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Topo Map of Valleys in Lewis County, Kentucky

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Valleys in Lewis County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Arkansas Hollow Head of Grassy
Backbone Hollow Vanceburg
Barn Hollow Friendship
Bear Hollow Garrison
Beechy Hollow Burtonville
Big Hollow Stricklett
Big John Hackworth Hollow Charters
Big Johnson Hollow Stricklett
Big Lick Hollow Stricklett
Big Stave Hollow Garrison
Bigden Hollow Burtonville
Black John Hollow Brushart
Blane Hollow Friendship
Blankenship Hollow Head of Grassy
Blue Hollow Concord
Board Tree Hollow Garrison
Bogdens Hollow Burtonville
Boles Hollow Charters
Brackman Hollow Concord
Brighton Hollow Head of Grassy
Brown Hollow Garrison
Brown Hollow Stricklett
Buckner Hollow Head of Grassy
Buris Hollow Garrison
Burnt House Hollow Brushart
Carr Hollow Charters
Cassidy Hollow Head of Grassy
Chain Hollow Friendship
Chimney Hollow Brushart
Clay Hollow Brushart
Coal Hollow Buena Vista
Cow Hollow Garrison
Dan Gillam Hollow Head of Grassy
Dan Morgan Hollow Head of Grassy
Devil Hollow Head of Grassy
Dry Hollow Garrison
Duff Hollow Stricklett
Eaton Hollow Head of Grassy
Edington Hollow Head of Grassy
Eskalapia Hollow Tollesboro
Fairmont Hollow Concord
Finger Board Hollow Vanceburg
First Hollow Garrison
Fite Hollow Tollesboro
Fox Hollow Wesleyville
Gate Hollow Friendship
George Bruce Hollow Concord
Ghost Hollow Charters
Ginn Hollow Charters
Greenbrier Hollow Garrison
Griffin Hollow Vanceburg
Hackworth Hollow Charters
Hackworth Hollow Brushart
Hammerhill Hollow Brushart
Happy Hollow Tollesboro
Harris Hollow Charters
Heinish Hollow Head of Grassy
Henderson Hollow Stricklett
Hershey Hollow Head of Grassy
Hetrick Hollow Head of Grassy
Hickory Hollow Friendship
Hildebrand Hollow Manchester Islands
Holbrook Hollow Friendship
Holbrook Hollow Head of Grassy
Jack Harrison Hollow Charters
Jass Hollow Head of Grassy
John Howard Hollow Garrison
Johnson Hollow Friendship
Jones Hollow Friendship
Killfillian Hollow Charters
Kinney Hollow Charters
Knott Hollow Garrison
Lambert Hollow Wesleyville
Lee Hollow Charters
Leitch Hollow Friendship
Lige Grimm Hollow Concord
Little Stave Hollow Garrison
Littleton Hollow Olive Hill
Manley Hollow Charters
May Hollow Tollesboro
McCless Hollow Stricklett
Meenach Hollow Charters
Mefford Hollow Concord
Mill Hollow Head of Grassy
Mill Hollow Head of Grassy
Monk Hollow Friendship
Moore Hollow Garrison
Moore Hollow Charters
Newberry Hollow Garrison
Nolan Hollow Vanceburg
Oil Well Hollow Stricklett
Opossum Hollow Friendship
Owl Hollow Stricklett
Peach Orchard Hollow Garrison
Pell Hollow Head of Grassy
Pheasant Lick Hollow Garrison
Pigeon Roost Hollow Head of Grassy
Pinchgut Hollow Manchester Islands
Pitts Hollow Stricklett
Plum Hollow Head of Grassy
Progue Hollow Brushart
Psimer Hollow Head of Grassy
Puncheon Camp Hollow Vanceburg
Red Buck Hollow Wesleyville
Road Fork Hollow Wesleyville
Road Fork Hollow Stricklett
Rocky Branch Brushart
Rube Hollow Friendship
Ruckel Hollow Garrison
Runyan Hollow Tollesboro
Schoolhouse Hollow Friendship
Schoolhouse Hollow Head of Grassy
Second Hollow Garrison
Shaw Hollow Charters
Shaw Hollow Charters
Shaw Hollow Charters
Sherman Hollow Garrison
Siam Hollow Stricklett
Silver Lick Hollow Stricklett
Silver Lick Hollow Stricklett
Slate Hollow Vanceburg
Slate Hollow Garrison
Slate Hollow Garrison
Smith Hollow Stricklett
Smoothrock Hollow Garrison
Stable Hollow Garrison
Stamper Hollow Garrison
Stockholm Hollow Garrison
Stouts Hollow Tollesboro
Sugar Camp Hollow Head of Grassy
Sugarcamp Hollow Buena Vista
Sugarcamp Hollow Friendship
Sulphur Springs Hollow Charters
Tar Camp Hollow Garrison
Third Hollow Garrison
Thompson Hollow Garrison
Thompson Hollow Burtonville
Troy Gilmore Hollow Stricklett
Troy Hollow Head of Grassy
Turkeypen Hollow Brushart
Twin Hollows Vanceburg
Ulett Hollow Stricklett
Underwood Hollow Friendship
Whistling Jim Hollow Friendship
Wolf Hollow Concord

This is a list of all the valleys in Lewis County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.