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Topo Map of Streams in Lewis County, Kentucky

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Streams in Lewis County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Branch Garrison
Appletree Branch Vanceburg
Axehandle Branch Vanceburg
Bark Branch Head of Grassy
Barrett Branch Head of Grassy
Bear Branch Head of Grassy
Bear Branch Garrison
Bear Branch Stricklett
Bee Branch Stricklett
Bee Branch Stricklett
Beechy Creek Burtonville
Ben Willim Branch Charters
Bethel Creek Tollesboro
Bevins Creek Garrison
Big Branch Charters
Big Branch Stricklett
Big Branch Stricklett
Big Chestnut Lick Head of Grassy
Big Lick Head of Grassy
Big Lick Branch Garrison
Big Sulphur Branch Charters
Bill Chain Branch Garrison
Bill Rice Branch Stricklett
Bishop Branch Stricklett
Bivens Branch Charters
Black Lick Branch Stricklett
Blood Lick Buena Vista
Blue Ridge Fork Head of Grassy
Blue Spring Branch Vanceburg
Bobbie Branch Stricklett
Boles Fork Charters
Bradford Branch Head of Grassy
Brandy Lick Head of Grassy
Bridge Branch Garrison
Briery Branch Garrison
Briery Creek Stricklett
Browns Run Tollesboro
Brushy Branch Brushart
Bryant Lick Head of Grassy
Buck Lick Vanceburg
Buck Lick Branch Stricklett
Buck Lick Branch Burtonville
Bullick Branch Head of Grassy
Burnt Cabin Branch Stricklett
Camphor Branch Head of Grassy
Cat Branch Vanceburg
Cedar Run Wesleyville
Cherry Camp Creek Head of Grassy
Chestnut Branch Vanceburg
Clark Branch Head of Grassy
Clarks Branch Garrison
Clarksburg Branch Vanceburg
Clary Branch Charters
Clay Lick Head of Grassy
Clay Lick Vanceburg
Clear Creek Tollesboro
Cloddy Field Branch Stricklett
Clover Field Branch Stricklett
Cloverleaf Branch Garrison
Cole Grove Branch Head of Grassy
Coon Branch Vanceburg
Cooper Fork Branch Stricklett
Crooked Creek Maysville East
Cummins Branch Concord
Deep Hole Branch Head of Grassy
Dogwood Branch Head of Grassy
Dry Run Vanceburg
Dummit Branch Head of Grassy
Dunaway Branch Stricklett
Dyer Branch Vanceburg
East Fork Bethel Creek Tollesboro
East Fork Cabin Creek Tollesboro
Elk Lick Branch Stricklett
Esham Branch Charters
Fish Gut Branch Vanceburg
Fitch Branch Brushart
Flatwoods Branch Garrison
Fly Branch Vanceburg
Fry Branch Tollesboro
Fryer Branch Charters
Fuller Branch Vanceburg
Gander Branch Vanceburg
Garden Branch Garrison
Goodwin Branch Charters
Grandison Branch Charters
Grassy Branch Vanceburg
Grassy Fork Head of Grassy
Greenhow Branch Concord
Grog Branch Tollesboro
Groundhog Branch Vanceburg
Gunnel Branch Vanceburg
Hamilton Branch Vanceburg
Hamlin Branch Head of Grassy
Hardy Fork Stricklett
Hatcher Branch Charters
Hazel Branch Vanceburg
Hog Camp Branch Stricklett
Holly Branch Head of Grassy
Holly Branch Vanceburg
Horsley Branch Charters
Horsley Branch Head of Grassy
Horsley Branch Charters
House Branch Stricklett
Iller Branch Garrison
Indian Creek Tollesboro
Indian Creek Head of Grassy
Indian Run Friendship
Indian Run Tollesboro
Irvins Creek Manchester Islands
Jess Canille Branch Stricklett
John A Lewis Branch Garrison
Johnson Branch Head of Grassy
Jordan Branch Stricklett
Kansas Branch Head of Grassy
Katy Cooper Branch Wesleyville
Kegley Branch Charters
Kelly Branch Head of Grassy
Kilan Branch Stricklett
Kincaid Branch Stricklett
Kinniconick Creek Garrison
Laurel Fork Head of Grassy
Leatherbelly Branch Garrison
Leatherwood Branch Vanceburg
Lee Branch Stricklett
Left Fork Greenhow Branch Charters
Left Fork Rock Creek Friendship
Lick Branch Garrison
Lick Branch Brushart
Litch Branch Head of Grassy
Little Bill Chain Branch Garrison
Little Branch Charters
Little Branch Stricklett
Little Iller Branch Garrison
Little Sulphur Branch Charters
Long Branch Stricklett
Long Branch Stricklett
Long Lick Head of Grassy
Lost Hill Branch Head of Grassy
Low Gap Branch Garrison
Lower Twin Branch Garrison
Lower Twin Branch Head of Grassy
Machine Branch Vanceburg
Martin Fork Concord
Matthews Branch Vanceburg
McDowell Creek Garrison
McKinney Branch Garrison
Medley Fork Head of Grassy
Mefford Branch Charters
Middle Lick Branch Stricklett
Mill Branch Garrison
Mill Branch Head of Grassy
Mill Branch Stricklett
Mill Fork Vanceburg
Mill Hollow Creek Garrison
Miller Branch Vanceburg
Mills Branch Head of Grassy
Millstone Branch Brushart
Montgomery Creek Garrison
Moore Branch Charters
Morgan Branch Head of Grassy
Mosby Creek Head of Grassy
Mud Lick Branch Burtonville
Mudlick Branch Garrison
Neds Branch Vanceburg
Nolan Branch Head of Grassy
Old Kinniconick Bed Garrison
Old Trace Branch Garrison
Old Trace Creek Head of Grassy
Orchid Branch Garrison
Paint Lick Branch Stricklett
Pea Vine Branch Stricklett
Pell Branch Charters
Perry Creek Olive Hill
Perry Fork Head of Grassy
Pigpen Branch Vanceburg
Pine Branch Head of Grassy
Pine Branch Head of Grassy
Pipe Lick Head of Grassy
Polecat Branch Stricklett
Polly Moore Branch Wesleyville
Pond Run Concord
Pool Branch Concord
Powderlick Branch Burtonville
Pressley Branch Head of Grassy
Quicks Run Buena Vista
Raccoon Branch Head of Grassy
Red Fox Branch Brushart
Redden Branch Charters
Reeder Fork Wesleyville
Right Fork Greenhow Branch Charters
Right Fork Rock Creek Friendship
Riley Branch Stricklett
Rock Blind Branch Garrison
Rock Camp Branch Stricklett
Rock Creek Friendship
Rock Run Garrison
Salem Creek Manchester Islands
Salt Lick Creek Vanceburg
Sand Branch Vanceburg
Sargent Branch Burtonville
Saylor Branch Head of Grassy
Scaffold Lick Friendship
Schoolhouse Branch Vanceburg
Schoolhouse Branch Soldier
Schultz Fork Brushart
Scott Branch Head of Grassy
Sexton Branch Concord
Shanty Branch Garrison
Shepherd Branch Vanceburg
Sparks Branch Cranston
Spring Branch Vanceburg
Spy Run Garrison
Staggs Branch Head of Grassy
Staggs Branch Head of Grassy
Stamm Fork Stricklett
State Road Fork Brushart
Stein Branch Stricklett
Stone Branch Head of Grassy
Stone Branch Wesleyville
Straight Fork Head of Grassy
Straight Fork Branch Head of Grassy
Stricklet Branch Concord
Sugar Tree Branch Vanceburg
Sugarcamp Branch Charters
Sugartree Branch Charters
Sunday Lick Head of Grassy
Swearingen Branch Charters
Swim Branch Soldier
Sycamore Creek Concord
Tar Fork Head of Grassy
Terrapin Branch Head of Grassy
Thomas Branch Vanceburg
Thomas Branch Stricklett
Thoroughman Branch Tollesboro
Thurman Branch Stricklett
Toles Creek Manchester Islands
Toller Branch Charters
Tomblesons Run Garrison
Town Branch Garrison
Trace Creek Garrison
Trout Branch Vanceburg
Trumstock Branch Stricklett
Twelveacre Branch Head of Grassy
Union Branch Tollesboro
Upper Twin Branch Garrison
Upper Twin Branch Head of Grassy
Vance Creek Pond Run
Wash Broomfield Branch Wesleyville
Wesley Branch Vanceburg
Willim Branch Charters
Willis Branch Brushart
Wolf Creek Garrison
Yellowlick Branch Tollesboro

This is a list of all the streams in Lewis County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.