens Branch Artemus
Owens Branch Heidrick
Paint Gap Branch Beverly
Parkers Branch Scalf
Parrot Branch Fount
Patterson Branch Fount
Payne Creek Fount
Paynes Branch Fount
Perry Jarvis Branch Heidrick
Phillip Branch Fount
Pigeon Fork Beverly
Pigeon Roost Branch Artemus
Pogue Branch Artemus
Poplar Branch Heidrick
Powell Branch Fount
Powell Hale Branch Fount
Powers Branch Barbourville
Powers Branch Artemus
Prichard Branch Barbourville
Pumpkin Run Branch Fount
Quillan Branch Heidrick
Ramsey Branch Artemus
Rich Branch Beverly
Richland Creek Barbourville
Ricket Branch Barbourville
Ridner Branch Fount
Riley Fork Fount
Road Fork Creek Scalf
Roaring Fork Scalf
Rock House Branch Heidrick
Rock House Branch Beverly
Runyon Branch Frakes
Salt Gum Creek Scalf
Sand Lick Hima
Sandy Branch Artemus
Sasser Branch Blackwater
Scott Branch Heidrick
Scratch Ankle Branch Heidrick
Shingle Roof Branch Scalf
Shop Branch Fount
Shy Mug Branch Artemus
Simmons Branch Pineville
Sled Road Branch Blackwater
Smith Branch Fount
Smokey Creek Barbourville
Spider Creek Corbin
Spruce Pine Branch Fount
Stewarts Creek Corbin
Stinking Creek Artemus
Stone Cove Branch Heidrick
Stony Fork Barbourville
Stony Fork Corbin
Straight Creek Branch Beverly
Stringer Branch Heidrick
Sugar Camp Branch Fount
Sugartree Branch Barbourville
Swan Pond Creek Barbourville
T-Run Branch Artemus
Tallow Branch Artemus
Tinsley Branch Artemus
Tom Doolin Fork Fount
Trace Branch Fount
Trace Branch Scalf
Tuggle Fork Scalf
Tulley Branch Fount
Turkey Creek Artemus
Turkey Fork Scalf
Tye Fork Kayjay
Upper Goodin Branch Artemus
Valentine Branch Fount
Wells Branch Hima
Whitesbury Branch Artemus
Williams Branch Fount
Williamson Branch Fount
Wilson Branch Heidrick
Wolfe Pen Branch Kayjay
Wyrick Branch Fount
Youngs Creek Corbin

This is a list of all the streams in Knox County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.