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Topo Map of Streams in Magoffin County, Kentucky

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Streams in Magoffin County Kentucky

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Branch Salyersville South
Allen Wireman Branch David
Alsept Fork Seitz
Alum Cave Creek David
Alum Rock Branch Ivyton
Arnett Branch Seitz
Arnett Branch Salyersville South
Arnett Branch Salyersville South
Arnett Branch Seitz
Ashlog Branch David
Back Branch Seitz
Back Branch Seitz
Bailey Branch Salyersville South
Bailey Branch White Oak
Barb Fork David
Bate Lick Branch David
Bear Branch White Oak
Bear Branch Ivyton
Bear Branch Salyersville South
Bear Branch Salyersville North
Bear Branch David
Beartree Fork Ivyton
Becky Branch David
Beetree Branch Salyersville South
Beetree Branch David
Bend Branch White Oak
Big Branch Ivyton
Big Branch David
Big Branch David
Big Branch David
Big Half Mountain Creek Salyersville South
Big Lick Branch Ivyton
Big Lick Branch Seitz
Birch Branch Salyersville South
Blaze Branch Ivyton
Bloomington Branch White Oak
Boardtree Branch White Oak
Boardtree Fork Seitz
Bobs Branch Ivyton
Bone Branch David
Browns Fork Salyersville North
Brushy Fork Salyersville North
Brushy Fork Salyersville North
Brushy Fork Ivyton
Brushy Fork David
Buck Branch White Oak
Buck Branch David
Buck Lick Branch Salyersville North
Buffalo Creek Salyersville North
Bull Branch Salyersville South
Bull Branch Salyersville South
Bull Creek David
Bullmire Branch Ivyton
Burgett Branch White Oak
Burning Fork Salyersville South
Burton Fork Seitz
Burton Fork Salyersville North
Came Branch Tiptop
Caney Branch White Oak
Carty Branch Salyersville South
Caudill Branch Salyersville South
Caudill Fork Oil Springs
Cherry Orchard Branch Seitz
Coal Branch Salyersville North
Coffee Branch White Oak
Cole Branch Seitz
Collinsworth Branch White Oak
Cooper Fork Salyersville North
Cow Creek White Oak
Crafts Fork Seitz
Crager Branch David
Cranes Nest Branch Seitz
Cripple Creek White Oak
Dotson Branch Ivyton
Dry Bread Fork Ivyton
Dutton Branch Ivyton
Dyer Branch Seitz
Elk Creek Salyersville North
Equal Fork Tiptop
Flat Fork Salyersville North
Flint Branch Salyersville South
Flora Holliday Branch Tiptop
Gard Fork David
Gardner Branch Salyersville South
Goose Creek Oil Springs
Gose Branch Seitz
Granddaddy Branch White Oak
Grape Creek White Oak
Grassy Branch David
Grassy Creek David
Greasy Branch White Oak
Gullett Branch Seitz
Gun Creek Salyersville South
Hammond Fork Salyersville North
Hard Fork Guage
Harkin Fork Guage
Harris Arnett Branch Salyersville South
Higgins Branch Salyersville South
Holbrook Branch Seitz
Holbrooks Branch Seitz
Horse Pen Branch Seitz
Horsepen Fork Salyersville North
Howard Branch Salyersville South
Howard Branch David
Howard Fork David
Hunted Lick Branch Seitz
Improvement Fork Salyersville North
Indian Grave Fork David
Ingram Whitt Branch White Oak
Ivy Fork David
Jack Branch White Oak
Jackson Branch Seitz
Jake Fork Ivyton
Jake Wiremen Fork David
Jane Arnett Branch Salyersville South
Joe Push Branch Tiptop
Johnson Branch Seitz
Johnson Creek White Oak
Jones Fork Salyersville North
Joseph Branch Seitz
Keeton Branch White Oak
Keeton Branch Seitz
Kelly Branch Ivyton
Lacey Creek Salyersville North
Laurel Branch Seitz
Laurel Fork Salyersville South
Left Fork Arnett Branch Salyersville South
Left Fork Beetree Branch David
Left Fork Brushy Fork David
Left Fork Grassy Creek David
Left Fork Johnson Creek Seitz
Left Fork Licking River Seitz
Left Fork Puncheon Creek Seitz
Lems Branch Salyersville South
Les Higgins Branch Seitz
Lick Branch Salyersville South
Lick Branch White Oak
Lick Branch Seitz
Lick Branch Ivyton
Lick Branch Ivyton
Lick Branch David
Lick Branch David
Lick Creek White Oak
Licking Branch David
Licking Rockhouse Branch David
Limestone Branch Ivyton
Linecamp Branch Ivyton
Litteral Fork Salyersville North
Little Half Mountain Creek Salyersville South
Long Branch Salyersville North
Long Branch Seitz
Long Branch Salyersville South
Long Branch David
Long Fork David
Low Gap Fork David
Mash Fork Salyersville North
Mason Fork Salyersville South
May Branch Salyersville North
Meadows Branch Salyersville South
Meatskin Branch Salyersville South
Meredith Branch Ivyton
Middle Fork Tiptop
Middle Fork Licking River Salyersville North
Mile Branch David
Mill Branch Salyersville South
Minnix Branch David
Molly Branch David
Montgomery Branch Salyersville South
Moore Branch Seitz
Narrows Fork Ivyton
Negro Branch White Oak
Nelvin Wireman Branch David
Oakley Creek Salyersville South
Old House Branch Seitz
Old Orchard Branch White Oak
Open Fork David
Open Fork Salyersville South
Orchard Branch Seitz
Oxier Branch Salyersville South
Paddle Branch Seitz
Painters Lick Branch Oil Springs
Patrick Branch Seitz
Patrick Branch Salyersville South
Patrick Branch White Oak
Patton Branch Seitz
Patton Fork Salyersville South
Perkins Branch White Oak
Peter Cave Branch Tiptop
Pigpen Branch Ivyton
Poe Branch Ivyton
Pond Branch Seitz
Pond Branch David
Pound Branch Ivyton
Prater Branch Salyersville South
Puncheon Camp Creek Salyersville South
Puncheon Creek Seitz
Purcell Branch Seitz
Quicksand Fork David
Raccoon Creek Salyersville North
Ramp Branch Salyersville South
Reed Branch Seitz
Right Fork Arnett Branch Salyersville South
Right Fork Beetree Branch David
Right Fork Buck Branch David
Right Fork Licking River Seitz
Right Fork Trace Fork David
Right Oakley Creek Salyersville South
Risner Branch Ivyton
Road Fork Tiptop
Rock Lick Branch Salyersville North
Rock Lick Branch Seitz
Rockhouse Branch David
Rockhouse Fork Salyersville South
Rocklick Fork Ivyton
Rose Branch Salyersville South
Round Hole Branch Salyersville North
Round Mountain Branch White Oak
Rowan Branch Tiptop
Rudd Branch Seitz
Rye Branch David
Sallie Allen Branch David
Salt Lick Branch Ivyton
Salyer Branch Salyersville South
Sam Branch Tiptop
Sand Lick Branch Tiptop
Sandlick Branch Seitz
Saylor Fork Oil Springs
Scotch Branch Seitz
Seaffold Fork Salyersville North
Seals Branch David
Settlement Branch White Oak
Sheep Pen Branch Seitz
Shepherd Branch David
Shonny Branch Ivyton
Short Fork Salyersville South
Sow Branch Dingus
Sprague Branch White Oak
Spring Fork Salyersville North
Spruce Branch Seitz
Spruce Pine Fork Seitz
Sprucepine Branch David
Sprucepine Fork David
Stable Branch Seitz
Stacey Branch White Oak
Stamper Branch Seitz
State Road Fork Oil Springs
State Road Fork Salyersville North
Stevens Fork Seitz
Stinson Creek Salyersville South
Stone Coal Branch Salyersville South
Stonecoal Branch Ivyton
Straight Fork David
Sugar Cane Branch White Oak
Sulphur Spring Branch David
Sycamore Branch Tiptop
Sycamore Branch David
Sycamore Fork Salyersville South
Thomas Conley Branch Tiptop
Tick Lick Creek Salyersville North
Tim Branch Seitz
Tin Can Branch Salyersville South
Tobacco Branch Seitz
Trace Branch White Oak
Trace Fork David
Trapp Branch White Oak
Turkey Branch Seitz
Twentytwo Mile Branch Salyersville North
Twin Lick Fork Salyersville North
Vic Branch David
Warren Rowe Branch Seitz
Wesley Fork Salyersville North
Wheel Rim Fork Seitz
Wheeler Branch Salyersville South
Whitley Branch David
Whitt Branch White Oak
Wild Cat Branch David
Will Branch David
Will May Branch Salyersville North
Williams Branch Salyersville South
Williams Branch Seitz
Williams Fork Salyersville North
Wolf Branch White Oak
Wolfpen Branch Salyersville North
Wolfpen Branch David
Wright Branch Salyersville North

This is a list of all the streams in Magoffin County, Kentucky. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.